Where Echoes Return From

In searching for things to “rant”about I find that when flitting between the offered headlines, and the better stuff at the right hand columns, there’s a chance to fall, (FACE FIRST!), into a story that tells a lot more than I’d hoped for. And, to TOP it off, that someone who’d stumbled onto an article happens to be oh-so-near the culprit OF what triggered a new “rant”.

The on-line news offerings lead me to the [KARL ROVE] offal slash interview that he gave to [DER SPIEGEL] Online, about his qualified opinion of the Obama Presidency. After the herculean effort to NOT grind my teeth to powder I entered their area called FEEDBACK. I’ll let YOU read what I entered into the little box, which I kept a copy “OF” so that if they didn’t accept / “OKAY” it by the editor, that I’d have something for ‘proof’ of my time spent “typing” fruitlessly…

Re: SPIEGEL Interview with Karl Rove: ‘Obama Has Turned Out to Be an Utter Disaster’

10/22/10 08:29:20 PM

“How VERY interesting that in ALL this time that you’ve been trying to tell the “English” speaking readers, that happen across an article such as this, that there is a “justifiable” reason to present the continuingly disastrous PROPAGANDA from the GRANDSON of the ARCHITECT of BIRKENAU: KARL HEINZ ROVERER.To attribute ANY credence to his REICH-ish deportments was a sad investment of your reporter’s time and effort. My former wife would agree… she’s a KRUPP descendant.”

Reward for time SPENT= REJECTED !!!

Dear Reader,

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The SPIEGEL ONLINE TeamSecond reply, after the first was rejected:

Letter to the editor
Re: SPIEGEL Interview with Karl Rove: ‘Obama Has Turned Out to Be an Utter Disaster’

10/23/10 10:07:29 PM

“I wrote my sincere opinion about how this modern Goebbels is blaming others to create their Scapegoat for TRUE crimes against HUMANITY and the WORLD itself. The revelation that this AMERICAN reader of the Karl Heinz Roverer grandson makes his pulp announcement of the opening of new BIRKENAUS. THAT feedback was BURNED by the editors of DER SPIEGEL, as too fresh and controversial , coming from the former spouse of one of the KRUPP family’s offspring here in the “States”. This is sad as we, HERE, know how “History is written by the winners” except when the “loser” can PAY OFF their KIN.”

“This WILL be placed into my next BLOG article on WORDPRESS.COM: ‘Omegetymon’. Thank you, for helping me share some LIGHT on how people such as Karl Rove is continuously helped by waffen journalism.”

“Second verse… SAME as the FIRST”… (Thanks Herman’s Hermits.)

Reward for the SECOND attempted “READER FEEDBACK”= I have NO IDEA , as yet, though I DO believe that IT, too, will NOT find favor with me.

The BEST part of this is that there was a comment to my previous article that came from a GERMAN site run by a ‘young’ woman. ( The site is entirely written IN German. ) I thanked her for stopping by and asked her to read the ‘Rove’ responses.

It’s “funny” that this wonderful devise allows us such access to the, hopeful, corrections that need to be rulered-across-the-knuckles of those that continue to toss Sodium onto the waters of PEACE…

The saddest part of this is that Karl Rove is, still, being supplied with Sodium… and he HAD to cross the Atlantic to give the interview. It’s his NATURE to destroy… Apples and Trees you know ? Youve been in the middle of the report for over ten years now.

Please note that at the time of my second attempt to enter my opinion that there were only seven ACCEPTED responses to the article.



It DON’T make NO Sense

Well, at least a Fox headline will let you know the BASICS of what the story is about.

[SUPER TYPHOON BEARS DOWN ON PHILIPPINES]. After WAITING for the “bypass” to register from their INANE advertising poop there was NOTHING to do with a meteorological event in the South China Sea WHATSOEVER. Again, the “News” media has found, yet, another way to bombard the public with their “Pimp”-like ‘cum’-ons of a fifteen year olds inquisitive urgency to “find out” what everybody’s all a-tingle for.

It seems that the more confusion they get the public to attempt to digest, the MORE IN-digestion they can cause.

It’s sort of like the joke about when ALL the “body’s” parts got into an argument about which was the MOST IMPORTANT. The brain made its point that most of the body’s direction and decisions were made from “top-dead-center”. Where the eyes gazed to show them all their surroundings. The mouth spoke of the pleasures the IT brought “from” the table to nourish the entire “community”. Each part made their sale of WHO was THE most IMPORTANT, when, finally, the Sphincter wafted its plea of recognition… After the uproar of choking laughter subsided the Sphincter closed itself OFF from the clique of bodily “nobilities”. SOON, the mouth got dry, the eyes couldn’t focus, hands twitched and knees trembled, The RINGING of the ears was so bad that the body parts thought that they were at an early ‘WHO’ concert. After what seemed like a lifetime the parts ALL agreed to the fact that out of all of them the Sphincter WAS the most IMPORTANT. Without IT doing the rest of the body’s ‘dirty work’ the rest could NEVER accomplish what THEY do.

So, there you have my version / opinion of why the “news” agencies are working for [REPRESENTATIVES of AFRICAN MAMMALS].

And if this “article” makes NO SENSE to YOU, then maybe YOU understood the MSNBC post to the headline.

My guess is that  the “Muslims got it right” because they’re [\’CLOSER\’],

The Slyness of a Fox Lead Line

I’ve been very surly towards the Fox “news” network, but have waited just for THIS MOMENT. To bring their unintended presentations of the OBTUSE into the “light” they shine. Within HOW I perceive their ‘journalistic‘ “prowess.

We are closing upon the “HALLOWED” season, where [MARY SHELLEY] may have thought of the mirror image of a [STUART SMALLEY], if she were with us today.

And, then there’s the situation of this time period , also being that of the “mid-term” elections in these United States of America. There are SOOOO MANY “endorsers”= political advocates, ( Read: POLI= many/ TIC[K]S= BLOOD SUCKERS who Give DISEASES.), coming out of the weeds to tell US WHAT we should think and WHEN. The WHO’S are now in THREE categories… RED, BLUE and PEKOE.

As I said, Fox “news” has provided me with the BEST HEADLINE EVER…


How marvelous ! With HOW OFTEN the [RACE CARD] HAS been used as an intended “trump”, ( That would be ALL “members” of the “CRAYOLA COALITION” recognized by the CENSUS BUREAU.), of ‘TRUTH’ the “Evelyn Won’t” readership here in “Uh-MAR-CUH” will think that …

a comedian, that played an (OBVIOUSLY) single Man on “TEE-VEE”, got elected by some Yankee state and is going into the “SOUTH” to endorse some “black guy” running for office against [ELVIRA\’S] non practicing cousin.


I REFUSE to apologize for this article.