How Can A 232 Year Old Country Know It ALL?

Living in a city like Columbus,Ohio is driving me a little entropic.There are an Elephant Shark’s butt -load of extremely high end educative institutions, Ohio State University, (oops I forgot the ‘THEEE’ pre-fixitive!!), Denison, Ohio Wesleyan, Franklin University, the Columbus College of Art& Design,( Remember the ‘Kennedy’ half-dollar with Neil Armstrong walking the Moon’s surface? It was, reportedly, designed by a freshman student via a national contest.).From the James Cancer Hospital to Battelle Memorial Institute my “home town” is but ONE community in the United States with brainwaves that seem to peak at Pluto. M.I.T. emblazons thought and inquisitiveness that most of the world doesn’t know of.

With all the MILLIONS of the men and women that run businesses, teach our children and so on, why is it that we are in THIS SITUATION. Of a newspapers’ editorial dialog being adjusted to the 4th grade level, and then, for those who” DON’T HAVE TIME TO READ COMPLETE ARTICLES”, the entire content is condensed to one or two sentences, the only names missing are Dick, Jane and Spot.

We have legislators that seek to pass laws requiring the use of “ENGLISH ONLY”, even when studies prove that ANY mind is enhanced with the masterful gymnastics of speaking more than one language. THANK the ‘Great Spirit’ in preserving our Navajo champions in their patience to preserve so that the state of Ohio be came a ‘SWING’ state in this union, instead of a greeting when one wakes up. A school-mate I knew was not permitted to speak “american” once she, and siblings, crossed the family threshold; ITALIAN ONLY, REGIONAL SYNTAX! She traveled back to Italy after college to teach ‘American’ English, meeting a FANTASTIC man who just happened to be an ARTIST. I haven’t seen her in some time, but, I know that their ‘kids’ have, at least, a 3.6 G.P.A. here. It appears that any sort of nascent intelligence shown finds aversion in most folks whose family have been here for our short time. WE are protectionists, making law to lay claim to a thing that brings power,( money or otherwise.), restricting those who may do that thing BETTER ,but, also, in a way that prevents our mediocrities to flourish. Witness, one, Mr. Tucker. His automobile had disk brakes and seat belts, to mention two of his many engineering leaps. These are standard after 80 years of inception. His marvelous safety feature of the headlamps moving in unison with steering movement cannot be used by an American automobile manufacturer to this date.( SEE LEXUS and how much the feature saves on insurance in safety, as well as costs to manufacture AND replace. Income squandered through ignorance.) These things that I’ve mentioned are only the tip of the DISAPPEARING ICEBERG. Columbus, Ohio is the city where Prescott Bush began the familial dismantling of this nation’s rights and freedoms, ( the costs of BOTH should only be paid in ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!),’H.W.’ went to DOUGLAS ELEMENTARY, AN “INNER-CITY” school that gives children of color the same education that his son has carried into the White House from Yale. What permeates in this misbegotten notion of honor and respect in our ‘inner-city’ schools and nation now clearly mirrors the actions of a 14 year old fifth grader pushing their 62 year old MENSA grandparent for telling them pay ATTENTION after tripping over the threshold of their bedroom door… AGAIN!

It’s time that we should take in, REALLY, becoming the great country that we are to BECOME. UNTIL we Americans can create a strong community of tolerance and understanding, a ‘stone-soup’ in this ‘MELTING POT’ of a nation. JUST, from “SEA to shining SEA”. Let US set the example with a ‘CALM-UNITY’ so that anyone who looks at WHAT, and WHO, we are Musical score being more widely known because of the \'Patriot\' Act.WILL want to follow in how we treat each other since we, ALL, are EQUAL. And WILL know better, just not all.

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360 ACUTE Degrees


It is an interesting event that achieves its historical anniversary during the growth of an equally important event that it had intimated to. Today is the SAD DAY that many around the United States, and elsewhere, REMEMBER, the clandestine ending of the LIFE of the, possible, “saint” to be, Dr. Martin Luther King. We here in America are preparing to choose the next person who is to LISTEN TO THEIR FELLOW CITIZENS and ‘lead’ this nation to the place where it was in- tended to be come this November. The equally sad thing of this election period is that my fellow citizens have allowed “OTHERS”to take away their right, ability and desire to gather the informations needed to make the correct decisions for their FAMILY,with FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS. Even sadder is that most of us are too proud to admit to this, making the lazy excuses of the Chrust Matthews’, Rush Limpaws… saying that, ‘ anyone without an “AMERICAN” name can’t be trusted’. Would it not be proper to have had a President ‘TWO-FEATHERS? This is only a call to those that I, now , live among. The call to STOP LETTING SOMEONE ELSE TELL US WHAT WE SHOULD DO,to be the one that lives like the men and women that we hear about on Saturdays and Sundays… THE ONES THAT DID THE RIGHT THING! The ones that would have answered a brother’s call to rid a region of the WRONG influences, without KILLING everything in its borders. In seeking those PURPLE MOUNTAINS MAJESTIES Dr.King ultimately witnessed his demise to us, while we just thought of vacationing there. The vacation is turning horribly wrong , as those who’ve spent our lives behind curtains, that we’ve provided, have stolen the mineral rights and started strip mining. The Lorraine, it is its balconey that saw who made that disspicable shot, it NOW tells us, again, that any prophesy MUST FULL-FILL ITSELF,and will in time. The number 360 is ironic, ESPECIALLY ON TODAY’S COINCIDENTAL DATE

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Leap of FAITH

Man’s first introduction to the sense of TOUCH.Man’s first introduction to the sense of TOUCH.

Just as Indiana followed his father’s centuries old clues to reach the HOLY GRAIL I am now stepping onto a bridge that I can’t see. A friend who’s, just, let me back into his presence has told me that I “could talk ALL DAY” about those things of interest to me.

Instead of taxing my lungs about things I decided to start designing, then selling, tee shirts. In doing so this has forced me to learn how to communicate with the world via the web. Now, I’m attempting to move fingers with the same dexterity as my tongue,I have arthritis.

Being an infant during the 50’s makes for an interesting view,my mother raised me through her parents, took her two sons from Prince Edward Island to Vancouver Island camping. In 1967 we were in Montreal, Quebec at the world’s fair, (Habitat is still cool!), on our way back home, to Ohio, we stopped in Detroit, MI and wound up in the riots.

Being the first group of 18 year olds to vote McGovern kept me busy that season. Oh, I was also an interim Goalie for the Columbus Seals minor league Ice Hockey team part of that summer of 1972. This said you must know first, and foremost, that at the age of 8 I met my Grandmother’s 104 year old Mother. She had been born a SLAVE.

With our current time of national elections for our next President and the unveiling of all the hording of the savories that were supposed to be included into the “MELTING POT” that America was ‘started’ to be I started a company named THNQ,LLC, from that YO’pinion Theragraphiq Arts is what I , now, am attempting to introduce to the world. An explanation of how I came to the second name is this. I’m not an ‘ANGRY’ man of “colour”, just disappointed,thus tee shirts. By getting things off my chest, by letting you put its representation on your chest it’s no longer MY opinion it’s ‘YO’pionion’! It’s definitely therapy and I present it by graphic detailing; this is an ART. See what I mean by visiting (you’ll have to type this yourself as I haven’t learned how to make it possible from here, give me just a little more time.) That’s it for my opening attempt, bear/bare with me, PLEASE, it HAS to get better.

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