For a “Man of Letters” our current and past Presidential family members, that WOULD be George and Barack, hadn’t/ haven’t remembered the SERIOUS LESSON of March 24, 1989, 4 minutes past midnight…

… The [EXXON VALDEZ] was ‘Captained’ to the “presumed” chorus of “What do you do with a drunken sailor?”, and showed the world just how responsible the greed of oil profit “WILL” be. A more recent example of how the [INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY] is “tolerating” the “drug”of oil should be a Rams Horn blast to those that would “TRADE” their “[ \”GREEN\”] for the [SNAKE OIL] of “whole life” [INCARCERATION] and fiscal [INTERMENT].

The world ISN’T lauding the President’s labeled “[SHORT TERM]” solutional [PLAN]. If there’s one thing that IS “for sure” it.IS that the [VIRGINIA BEACH]advertising graphics will HAVE to include sceneries like what was viewed from the San Fransisco “GOLDEN” GATE PARK…

And, we ALL know how safe those Rigs will be, with how [WELL PAID] Inspectors ARE.

IF this nation, (AND the WORLD.), deem that they are going to continue to KILL their FUTURE why must “WE” have to do so like Moriarty to Sherlock… To drain away life by having an intravenous drip “spewing” our fluids, ONE measured drop at a time. Until there’s nothing left.

The UN- United State(s) of America

At a time when the ‘NATION’ called America has needed to BECOME THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA the Second Coming of “The Birth of a Nation” has advertised AND found a sea-to-shining-sea [\’caste\’] of MORE than willing pseudo-thespians. As we now totter at the edge of a sandy ledge overlooking a “beach” that is actually a [punji ] resort the,once, mighty are falling.

Those who’ve suffered the assaults in southern heat and humidity during their youth of the 1960’s are needlessly [reminded] by those who were bred to the [hate and stupidity] of the new “secession”. Born to a group that gave away their rights and freedoms to fear-mongers that just happened to look like them.

There’s a story of a town that watched a man “steal” a HANDFUL of grain from his, shared, barn. Long story short, the man wasn’t stealing grain… he WAS stealing WHEELBARROWS, everyone was paying attention to the LITTLE “larcenies” when the drayage market of the town was being ransacked.

The “Tea-Party” movement has acquired the same olfactoral make-up as any container of wastes… it’s just offal. But it COULD be made useful when provided to those that use it respectfully.When the “uneducated” couldn’t find jobs, or housing it “was THEIR fault”. Now that POVERTY has thrown its arms around the shoulders of the [“pivoting point] in American society… The “middle” class. ( America has become a “CLASSLESS” society since there is NO distinction left.)

With the numerous “fires” being set throughout this nation those that haven’t clear enough sight or knowledge of the types of SMOKE on their “false” horizons are about to CRY their versions of ‘WOLF’, even when they know that they’re actually DROWNING.

CAN you disagree with the video statement ? This is JUST what has been planned, and most of you LAUGHED at those that told YOU.

Indoctrination COMPLETE

No matter what, the [HISTORY] of what the, (currently), politically “in charge” are “driven” to do in the name of “JUST-US”/ Justice most of what they’ve done can be boiled down to IN-JUST policies and GREEDS needing to be cemented through FEARS and the removals of those that provide a resistance to those greeds and injustices.

I find that we of “THE GREATEST EXPERIMENT of DEMOCRACY and FREEDOM” in history have THROWN AWAY the basis of “our” FAITH. As I once saw on a boulder in a park in Reno, Nevada… “FORGIVENESS= the fragrance of a flower left on the HEEL that has just crushed it”.

My question is how can the new ‘Leaders’ of this, (OR ANY!?!), SOCIETY that is striving to cover their world with THE BEST of treatments to ALL decide that it is best to DENY those accused, (And sometimes boasted.), of ‘crimes’ against other societies? The era of Josef Cheney* has spanned two separate centuries, in same continents. *(Would Richard Stalin have been more appropriate ?) As JOSEF STALIN put it… 1.) “The death of one man is a tragedy. The death of millions is a statistic.” 2.) “Death solves all problems – no man, no problem.” So, IS this the CHRISTIAN [FORGIVENESS] ?

Matthew 6:14-15

For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.

Matthew 23:33

You snakes! You brood of vipers! How will you escape being condemned to hell?

The above were written LONG before ANY of US, yet those that bash us with the terms of FAITH and Loyalty don’t seem to be able to carry these with them after leaving the vestibules of their currently campaigned CHURCH du jour.

If the first African-Americans of POSITIONS of LEADERSHIP ARE to do so with a truly remarkable stamp OF CHANGE they must do so with the KNOWLEDGE that EVERY PERSON THAT DOES NOT DESCEND FROM lesser quantities of melanin concentrations WILL remember just how far that the lessons of [\”Toby\”] have reached INTO the cellular structures of those who Should KNOW BETTER, but aren’t strong enough to BUILD the CHANGE that IS NEEDED TODAY.

I, SINCERELY, believe that this infinitesimal observation may be but ONE side of the situation that America AND the World have let turn into the CANCER that we ALL find ourselves in, at THIS very moment.


(I wonder if ANYONE would see that the President and Staff to the reading of this… Then make a dignified comment , PUBLICLY, as to their observations and coming PLACES in “[History]”.

This little ditty tells a good portion…DON’T let the cartoon format fool YOU.