A Word As BOND, How Would He Play It

Playing “Middle” of Two Side Sided Gamble

Playing Pivot to a Two Spoke Gyroscope

In the Gamble For the White House:
A Dealer Throws An “ACE” Between the ‘PAIR’

These are the tines of a TRIDENT Post being publicly delivered to one Barack Hussein Obama and,
Willard Mitt Romney men that are telling us that THEY are the “BEST” choice for this nation’s basic survival, and the reinstatement of its growth… ECONOMICAL and otherwise. Both have spoken of HOW their tactics will bring a REMISSION from the CANCER(S) eating at the entire body of American SOCIETY, BUSINESS, EDUCATION and HEALTH with a zeal greater than a “Crack-Head” that just found a 55 gallon barrel of “Peruvian Pink”, HOSPITAL grade Cocaine. (There’s a REASON for the simile.)

For the past several months the jotter posting as “omegetymon” has held a literary Bullhorn to as many that are ‘SUPPOSED’ to be finding WAYS to FUND HEALTH RESEARCH as cordially as possible, with the focus zeroing on CANCERS and such. Obtaining facts by gleaning basic statistics from Government sites, watchdog groups, and through the LACK of RETURN of an Email contact…
( Prostate Cancer Foundation: Michael MILKEN= President/C.E.O.!?!)…
that ISN’T a DENIAL ,or preservation of the ‘INDUSTRY’ STANDARD 55% staffing PAYROLL.

I have an honest, inexpensive and EXTREMELY USEFUL INNOVATION that ANY, and ALL may implement FOR HEALTH RESEARCH FUNDING. The HINDERANCES to completing this SMALL BUSINESS VENTURE is that…

a.) Already established AMERICAN manufacturers REFUSE to build the item,
“Because “IT” wasnt’ one of THEIR “IN-HOUSE” generated ideas…

Therefore I have fallen into the basement of the little house of the “DOOR of the CRESENT MOON”, forced into the practice of OUTSOURCING even before the “E-INK” is dry.

The ‘CHALLENGE’ is simple. WHICH ONE of these powerful PROMISSARIES HAVE the GUTS to REACH THIS FAR “DOWN” to an UBER “minority”, ( Above 55 years old, receiving their LAST UNEMPLOYMENT check, “fairly” educated and of EUR-AFRO-INDENTURED lineage.), to PROVE their point(s) of WHAT THEY tell the WORLD works WORKS! Yes, the laws concerning where public money can be used. But, the premise here is for these “STATESMEN” to use their Business acumen to persuade those that could make this idea come to fruition.

WORDS and DEEDS ‘Gentlemen’, HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of Dollars, Krona, Fracs, YEN, Yuan, Rubles and Rupees ARE, HAVE BEEN and WILL BE SPENT on *”AIR TIME”… something that MOVES us, but is easy to get through. *(A carrier of SMOKES, to ecological, OR PERSONAL regions.)

As before, the proposal is for the assistance to create for MORE than a “PAYCHECK”, for more than having meals of “Kennel Chow” to stretch the S.S.I. dolances sooner than than later. This would PROVIDE JOBS, to a few, but PROVIDE none the less. (And, after the confusing revelation of JOBS “Created” versus the increased percentage of the J.O.B.L.E.S.S., this IS a POSITIVE action waiting “at the GATES”.)

To use a phrase that may be familiar to some… “This is HOW it works”.

To PROVE “your” point(s) of being able to “create jobs” the ONLY “item(s) requested is the miniscule sum of $25,000. This funds the final DESIGN, PROGRAMMING, and MANUFACTURING of the ‘INNOVATION’ with the original business that STILL WAITS to begin this. Of this the renumerence I’ll “get” is, (about), $.42 per unit. The distributor does what a “distributor” does for their lively-hood leaving the FUND RAISING ENTITIES to entice the ‘DONORS’ with an item that represents the CRUX of the reason altogether.

The “wonderful thing about this venture is that I’m not becoming a millionaire on selling just “air”. The item is representative of WHAT malady it is eradicating, (26, plus, ways it can be looked “at”.), and it allows for the ‘ALCHEMY’ of making Pb into AU.

Misters OBAMA and ROMNEY, I have dealt you two a single card. Which of YOU can muster the TESTOSTERONE LEVEL to STIPPLE this corporate CEILING?


Eradicating the BULLIES…

… From the TOP DOWN !
As I began to “see” what I’d scribble today the online news gave the sparkle of what/ who is teaching our children their BEHAVIORS (http://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/local/133858078.html). As I looked for added value, corroberating informations, I came across a blog “FOR” ‘EDUCATORS’, (http://www.teacher-world.com/teacher-blog/). The fact that those that chose the PROFESSION of being paid to provide youth with the tools to become ‘ADULTS’ is more than commendable. BUT, if that desire was to couple with a “sinister” addendum these “people” should have been vetted a bit MORE CLOSELY. If a DOCTOR is REQUIRED to take the HIPPOCRATIC OATH…
( A Modern Version of the Hippocratic Oath)

I swear to fulfill, to the best of my ability and judgment, this covenant:

I will respect the hard-won scientific gains of those physicians in whose steps I walk, and gladly share such knowledge as is mine with those who are to follow.

I will apply, for the benefit of the sick, all measures which are required, avoiding those twin traps of overtreatment and therapeutic nihilism.

I will remember that there is art to medicine as well as science, and that warmth, sympathy, and understanding may outweigh the surgeon’s knife or the chemist’s drug.

I will not be ashamed to say “I know not,” nor will I fail to call in my colleagues when the skills of another are needed for a patient’s recovery.

I will respect the privacy of my patients, for their problems are not disclosed to me that the world may know. Most especially must I tread with care in matters of life and death. If it is given me to save a life, all thanks. But it may also be within my power to take a life; this awesome responsibility must be faced with great humbleness and awareness of my own frailty. Above all, I must not play at God.

I will remember that I do not treat a fever chart, a cancerous growth, but a sick human being, whose illness may affect the person’s family and economic stability. My responsibility includes these related problems, if I am to care adequately for the sick.

I will prevent disease whenever I can, for prevention is preferable to cure.

I will remember that I remain a member of society, with special obligations to all my fellow human beings, those sound of mind and body as well as the infirm.

If I do not violate this oath, may I enjoy life and art, respected while I live and remembered with affection thereafter. May I always act so as to preserve the finest traditions of my calling and may I long experience the joy of healing those who seek my help…
…In words that bind them “TO DO NO HARM !!!
I believe that it IS TIME that those who seek to INFLUENCE the children of THIS, and OTHER, nations to repeat, and HOLD TO/ BE HELD TO, as great or GREATER, OATH of doing the BEST that they may throughout their “PRACTICE” of being an ‘EDUCATOR’.
From what is, INCREASINGLY, appearing throughout the halls, classrooms, (AND locker rooms.), those FEW that have included an added “AGENDA” should be allowed to remain employed via a similar pay scale that they are teaching the youth in their charge.
That would be POORLY.
If, by the ‘standards’ of government agencies FOLLOWING a child’s progress through their records, there is no behavioral vetting of those that seek to “GIVE” their talents to “the future” then the “FUTURE ” will be flawed beyond repair.

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To Un-Squander BIRTHDAY Gifts

The [AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY] has been working very hard for over one-hundred years. Against a group of diseases that are uglier than WAR itself. My family has benefited from the diligence of the Researchers and Doctors throughout the existence of the “A.C.S.”
The reason that there ARE more birthdays is because of the intense studies… and ACCIDENT. Don’t believe me, look at the story of how [SOCCER BALLS and FULLERENES] “unknowingly” gave us the model for [CARBON] in its most pure, and strongest yet form.

What if business and science refused to USE the beneficial properties of this wonderful substance? It would be like throwing it into the trash. How do people become convinced to enhance what they’re doing? Why do they ignore what is a betterment of their current efforts? What can one, who’s making such offer do to get an organization to increase their achievements with less effort? I’ve SUCH an innovation that the CANCER RESEARCH ASSOCIATIONS and GROUPS ARE IGNORING. So I appeal to them through you…

they keep rejecting my BIRTHDAY gifts
the ones made just for you
they say “how nice” then turn away
“there’s trophies, the rest just muddle through”
I want to see more BIRTHDAYS
not for me; for this blanket called Man-“kind”
and, not with days of [RENKINS]
glass smooth coifs with Turbans ‘twined
tell them that you share these BIRTHDAYS
’cause RIBBONS look like tiny rainbows
we need the Gold pots at their ends

If you know someone that has, or is concerned about the eradication of, CANCER let them know about your reading about it in this post. COMMENT for contact. Thank YOU!

ART: Is Life

It’s gone DOWN, to the proverbial wire and those that “we” sent to the shoreline of the Potomac to represent our thoughts and desires have lost their collective minds. The “Hurl Grey” group/ grope has seen fit to, tenaciously, hold TO their ‘beliefs’ not caring that when TEA remains submerged in water it eventually CANNOT KEEP its “USE BY” label at a USEABLE level. Especially when said water is ABOIL. And, WILL SINK everything that is attached that doesn’t have the adequate displacement abilities.
But, those that sought, then encouraged, the bailing of frustrations into the already “past-due-dated” regime of the “PACHYDERM PRIDE”, (GOP), has bundled America into an ensuing DISASTER. And, of course, I WILL NOT forget the “BURRO BRIGADE” for THEIR nefarious penchant for “exposing” themselves, (And US!), to that which should wait.
In all this the [\"FORKED\" ESTATE] has been twisting our “knowledge” for the [Brawnier] “PAC-ERS” of this nation.
Years ago there was a Television character that exemplifies what “OUR” elected have become…

Although THE [TALKING HEADS] did give us a very succinct analogy of what’s been, ( Going to ?), happening to the world as we’ve known it.
I give you their view as you read the words of
 Watch out you might get what you’re after.
Cool babes strange but not a stranger.
I’m an ordinary guy.
Burning down the house.

Hold tight wait till the party’s over.
Hold tight we’re in for nasty weather.
There has got to be a way.
Burning down the house.

Here’s your ticket pack your bag:time for jumpin’ overboard.
The transportation is here.
Close enough but not too far, maybe you know where you are.
Fightin’ fire with fire

All wet hey you might need a raincoat.
Shakedown dreams walking in broad daylight.
Three hun-dred six-ty five de-grees.
Burning down the house.

It was once upon a place sometimes i listen to myself.
Gonna come in first place.
People on their way to work baby what did you expect.
Gonna burst into flame.

My house is out of the ordinary.
That’s might don’t want to hurt nobody.
Some things sure can sweep me off my feet.
Burning down the house.

No visible means of support and you have not seen nothin’ yet.
Everything’s stuck together.
I don’t know what you expect staring into the TV set.
Fighting fire with fire.

It’s T(ea)-MINUS, and still counting. Something that the budget committees should have practiced more diligently. At least that’s what I’ve been taught.

Higher Education

Have any one of us actually thought about the percentage of how many of our sports “heroes” move on to become participants in an ADULT JOB after playing a game for part of their lives ? [THE FEW] that do so are from some time ago, (as far as athletes turned DOCTORS.). The more recent of my memory are Roger Staubach and Willie Davis, Mr. Davis is a beer, tv, and radio [\'MAGNATE\'], besides being a FULL FLEDGED MEMBER of the National Football Hall of Fame. He came from a small school called GRAMBLING, via a coach named [EDDIE ROBINSON].
My, how the theory of SPORT training our youth in LIFE’S LESSONS is getting sullied, (more and more !), with each [ ENSUING] year.
It’s interesting that for all the movies that have been made about how the entertainment of the “masses”, through the [ GREEKS]. AND, [ROMANS] have shown us how these events lured a citizenry away from keeping a nation focused on [REMAINING] so. If we study the parallels of the declines of these two historically epic civilizations and their ABUSE of the SUBSTANCES Blood, Death and Mutilation we can bring that same focus upon Today’s increasingly gluttonous appetites for Sports, and the ravenous obsessions of entitlements exibited by the “elite” of their participants.
If corporations are to make such OUTSTANDING quarterly PROFITS from the




of these young fertilizers of profit is there any wonder that these “plug-n-play” units want to have something for the effort NOW !?! Isn’t this what those that have determined WHAT their Corporate Contributions TO these places of HIGHER EDUCATION have mandated for what they WANT in return ?
Isn’t THIS what they’re getting?


…How the lyrical restructuring of an “old” MENTALITY has risen from the d(r)ead to provide the view of the country’s “future”.

It’s a story that happened [79 YEARS AGO], but is being brought to the “Great White Way” doing what has been outlawed since Jesse Helms was young. The men who gave us CABARET and CHICAGO have ‘scored’ a piece of history that is so completely ON TIME with its opening during the current “tenure” of the [WHITE HOUSE]. The elections are upon us and most of American voters are so enamored with the soft and sensuous “natural” [APPLICATOR] of the lanolin they ‘believe’ stops their (w)age lines that some are asking to pay in triplicate.

The story,in short, is how fear and prejudice almost cost some non-white male youth their lives due to the falsehoods concocted to cover the fact that another non-black group of youth lost their position after a confrontation while they were [HOBOING] through the south.

When you read the cast of accusers could YOU reinsert [SARAH PALIN] or [SHARRON ANGLE] “a bit” ? And, don’t forget the man who gets to take Nancy Palosi’s “seat”, will have just such a starring role as America goes through a trial of [“TRUMPINGS“] to protect the perpetrators.( As they “Rush” us through dangerous [\”GLEN(N)S\”]/ The fact that the young men had to be defended by the International Labor Defence, instead of the NAACP, ([WHAT, AGAIN ?]), only proves that History REPEATS itself more often that we will recognize.

As a former Stagehand the “SCOTTSBORO BOYS” is intriguing, in that the cast does a lot of what we get paid to do. Since I won’t be seeing it from a wing my prayer is that I, and so many others, can find the funds to witness this event , and see what my predecessors warned me OF. If you’ve read both articles this new musical should prove to be an HONEST WORK OF THEATRICAL/ MUSICAL / HISTORICAL ART.

It DON’T make NO Sense

Well, at least a Fox headline will let you know the BASICS of what the story is about.

[SUPER TYPHOON BEARS DOWN ON PHILIPPINES]. After WAITING for the “bypass” to register from their INANE advertising poop there was NOTHING to do with a meteorological event in the South China Sea WHATSOEVER. Again, the “News” media has found, yet, another way to bombard the public with their “Pimp”-like ‘cum’-ons of a fifteen year olds inquisitive urgency to “find out” what everybody’s all a-tingle for.

It seems that the more confusion they get the public to attempt to digest, the MORE IN-digestion they can cause.

It’s sort of like the joke about when ALL the “body’s” parts got into an argument about which was the MOST IMPORTANT. The brain made its point that most of the body’s direction and decisions were made from “top-dead-center”. Where the eyes gazed to show them all their surroundings. The mouth spoke of the pleasures the IT brought “from” the table to nourish the entire “community”. Each part made their sale of WHO was THE most IMPORTANT, when, finally, the Sphincter wafted its plea of recognition… After the uproar of choking laughter subsided the Sphincter closed itself OFF from the clique of bodily “nobilities”. SOON, the mouth got dry, the eyes couldn’t focus, hands twitched and knees trembled, The RINGING of the ears was so bad that the body parts thought that they were at an early ‘WHO’ concert. After what seemed like a lifetime the parts ALL agreed to the fact that out of all of them the Sphincter WAS the most IMPORTANT. Without IT doing the rest of the body’s ‘dirty work’ the rest could NEVER accomplish what THEY do.

So, there you have my version / opinion of why the “news” agencies are working for [REPRESENTATIVES of AFRICAN MAMMALS].

And if this “article” makes NO SENSE to YOU, then maybe YOU understood the MSNBC post to the headline.

My guess is that  the “Muslims got it right” because they’re [\’CLOSER\’],

Monty’s Three Card Gold Mine

There are just FEW days until we get to STOP the insanity that IS this year’s mid-term election CAM-[PWN]. And the sad part is that “MOST” of those that will do so will be “pulling” that lever like they are RE-ELECTING G.W. Bush all over again… which is EXACTLY what the G.O.P. has been planning throughout. TOO FEW will look DIRECTLY into the mirror of truth, knowing that this ENTIRE FIASCO of Housing failures, Tax Cuts that equal the ensuing/ continuing [BUDGET DEFICIT] and FEAR were, ACTUALLY INHERITED from the PREVIOUS EIGHT, plus, YEARS. The former first “pilot” making sure his combat [“MEDALS“] were “JUST”.

If I’m oracularly gifted to say that this “JUNCTURE” of “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED” and folks, continually, applying for/ GETTING the HOME(LESS)STEAD ACT, is it ANY wonder that the BLAME IS/ WILL/ WOULD be dumped onto the FIRST, (And, most likely ONLY, for the next two… GENERATIONS.), non “COMPLETELY” European descended President. (The only Native-American to be a “Breath Away” was [CHARLES CURTIS].)

What PERFECT TIMING! The years of Republican rule left us without the GOLD Base, for the [DOLLAR]. As Nixon got booted another Pachyderm eases our ANGER, a bit, to hide their next onslaught called the [TRICKLE DOWN], which only worked for [ENRON], and more recently, [BERNIE MAD(E)OFF]. Just HOW MANY jobs have been “resettled” in other countries ?

It is amazing, to me, that the politicians that were so SOUNDLY “PUNTED” last election have re-suited, ( HE-E-E-ERES MONTY !!!), as their Geppetto has attempted to re-string his little boys and girls with DONKEY INTESTINE. Made , almost, ENTIRELY of BLACK CAT GUT.

The “SHUFFLE” that ‘Monty’ has given “us” is with the [BEAVER, DARTMOUTH AND ELEANOR], three of the most famously unknown FACE CARDS today. They’ve been played in ALASKA and throughout this nation with the infusion of some [ARMED], its growth looks more and more like a KAMPF/ STRUGGLE for those that just want their lives back. We’ve never been told how much Tea was thrown overboard and how much was sold at a higher price because it was now decaffeinated, ( By the SALT water !).

As we get closer, and closer, the candidates are so busy pitching poo that [CAUCASIAN ACTUARIES] are beginning to look like THEY can see into the future.

No matter what, the ONLY people to watch out for are the ones that take Monty’s money and walk to the BACK of the crowd… They ARE the ones PUSHING YOU TO THE “FRONT”. Slow them down, or get YOUR friends to stand beside, AND WATCH the “SHUFFLE”.

He’s ALREADY got you by a [TRI-llion], or so.

And this is how your grandchildren will play…

09/30/2010 Update: It’s not that the WORLD is going to “hell in a hand basket”, it’s that the WORLD has MADE us that basket, by “our” request. And the “New kids’ on the block [CAN\’T] undo what “WE” HAVE let BEGIN… AND ALLOWED to CONTINUE. When you’ve had enough it will be TOO LATE. So brush up on the [\’ANCIENT\’ SKILLS]… We’re, ALL, going to NEED them.