Get Rid of ‘Em ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you want to know what Sarah Palin will be like as “SECOND-IN CHARGE” Nancy Pa-LOUSE-i and “crew” have given themselves a FOUR-THOUSAND DOLLAR RAISE, besides giving George W. Bush what HE WANTED. [\’NEO-crats\’, \”FOR\” the common man !?! ] Mrs. Pa-LOUSE-i once stated that she would LEAD CON-gress against the Bush BULLY-pulpit, how long has it taken for HER to become one his manic marionettes?

They ALL float. (Penneywise)

"They ALL float". (Penneywise)

The SECRET EAR-MARKS that were given would put most citizens back into their FORECLOSED HOMES.

On the other side of this national coin a “CHRISTIAN” based college in OREGON, ( George Fox/Quaker ), has had an effigy of candidate Barack Obama hung from a tree. It seems that those who claim to “lead” this nation have found a way to be “IN this world, as well as BE OF IT. [a fine example.]

Is there any wonder that we are where WE ARE!?! (“Quakers” and ‘STRANGE FRUIT, they’re becoming something unpalletable !) We’ve become OUR OWN worst nightmare.


My Country ‘Tis of THEE

America The Beautiful is our ‘unofficial’ National anthem, a song written for itself. Not an ”inspired” prose conveniently attached to the author’s favorite drinking tune. As one who was not born with the “blessings” of ‘normal’ learning abilities I’ve been disassembling the written word for over 50 years of my life. And I do so because my brain doesn’t just accept what enters it through my ears or eyes, it constantly replays the possible punctuations that each author may have experimented with in getting their point across. If it’s a song, like with America The Beautiful, I attempt to “feel” the moment, as in its date at publishing. Those events that assembled themselves into an expression final presentations, by carbon dioxide rushing over loose strands of skin to vibrate, precisely in of an aural thought of beauty.

‘My Country ‘TIS of THEE… IS this someone’s PSALM of thanks for grace, instead of finding “beauty” in “struggle’s” destructions ? Can you see the purity of gracious acceptance, the assumption of a STEWARDSHIP and its quiet longevity as the antithesis to loud, dull sensed chest thumping as the representation to communally chorus when presenting to the UNIVERSE “our pride”. Is it not better to gaze at the unfamiliar with a levelness so that they may see all features as complete, not with head bowed in shame or hurt. Not raised in challenge or guile. This IS what AMERICA The BEAUTIFUL presents, an INVITATION to a “New GARDEN”, open to the myriad of this world’s ‘HUMAN FRUIT’. To  transplant and graft to one another and make new tastes and nutritions that may be savored by those who’d sent the seedlings but remained to mind their ancient  gardens, knowing a good wind just might return some pollens… and a few seeds of enhancement from original cuttings.


[…of THEE I Sing]


This song /PSALM of gifting and grace is where America should be beginning to have within its vision, (not ‘sights’), and grasp, ( having been PLACED there, not stolen in greed.) And as we’ve seen, when a NATION changes either size, “shape” or “POLICY” in a drastic way its ANTHEM is its SYMPHONY of SURETY.

*… SWEET Land of LIBERTY ?  [ what an ANTHEM is.]

In 1920 You WOULDN’T Have Accepted THIS CRAP !

At a time when the golden views of reason need to be their sharpest the EUROPEAN descendants of the child bearing class are making it possible for the sundering of what they’d fought so hard for eighty-eight years ago.

don't fall on the sword.

don't fall on your sword.

From what little this man understands, of the female reasons of decision making, I do believe that those who are old enough to MAKE THEIR OWN DECISIONS will do so by seeking as much PROPER information as, they’re so capable of doing. To be enabled with the many abilities that make them so unique, but to allow the usurious bombardments of the capitalistic ” Punch the Judy” is confusing to me. YES, it will be a great AND wonderful thing when this country hears the title MADAM PRESIDENT but should this term of ” endearment” come at the CONTINUED cost of OUR, ( and, maybe soon the world’s.), RIGHTS and FREEDOMS ?

Are the women of voting age going to let the WHITE “Knight’s” smarmy stories, [the \”protectors\” of…], scare them into thoughts that may well seal them and their daughters into a world of [ AXLOTL Tanks]?

No matter what the “pundits” may spin into the brain women must remember that when ANY task is taken on that the PROPER INGREDIENTS will serve ALL the best. It bodes ill to use poor “fixin’s” while attempting to make sure those you are ‘SERVING’ can get up from the table and remain satisfied and nourished, without the possibility of having what was to strengthen them cause any sort of havock. Haste can make eight years of AGONY from one simple push of a button.

Haste makes the simple difficult.

Haste makes the simple difficult.

My simple request is this, DO LOOK, ( as in read !), ALL available articles of truth to what the PROPER CHOICE of our country’s leader should work for, not some agenda of what some ” OOK”, ( sp, m…), behind a curtain is feeding you. Remember, if the ingredients ARE TAINTED what are we going to LIVE on?

When it comes time to vote remember to do so for a future, not because of the hair or teeth. Remember ‘Wednesday’s’ comment as to why she wore her regular clothes for Halloween, (Addams Family Movie/1)…

” I’m a psychopath, I look just like everybody else.”

DON’T VOTE FOR THE FAMILIAR !!! Look where it’s gotten you so far. [Hardtack and water.]

[not gender specific.]

Generations in Passing

A Question of WHYS: The WORLD’S “Balance”, and how we may stop becoming like our neighbors around the sun. As I walked towards ‘home’ on my break from Lion King, Columbus, Ohio, (Ohio Theatre.), I passed a man who greeted me with…” Isn’t this weather for July?”, whereupon I responded…” It’s the AXIS change.” As he walked away with a chuckle I turned thinking “what other things may have a bearing on what is happening to the way the Earth is changing”? As I sauntered easterly the little gray matter I had left churned up the following. 1.) Has the acceleration of global warming been helped by… A.) Building Booms in certain countries as their economies have urged such? And do their building materials weights do anything to slow the rotational average? 1.)Can the pressure of a vertical I-beam exert a “staking” pressure to a tectonic plate? B.) With the “URBANIZATION” of the world’s populations is the destruction of equatorial forest and vegetations meaning there’s less weight to spin the world? ( like removing pieces of the center ring of a gyroscope and then adding them closer to the ends of the axle.) C.) Since we’re removing such great amounts of material from the ground and not replacing it with like filler, is it possible that we’re affecting how the TECTONIC PLATES’ time tables of adjustment have been thrown off, and that’s why there have been so many earthquakes in recent years? Not to mention the quick regrowth of some of the largest devastators in recorded history? ( As in VOLCANOES!) Do the weights of man-made sea islands change flow rates of MAGMA and its cushioning affects? D.) Are the building heights affecting a part of the Jet stream, and other air currents, by changing their course? [ How high \’til b-bye?] Do these create a “torque” on soil, or the world’s spin rates? E.) Lastly. With the constant search and retrievals of energies COAL has set a dangerous president of not allowing itself to be mined due to its catching fire before extraction, filling entire regions with heat, sulfur, besides various other dangerous gases. Couple those to the loss of unimaginable acres of livable land and we’ve ALL got a bad thing going on,especially since coal/ underground fires are seldom extinguished. In the state of Ohio alone there are 6,600 old mine sites with 25 of 88 counties affected! [ohcoal.ART_ART_09-02-08_B1_GLB70C0.html?sid=101]



[the encyclopedia of earth 9/2/08] Thank you

Since I’m NOT that bright, how did I get chosen by that man, who quandered as he did, to have this something planted in my head to germinate into this? And why aren’t/ haven’t REAL scientists asked these questions from ALL these ‘FACTS’ they seem to have?

No people

No people

One Stupid last question: Does the water in a flushed toilet, at exact center of the equator, Not turn but drop straight down?