…How the lyrical restructuring of an “old” MENTALITY has risen from the d(r)ead to provide the view of the country’s “future”.

It’s a story that happened [79 YEARS AGO], but is being brought to the “Great White Way” doing what has been outlawed since Jesse Helms was young. The men who gave us CABARET and CHICAGO have ‘scored’ a piece of history that is so completely ON TIME with its opening during the current “tenure” of the [WHITE HOUSE]. The elections are upon us and most of American voters are so enamored with the soft and sensuous “natural” [APPLICATOR] of the lanolin they ‘believe’ stops their (w)age lines that some are asking to pay in triplicate.

The story,in short, is how fear and prejudice almost cost some non-white male youth their lives due to the falsehoods concocted to cover the fact that another non-black group of youth lost their position after a confrontation while they were [HOBOING] through the south.

When you read the cast of accusers could YOU reinsert [SARAH PALIN] or [SHARRON ANGLE] “a bit” ? And, don’t forget the man who gets to take Nancy Palosi’s “seat”, will have just such a starring role as America goes through a trial of [“TRUMPINGS“] to protect the perpetrators.( As they “Rush” us through dangerous [\”GLEN(N)S\”]/ The fact that the young men had to be defended by the International Labor Defence, instead of the NAACP, ([WHAT, AGAIN ?]), only proves that History REPEATS itself more often that we will recognize.

As a former Stagehand the “SCOTTSBORO BOYS” is intriguing, in that the cast does a lot of what we get paid to do. Since I won’t be seeing it from a wing my prayer is that I, and so many others, can find the funds to witness this event , and see what my predecessors warned me OF. If you’ve read both articles this new musical should prove to be an HONEST WORK OF THEATRICAL/ MUSICAL / HISTORICAL ART.