Monty’s Three Card Gold Mine

There are just FEW days until we get to STOP the insanity that IS this year’s mid-term election CAM-[PWN]. And the sad part is that “MOST” of those that will do so will be “pulling” that lever like they are RE-ELECTING G.W. Bush all over again… which is EXACTLY what the G.O.P. has been planning throughout. TOO FEW will look DIRECTLY into the mirror of truth, knowing that this ENTIRE FIASCO of Housing failures, Tax Cuts that equal the ensuing/ continuing [BUDGET DEFICIT] and FEAR were, ACTUALLY INHERITED from the PREVIOUS EIGHT, plus, YEARS. The former first “pilot” making sure his combat [“MEDALS“] were “JUST”.

If I’m oracularly gifted to say that this “JUNCTURE” of “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED” and folks, continually, applying for/ GETTING the HOME(LESS)STEAD ACT, is it ANY wonder that the BLAME IS/ WILL/ WOULD be dumped onto the FIRST, (And, most likely ONLY, for the next two… GENERATIONS.), non “COMPLETELY” European descended President. (The only Native-American to be a “Breath Away” was [CHARLES CURTIS].)

What PERFECT TIMING! The years of Republican rule left us without the GOLD Base, for the [DOLLAR]. As Nixon got booted another Pachyderm eases our ANGER, a bit, to hide their next onslaught called the [TRICKLE DOWN], which only worked for [ENRON], and more recently, [BERNIE MAD(E)OFF]. Just HOW MANY jobs have been “resettled” in other countries ?

It is amazing, to me, that the politicians that were so SOUNDLY “PUNTED” last election have re-suited, ( HE-E-E-ERES MONTY !!!), as their Geppetto has attempted to re-string his little boys and girls with DONKEY INTESTINE. Made , almost, ENTIRELY of BLACK CAT GUT.

The “SHUFFLE” that ‘Monty’ has given “us” is with the [BEAVER, DARTMOUTH AND ELEANOR], three of the most famously unknown FACE CARDS today. They’ve been played in ALASKA and throughout this nation with the infusion of some [ARMED], its growth looks more and more like a KAMPF/ STRUGGLE for those that just want their lives back. We’ve never been told how much Tea was thrown overboard and how much was sold at a higher price because it was now decaffeinated, ( By the SALT water !).

As we get closer, and closer, the candidates are so busy pitching poo that [CAUCASIAN ACTUARIES] are beginning to look like THEY can see into the future.

No matter what, the ONLY people to watch out for are the ones that take Monty’s money and walk to the BACK of the crowd… They ARE the ones PUSHING YOU TO THE “FRONT”. Slow them down, or get YOUR friends to stand beside, AND WATCH the “SHUFFLE”.

He’s ALREADY got you by a [TRI-llion], or so.

And this is how your grandchildren will play…

09/30/2010 Update: It’s not that the WORLD is going to “hell in a hand basket”, it’s that the WORLD has MADE us that basket, by “our” request. And the “New kids’ on the block [CAN\’T] undo what “WE” HAVE let BEGIN… AND ALLOWED to CONTINUE. When you’ve had enough it will be TOO LATE. So brush up on the [\’ANCIENT\’ SKILLS]… We’re, ALL, going to NEED them.