“OUR” best AND brightest…

… The NEW low in “higher” education.

There’s not much to say about this [event] that was organized to honor the blatant overtones of what some consider as humorous.

The”Pi Kappa Alpha (Klan)/ Fraternity is dedicated to developing men of integrity, intellect, and high moral character and to fostering a truly lifelong fraternal experience.” Google it, this IS their statement. But, what social Snake-oil is being hawked as a ‘TWEET’ at U C-San Diego!?! Remember, folks, this is just how we got caught in the BUSHES. AND this can, definitely, grow to become a [SUPREME] influence to the “Melting Pot’s” ability to feed [‘DEMOCRACY‘], or poison it.

The sad part about this episode is that the student population contains only [Two Percent], NON-“WHITE”, of the 30469 enrolled for the 2009-2010 academic year. Pardon me, but how do YOU think that THE “BLACK PLOWMAN”/ GUV-AH-NOIR: “AWNAULD” SWARZENEGGER is going to handle this when he and Maria get back to [Hyannis Port]… Or even before. It’s only natural for those who “know” the system to [play] the system. Look around you, their training grounds are advertising FOR YOUR children to become “ONE’ of them… maybe stop over for a spot o’ [\”TEA\”]. You don’t “think”so ? Maybe you started at this sentence.

UPDATE: 02/26/2010  2:46 “Post” Meridian

There seems to be a NEW [\”SALVO\”] from the ‘TRI-K” SORORITY. It JUST may be “INCUMBANT” for the “GUV- AH-NOIR” to take a serious study of what the school systems of his jurisdiction are REALLY teaching their children. With this type of tolerencial retraction California just might replace Indiana and Idaho for most populace State of Hate group residency.

Some (REAL) JUSTICE Served

As this map of abodes RETURNED to the banks shows, the folks overlooking where we, MAY, live.

The average real estate [\’BROKER\’] has been fairly comfortable throughout the years, “G-D” don’t make no more Earth, Son ! But, as their Capone-ish times have lead many a family to “drink” the cup of [sorrow], the addage:

Time: Tells the TRUTH

People: Call TIME a LIAR

Time: CORRECT People

…couldn’t be MORE true.

This short, but, OHH SOO SUH-WEEET (!) article made me CHESHIRE to the breadth of the last Rolling Stones tour, outdoor stage [proscenium], The building of the ASS-O–ciation could NOT be found, in any archives of photos. There has GOT to be “sump’in'” in that all by its lonesome/(loan? sum/ some).

Just what Am I “babbling” about ? THE UNITED STATES MORTGAGE BANKERS ASSOCIATION has [completed the \’CIRCLE\’], ( as in zero profits.), of mis- guided, taken, appropriated, used, judged, your description here“, “leadership” by insisting to use the same formulae that has cost Americans their personal lyrics for “HOME OF THE”… and LOSING $THIRTY-EIGHT MILLION on the sale of their headquarters. And they, STILL, want you to FOLLOW THEIR EXPERT ADVICE !?!

Their “INFLUENCES” have been pretty much like this…

It’s not so funny after a bit . IS IT ?

Mrs. Baskett Only Gets the Consolation “Basket”

Lace-'em-UP !

Tonight was the FORTY-FOURTH presentation of THE [SUPER BOWL], in that I wish to congratulate the [Red Stick] city for ITS turnaround from the failure of… Even though a Bush is, indeed, a revered member of the [\”GNAW-LENS\” Saints], Reggie Bush DID do something to help the battered city’s self esteem. HE DIDN’T DROP THE BALL.

If there should be a sign that [patience] and perseverance will eventually reward one when “history’s” [\”sainted\” number], ( 4+4= 8 ), beckons ‘them that own the key’. Yes, World, the Saints did ….

I really could care less about the Las Vegas “line”, as to wager, to who is the better team, although a friend demanded that $1.70 was to pass from his pocket to mine, if the Saints “pulled off a MIRACLE”… I guess he doesn’t know what Saints “DO”. and, to that I arrive at the title. MUCH ADO was made over the past few days and weeks by one of Hugh Hefner’s former “girl” friends. Making an “incentive” wager, to her new husband and to the world, by lavishing her “SELF” ON him in reward for his Employer achieving the title of SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS. Kendra even drew sorority television show “owner”,[Kim Kardashian], into the ‘prey’, qu’est-ce que/ “what the heck”? Needless to say, that all the micro-sheer Lace “Goodie”packages purchased for the Colts Wranglettes to put their Mustangs away, after fifty furlongs and two-hundred gallons worth of…, will NOT go un-driven.

Oh WELL, the night belonged to those guys with the regional ‘CRESCENT’ wrench thrown so deftly into the machine,(called Manning), and his high powered stable of “studs” who threw their shoes tonight. The ironic thing is that there IS no “BASKET” catch in the game of FOOTBALL… of course I’ve never played the game “PROFESSIONALLY” .