Gerrymandering,Obnoxious POOPS

But, a more FUN title would be…


For all the elbowing of potential voters that may, or may not, bring a “victory” to the PACHYDERM PRIDE in the 23 states that are in their control…


…ONE of the more great comeuppances to grace their Booby-fied efforts has appeared in the very STATE that WAS a controversial ‘aide’ for George DUH-BUH-YUH’S eight years of warmongering and puffery…


And, since THAT avenue has been closed for “AWARES” the latest ‘dance’ craze being conducted by “SPIKE” Boehner is to make the RIGHT to VOTE as difficult as possible for those that are from the more “southern” AMERICAS.THAT brings US to the “incidential PIECE de RESISTANCE” of this post.

As it has come into the BRILLIANCE of a negative hued Stephan “QUE” Erkeled retort of “DID I DO THAAAT!?!”, is reported through the PALM BEACH POST:


It doth appear that “the state GOP hired Strategic Allied Consultants of Glen Allen, Va., who made the tidy sum / “SOME” of $1.3 Million to turn in 106 ““QUESTIONABLE” voter registrations, out of just 304 turned in by a single registrar, on the FIFTH of September, (2012). The more damaging part of this is that the person turning the “work” WAS NOT the person R.E.S.P.O.N.S.I.B.L.E. FOR the tainted paperwork… “FUNNY” that.

I wonder what the law says about Major JURISTS / “JUDGES” having read an editorial opinion, or direct report, that they “MAY” have to make a decision “about”, ( I should have said ON but, the way SCOTUS has been drawing “GUIDELINES” “about” is PROPER.), this latest “trial” of the CONSTITUTION. At that… ‘FIN’.


As they say… “And, the HITS just keep OOOONNNNN commin'”.

voter-registration…/nSPYj/ )


Out of Remission

The Cancer HAS RETURNED. Not since Hitler ordered the burning of the [CHANCELLERY] has racial “pride” weighed more heavy on a NATION.
The current situation(s) of this nation are coming to an [EERILY] [EERY] realization of events that are familiar but, unwanted. We are in the middle of catastrophic collapses that have seen prolific growths due to the [INVASIVE] spread of TRUE [ELITIST] behavior. The saddest part being that these “elite” believe so because of racial “rights” and privilege. As there “seems” to be a shadowy, “right” minded, push to undo this Nation, ( As well as the WORLD.), by blaming every conceivable NEGATIVE to the global society on ANY AND EVERY respondent/ reactant not the shade of a freshly PEELED APPLE,(Almost everyone credits George Balanchine, the renowned dancer, teacher, … He has promoted the skeletal look by his costume requirements and his hiring …. of a ballerina should be the same color as a peeled apple (Gordon, 1983). …).
We’ve just found our national credit worthiness DOWNGRADED for the first time in its history. Many who won’t READ the [RECORDS] are following their leaders as they work at re-enacting “Justice” [CHARLES LYNCH\'S] rules of engagement. And, in that we’re finding ourselves caught in a rash of troubling remissions.
It may just be me but, since the year [1998] it appears that the “bolder” of those “left behind” are wanting to work their own [\"FIRST\" STRIKE] in the mixing of the gene pool.
It’s growing and those of the animal that calls Africa HOME are smirking, poo-pooing the notes found with their indelible initials.
All the while denying that the missing parts of “the BODY” can still function as before.
A troubling fact of the two HATE CRIMES noted in this post is that BOTH men MURDERED were FORTY-NINE years of age… And FATHERS.

ART: Is Life

It’s gone DOWN, to the proverbial wire and those that “we” sent to the shoreline of the Potomac to represent our thoughts and desires have lost their collective minds. The “Hurl Grey” group/ grope has seen fit to, tenaciously, hold TO their ‘beliefs’ not caring that when TEA remains submerged in water it eventually CANNOT KEEP its “USE BY” label at a USEABLE level. Especially when said water is ABOIL. And, WILL SINK everything that is attached that doesn’t have the adequate displacement abilities.
But, those that sought, then encouraged, the bailing of frustrations into the already “past-due-dated” regime of the “PACHYDERM PRIDE”, (GOP), has bundled America into an ensuing DISASTER. And, of course, I WILL NOT forget the “BURRO BRIGADE” for THEIR nefarious penchant for “exposing” themselves, (And US!), to that which should wait.
In all this the [\"FORKED\" ESTATE] has been twisting our “knowledge” for the [Brawnier] “PAC-ERS” of this nation.
Years ago there was a Television character that exemplifies what “OUR” elected have become…

Although THE [TALKING HEADS] did give us a very succinct analogy of what’s been, ( Going to ?), happening to the world as we’ve known it.
I give you their view as you read the words of
 Watch out you might get what you’re after.
Cool babes strange but not a stranger.
I’m an ordinary guy.
Burning down the house.

Hold tight wait till the party’s over.
Hold tight we’re in for nasty weather.
There has got to be a way.
Burning down the house.

Here’s your ticket pack your bag:time for jumpin’ overboard.
The transportation is here.
Close enough but not too far, maybe you know where you are.
Fightin’ fire with fire

All wet hey you might need a raincoat.
Shakedown dreams walking in broad daylight.
Three hun-dred six-ty five de-grees.
Burning down the house.

It was once upon a place sometimes i listen to myself.
Gonna come in first place.
People on their way to work baby what did you expect.
Gonna burst into flame.

My house is out of the ordinary.
That’s might don’t want to hurt nobody.
Some things sure can sweep me off my feet.
Burning down the house.

No visible means of support and you have not seen nothin’ yet.
Everything’s stuck together.
I don’t know what you expect staring into the TV set.
Fighting fire with fire.

It’s T(ea)-MINUS, and still counting. Something that the budget committees should have practiced more diligently. At least that’s what I’ve been taught.

Where Echoes Return From

In searching for things to “rant”about I find that when flitting between the offered headlines, and the better stuff at the right hand columns, there’s a chance to fall, (FACE FIRST!), into a story that tells a lot more than I’d hoped for. And, to TOP it off, that someone who’d stumbled onto an article happens to be oh-so-near the culprit OF what triggered a new “rant”.

The on-line news offerings lead me to the [KARL ROVE] offal slash interview that he gave to [DER SPIEGEL] Online, about his qualified opinion of the Obama Presidency. After the herculean effort to NOT grind my teeth to powder I entered their area called FEEDBACK. I’ll let YOU read what I entered into the little box, which I kept a copy “OF” so that if they didn’t accept / “OKAY” it by the editor, that I’d have something for ‘proof’ of my time spent “typing” fruitlessly…

Re: SPIEGEL Interview with Karl Rove: ‘Obama Has Turned Out to Be an Utter Disaster’

10/22/10 08:29:20 PM

“How VERY interesting that in ALL this time that you’ve been trying to tell the “English” speaking readers, that happen across an article such as this, that there is a “justifiable” reason to present the continuingly disastrous PROPAGANDA from the GRANDSON of the ARCHITECT of BIRKENAU: KARL HEINZ ROVERER.To attribute ANY credence to his REICH-ish deportments was a sad investment of your reporter’s time and effort. My former wife would agree… she’s a KRUPP descendant.”

Reward for time SPENT= REJECTED !!!

Dear Reader,

Thank you very much for writing to the editors of SPIEGEL ONLINE.
Every day we receive hundreds of letters from readers around the world, and
we hope that you will understand that it is impossible to reply to or
publish each one we get. If we do decide to include your e-mail in our
letters to the editor section, then we reserve the right to edit your
message for length and clarity.

In addition, please note that SPIEGEL ONLINE offers a forum ( that encourages debate on the
most-pressing current affairs issues and the exchange of opinions among our

We thank you for your loyalty and hope you continue to enjoy reading

All the best
The SPIEGEL ONLINE TeamSecond reply, after the first was rejected:

Letter to the editor
Re: SPIEGEL Interview with Karl Rove: ‘Obama Has Turned Out to Be an Utter Disaster’

10/23/10 10:07:29 PM

“I wrote my sincere opinion about how this modern Goebbels is blaming others to create their Scapegoat for TRUE crimes against HUMANITY and the WORLD itself. The revelation that this AMERICAN reader of the Karl Heinz Roverer grandson makes his pulp announcement of the opening of new BIRKENAUS. THAT feedback was BURNED by the editors of DER SPIEGEL, as too fresh and controversial , coming from the former spouse of one of the KRUPP family’s offspring here in the “States”. This is sad as we, HERE, know how “History is written by the winners” except when the “loser” can PAY OFF their KIN.”

“This WILL be placed into my next BLOG article on WORDPRESS.COM: ‘Omegetymon’. Thank you, for helping me share some LIGHT on how people such as Karl Rove is continuously helped by waffen journalism.”

“Second verse… SAME as the FIRST”… (Thanks Herman’s Hermits.)

Reward for the SECOND attempted “READER FEEDBACK”= I have NO IDEA , as yet, though I DO believe that IT, too, will NOT find favor with me.

The BEST part of this is that there was a comment to my previous article that came from a GERMAN site run by a ‘young’ woman. ( The site is entirely written IN German. ) I thanked her for stopping by and asked her to read the ‘Rove’ responses.

It’s “funny” that this wonderful devise allows us such access to the, hopeful, corrections that need to be rulered-across-the-knuckles of those that continue to toss Sodium onto the waters of PEACE…

The saddest part of this is that Karl Rove is, still, being supplied with Sodium… and he HAD to cross the Atlantic to give the interview. It’s his NATURE to destroy… Apples and Trees you know ? Youve been in the middle of the report for over ten years now.

Please note that at the time of my second attempt to enter my opinion that there were only seven ACCEPTED responses to the article.


Monty’s Three Card Gold Mine

There are just FEW days until we get to STOP the insanity that IS this year’s mid-term election CAM-[PWN]. And the sad part is that “MOST” of those that will do so will be “pulling” that lever like they are RE-ELECTING G.W. Bush all over again… which is EXACTLY what the G.O.P. has been planning throughout. TOO FEW will look DIRECTLY into the mirror of truth, knowing that this ENTIRE FIASCO of Housing failures, Tax Cuts that equal the ensuing/ continuing [BUDGET DEFICIT] and FEAR were, ACTUALLY INHERITED from the PREVIOUS EIGHT, plus, YEARS. The former first “pilot” making sure his combat [“MEDALS“] were “JUST”.

If I’m oracularly gifted to say that this “JUNCTURE” of “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED” and folks, continually, applying for/ GETTING the HOME(LESS)STEAD ACT, is it ANY wonder that the BLAME IS/ WILL/ WOULD be dumped onto the FIRST, (And, most likely ONLY, for the next two… GENERATIONS.), non “COMPLETELY” European descended President. (The only Native-American to be a “Breath Away” was [CHARLES CURTIS].)

What PERFECT TIMING! The years of Republican rule left us without the GOLD Base, for the [DOLLAR]. As Nixon got booted another Pachyderm eases our ANGER, a bit, to hide their next onslaught called the [TRICKLE DOWN], which only worked for [ENRON], and more recently, [BERNIE MAD(E)OFF]. Just HOW MANY jobs have been “resettled” in other countries ?

It is amazing, to me, that the politicians that were so SOUNDLY “PUNTED” last election have re-suited, ( HE-E-E-ERES MONTY !!!), as their Geppetto has attempted to re-string his little boys and girls with DONKEY INTESTINE. Made , almost, ENTIRELY of BLACK CAT GUT.

The “SHUFFLE” that ‘Monty’ has given “us” is with the [BEAVER, DARTMOUTH AND ELEANOR], three of the most famously unknown FACE CARDS today. They’ve been played in ALASKA and throughout this nation with the infusion of some [ARMED], its growth looks more and more like a KAMPF/ STRUGGLE for those that just want their lives back. We’ve never been told how much Tea was thrown overboard and how much was sold at a higher price because it was now decaffeinated, ( By the SALT water !).

As we get closer, and closer, the candidates are so busy pitching poo that [CAUCASIAN ACTUARIES] are beginning to look like THEY can see into the future.

No matter what, the ONLY people to watch out for are the ones that take Monty’s money and walk to the BACK of the crowd… They ARE the ones PUSHING YOU TO THE “FRONT”. Slow them down, or get YOUR friends to stand beside, AND WATCH the “SHUFFLE”.

He’s ALREADY got you by a [TRI-llion], or so.

And this is how your grandchildren will play…

09/30/2010 Update: It’s not that the WORLD is going to “hell in a hand basket”, it’s that the WORLD has MADE us that basket, by “our” request. And the “New kids’ on the block [CAN\’T] undo what “WE” HAVE let BEGIN… AND ALLOWED to CONTINUE. When you’ve had enough it will be TOO LATE. So brush up on the [\’ANCIENT\’ SKILLS]… We’re, ALL, going to NEED them.

The UN- United State(s) of America

At a time when the ‘NATION’ called America has needed to BECOME THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA the Second Coming of “The Birth of a Nation” has advertised AND found a sea-to-shining-sea [\’caste\’] of MORE than willing pseudo-thespians. As we now totter at the edge of a sandy ledge overlooking a “beach” that is actually a [punji ] resort the,once, mighty are falling.

Those who’ve suffered the assaults in southern heat and humidity during their youth of the 1960’s are needlessly [reminded] by those who were bred to the [hate and stupidity] of the new “secession”. Born to a group that gave away their rights and freedoms to fear-mongers that just happened to look like them.

There’s a story of a town that watched a man “steal” a HANDFUL of grain from his, shared, barn. Long story short, the man wasn’t stealing grain… he WAS stealing WHEELBARROWS, everyone was paying attention to the LITTLE “larcenies” when the drayage market of the town was being ransacked.

The “Tea-Party” movement has acquired the same olfactoral make-up as any container of wastes… it’s just offal. But it COULD be made useful when provided to those that use it respectfully.When the “uneducated” couldn’t find jobs, or housing it “was THEIR fault”. Now that POVERTY has thrown its arms around the shoulders of the [“pivoting point] in American society… The “middle” class. ( America has become a “CLASSLESS” society since there is NO distinction left.)

With the numerous “fires” being set throughout this nation those that haven’t clear enough sight or knowledge of the types of SMOKE on their “false” horizons are about to CRY their versions of ‘WOLF’, even when they know that they’re actually DROWNING.

CAN you disagree with the video statement ? This is JUST what has been planned, and most of you LAUGHED at those that told YOU.

Indoctrination COMPLETE

No matter what, the [HISTORY] of what the, (currently), politically “in charge” are “driven” to do in the name of “JUST-US”/ Justice most of what they’ve done can be boiled down to IN-JUST policies and GREEDS needing to be cemented through FEARS and the removals of those that provide a resistance to those greeds and injustices.

I find that we of “THE GREATEST EXPERIMENT of DEMOCRACY and FREEDOM” in history have THROWN AWAY the basis of “our” FAITH. As I once saw on a boulder in a park in Reno, Nevada… “FORGIVENESS= the fragrance of a flower left on the HEEL that has just crushed it”.

My question is how can the new ‘Leaders’ of this, (OR ANY!?!), SOCIETY that is striving to cover their world with THE BEST of treatments to ALL decide that it is best to DENY those accused, (And sometimes boasted.), of ‘crimes’ against other societies? The era of Josef Cheney* has spanned two separate centuries, in same continents. *(Would Richard Stalin have been more appropriate ?) As JOSEF STALIN put it… 1.) “The death of one man is a tragedy. The death of millions is a statistic.” 2.) “Death solves all problems – no man, no problem.” So, IS this the CHRISTIAN [FORGIVENESS] ?

Matthew 6:14-15

For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.

Matthew 23:33

You snakes! You brood of vipers! How will you escape being condemned to hell?

The above were written LONG before ANY of US, yet those that bash us with the terms of FAITH and Loyalty don’t seem to be able to carry these with them after leaving the vestibules of their currently campaigned CHURCH du jour.

If the first African-Americans of POSITIONS of LEADERSHIP ARE to do so with a truly remarkable stamp OF CHANGE they must do so with the KNOWLEDGE that EVERY PERSON THAT DOES NOT DESCEND FROM lesser quantities of melanin concentrations WILL remember just how far that the lessons of [\”Toby\”] have reached INTO the cellular structures of those who Should KNOW BETTER, but aren’t strong enough to BUILD the CHANGE that IS NEEDED TODAY.

I, SINCERELY, believe that this infinitesimal observation may be but ONE side of the situation that America AND the World have let turn into the CANCER that we ALL find ourselves in, at THIS very moment.


(I wonder if ANYONE would see that the President and Staff to the reading of this… Then make a dignified comment , PUBLICLY, as to their observations and coming PLACES in “[History]”.

This little ditty tells a good portion…DON’T let the cartoon format fool YOU.

Mrs. Baskett Only Gets the Consolation “Basket”

Lace-'em-UP !

Tonight was the FORTY-FOURTH presentation of THE [SUPER BOWL], in that I wish to congratulate the [Red Stick] city for ITS turnaround from the failure of… Even though a Bush is, indeed, a revered member of the [\”GNAW-LENS\” Saints], Reggie Bush DID do something to help the battered city’s self esteem. HE DIDN’T DROP THE BALL.

If there should be a sign that [patience] and perseverance will eventually reward one when “history’s” [\”sainted\” number], ( 4+4= 8 ), beckons ‘them that own the key’. Yes, World, the Saints did ….

I really could care less about the Las Vegas “line”, as to wager, to who is the better team, although a friend demanded that $1.70 was to pass from his pocket to mine, if the Saints “pulled off a MIRACLE”… I guess he doesn’t know what Saints “DO”. and, to that I arrive at the title. MUCH ADO was made over the past few days and weeks by one of Hugh Hefner’s former “girl” friends. Making an “incentive” wager, to her new husband and to the world, by lavishing her “SELF” ON him in reward for his Employer achieving the title of SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS. Kendra even drew sorority television show “owner”,[Kim Kardashian], into the ‘prey’, qu’est-ce que/ “what the heck”? Needless to say, that all the micro-sheer Lace “Goodie”packages purchased for the Colts Wranglettes to put their Mustangs away, after fifty furlongs and two-hundred gallons worth of…, will NOT go un-driven.

Oh WELL, the night belonged to those guys with the regional ‘CRESCENT’ wrench thrown so deftly into the machine,(called Manning), and his high powered stable of “studs” who threw their shoes tonight. The ironic thing is that there IS no “BASKET” catch in the game of FOOTBALL… of course I’ve never played the game “PROFESSIONALLY” .