… gray’s matters

( http://www.wallstreetotc.com/study-suggests-lifetime-learning-might-prevent-dementia/24764/)


It’s scary enough to remember that “OLD” person that your Grand-Parents  used to bring you to visit with them and, ALL you can recollect is the weird facial expressions they made when they’d attempt to tell a shared event. The fact that you had heard part of this story is your blessing in that you can assist the mental “plug-ins” of a word, term, place… , to be the good child of ‘politeness’ and HONOR of this friends position in the family history lessons.

But, what of your SELF? how are YOU going to preserve the stories “of”? The reading of another’s thoughts and events can continually FUEL the mind to be as “IN TUNE” as when before THIRTY… FIFTY YEARS have strolled by. Each and, EVERY post “glanced”, or devoured is the synaptic whetstone of a ‘clearer’ mind.

Ever notice the white-haired folk riding bicycles with a varied age group and how well they INSTIGATE the younger into feeding their brain?


they say that ‘THINKING’
keeps good’s thoughts
thus saving all that writing
some must do
the books ‘we’ scour
bloom mental flowers
the gardens forced
to play in during ‘youth’
to use a word
from centuries gone
remembered from
a life or “two” ago
and in sentence same
verb current with a grand-child
past their friends own grasp
as the clock tocked
without synap-tics
this is an exersize
for the gray’s matters

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… to be the wrap

It’s funny / ironic that the “first” time that I sat to “write” about a situation “presented” was the initial ‘EARTH DAY’ composition contest given at my High School in 1972. I heard about it from one of the “heads” from the “Distributive Education” class we were taking, and the excitement of the National Honor Society candidates’ “bit champing” over the assorted categories made me list the excuses to NOT put my “TWOCENTSANSUM” into the fray. Remember that I’ve mentioned that I’m DYSLEXIC, and it WASN’T “fun” for me to have to cuneiform my weirdness to papyrus.

Even though there was “NO CHANCE” for me to get close to the “MENSIC” masters around me I wrote a story of two “folk” talking about the “days OF”. Simple sophomoric conversation like listening to “OLD FOLK” during the 1950’s Television shows… written by ROD SERLING. For some bizarre reason the story ‘won’ the ESSAY division. Now it’s FOURTY-ONE years after and, sadly, my Mother HAS LOST the original copy of the ONE, and ONLY documented accomplishment of thirteen years of “formal” education. That’s alright, because someday I’ll get it CORRECTED. I’ve been practicing  on WORDPRESS.COM  around 1,219 times now, and this TITLE is the first attempt.

SO, as Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong’s  Chicano buddy’s namesake is… JUAN MOTIYM !

how long until the wither
whither that I care at all
whether when wet turns to white
is this orb spinning around hot ball

how now the vow to find success
is gist of fist at fate
and low to grow past didn’t show
be also ran to great

the simple word jot with some verve
slow sample of left behind
hop-scotched thought earned not bought
your stopping here so kind

so, on this lap the hunt to tap
find’s oh-oh from e.e.’s map
’tis so much joy to “Ginny’s” boy
this sentence to be the wrap

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“Thrive” in Ohio: the Mirror’s “SECRET”

Thrive in Ohio.com is a site that has been started to promote the “Best and Brightest” image of a State that boasts EIGHT of these United States’ Presidents and the First Man in space, as well as walk ON the MOON. ( John Glenn, and Neal Armstrong respectively.) It can also thump its many Rivered, Coal rich “chest” for possessing a name that is an early part of a day greeting in the Japanese language, therefore becoming the optimum location for that nation’s first automobile factory in the U.S.. That would be HONDA. The native son Thomas Edison was laureled with the title of being the man that “invented” ELECTRICITY, and the LIGHTULB, ( Though Ohio lost his laboratories to New Jersey.), even though Nikola Tesla proved to be earlier.
“THE” Ohio State University HAS PROVEN to be a PROLIFIC contributor to the collective field of HEALTH CARE and RESEARCH, especially in the field of eradicating CANCER, a grateful knowledge “of” due to their treating this “author’s” Mother for 40 plus years of SURVIVORSHIP.
This State IS a place to THRIVE, though it seems that it DOESN’T “allow” for its nascent, non Europeaned. The Granville T. Woods’ don’t seem to be allowed to blossom as often. And that IS a reason why the “THRIVING” isn’t as prolific as it COULD BE.

The following is the response to the http://thriveinohio.com ad placed atop the story in the 1/23/2012 Washington Post story about “R.G.III”. Its interesting that a story about America’s “GLADITORIAL” system of “sport” would have the image of its prime audience as a LURE. especially since the disparity of the employment types is that the article’s focal point is part of the .2% of the diversity here but the advertised’s visage is that of the MAJORITY/ controlling population.

As one arrives at the “thriveOhio” page the initial sighting is a window stating…

Share Your Story

Take a moment to tell the world how you’re living,
working, and thriving in Ohio.»…

The “HOW” is the only part that I could tell the world. I wouldn’t have minded getting that “TWO-OUT-OF-THREE”.



I have been attempting to bring an innovative tool* to the HEALTH Care Research Funding arena for over EIGHT years now. I AM an OHIO resident and, have been bashed by the short-sightedness(es) of NOT being “THE ALL-AMERICAN” type. The atmosphere of “success” is well and good for those that have chosen the most docile stage of water, in that they remain content to just conform to the state of whatever container they can. While, there are those that have traded that security to run some wonderful new trails that seem to have been “I.E.D.’d” by the fearful of the status quo loss. This may be due to the losses brought by institutional “compliance over-breeding” but, overlooking possible new industry assistances shortens the life-spans of the more established simply by excluding the other three types of “ELEMENTS” available to the State’s diversity.
I’m currently UNEMPLOYED, after working within the entertainment industry for over a quarter century. The State of Ohio would NOT “MIA CULPA” to its mistake to rectify a botched report of injury, and has removed all avenues of getting back to the INCOME reception needed to continue to be a PRODUCTIVE CITIZEN OF the State of OHIO. Because of this I can’t even procure a job as a JANITOR.
*(fundly.com/thnq enterprises)
11/23/12 09:57:38 AM

A Word As BOND, How Would He Play It

Playing “Middle” of Two Side Sided Gamble

Playing Pivot to a Two Spoke Gyroscope

In the Gamble For the White House:
A Dealer Throws An “ACE” Between the ‘PAIR’

These are the tines of a TRIDENT Post being publicly delivered to one Barack Hussein Obama and,
Willard Mitt Romney men that are telling us that THEY are the “BEST” choice for this nation’s basic survival, and the reinstatement of its growth… ECONOMICAL and otherwise. Both have spoken of HOW their tactics will bring a REMISSION from the CANCER(S) eating at the entire body of American SOCIETY, BUSINESS, EDUCATION and HEALTH with a zeal greater than a “Crack-Head” that just found a 55 gallon barrel of “Peruvian Pink”, HOSPITAL grade Cocaine. (There’s a REASON for the simile.)

For the past several months the jotter posting as “omegetymon” has held a literary Bullhorn to as many that are ‘SUPPOSED’ to be finding WAYS to FUND HEALTH RESEARCH as cordially as possible, with the focus zeroing on CANCERS and such. Obtaining facts by gleaning basic statistics from Government sites, watchdog groups, and through the LACK of RETURN of an Email contact…
( Prostate Cancer Foundation: Michael MILKEN= President/C.E.O.!?!)…
that ISN’T a DENIAL ,or preservation of the ‘INDUSTRY’ STANDARD 55% staffing PAYROLL.

I have an honest, inexpensive and EXTREMELY USEFUL INNOVATION that ANY, and ALL may implement FOR HEALTH RESEARCH FUNDING. The HINDERANCES to completing this SMALL BUSINESS VENTURE is that…

a.) Already established AMERICAN manufacturers REFUSE to build the item,
“Because “IT” wasnt’ one of THEIR “IN-HOUSE” generated ideas…

Therefore I have fallen into the basement of the little house of the “DOOR of the CRESENT MOON”, forced into the practice of OUTSOURCING even before the “E-INK” is dry.

The ‘CHALLENGE’ is simple. WHICH ONE of these powerful PROMISSARIES HAVE the GUTS to REACH THIS FAR “DOWN” to an UBER “minority”, ( Above 55 years old, receiving their LAST UNEMPLOYMENT check, “fairly” educated and of EUR-AFRO-INDENTURED lineage.), to PROVE their point(s) of WHAT THEY tell the WORLD works WORKS! Yes, the laws concerning where public money can be used. But, the premise here is for these “STATESMEN” to use their Business acumen to persuade those that could make this idea come to fruition.

WORDS and DEEDS ‘Gentlemen’, HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of Dollars, Krona, Fracs, YEN, Yuan, Rubles and Rupees ARE, HAVE BEEN and WILL BE SPENT on *”AIR TIME”… something that MOVES us, but is easy to get through. *(A carrier of SMOKES, to ecological, OR PERSONAL regions.)

As before, the proposal is for the assistance to create for MORE than a “PAYCHECK”, for more than having meals of “Kennel Chow” to stretch the S.S.I. dolances sooner than than later. This would PROVIDE JOBS, to a few, but PROVIDE none the less. (And, after the confusing revelation of JOBS “Created” versus the increased percentage of the J.O.B.L.E.S.S., this IS a POSITIVE action waiting “at the GATES”.)

To use a phrase that may be familiar to some… “This is HOW it works”.

To PROVE “your” point(s) of being able to “create jobs” the ONLY “item(s) requested is the miniscule sum of $25,000. This funds the final DESIGN, PROGRAMMING, and MANUFACTURING of the ‘INNOVATION’ with the original business that STILL WAITS to begin this. Of this the renumerence I’ll “get” is, (about), $.42 per unit. The distributor does what a “distributor” does for their lively-hood leaving the FUND RAISING ENTITIES to entice the ‘DONORS’ with an item that represents the CRUX of the reason altogether.

The “wonderful thing about this venture is that I’m not becoming a millionaire on selling just “air”. The item is representative of WHAT malady it is eradicating, (26, plus, ways it can be looked “at”.), and it allows for the ‘ALCHEMY’ of making Pb into AU.

Misters OBAMA and ROMNEY, I have dealt you two a single card. Which of YOU can muster the TESTOSTERONE LEVEL to STIPPLE this corporate CEILING?

Will Work for FOod

The cable television industry is so driven to replay LIFE, as they sell you to see it, that if you don’t have it you can be left up to an entire YEAR behind. I was hyper-browsing the offerings available when a show with this same utilitarian title was listed to premiere in the very near future. Carrier, channel, title you know. The principal will also go nameless… BECAUSE that is exactly HOW these LAZY, IDIOTS continually make life IMPOSSIBLE for those WITHOUT. The way to “find” “one’s golden road is NOT by a road that contains the BLOODY FOOTPRINTS of a path built by the LOST and DOWNTRODDEN. When I looked at Google Images, for a graphic to place in this article, the filling THIRTY-FOUR MILLION THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND BASIC (!!!) representations of so COMMON a plea, (Remember this term. Because we Americans have been innoculated against the ravages of those”things” that cause “some people to BE put in THAT position”. Except that as of an Eight, and much better, year of the “Liesengreed” Foundation mass “INSTITUTIONAL” GIVEAWAY by the world’s public.), that in this day of ages someone standing on a public thoroughfare WITH THIS PLAQUARD would be IGNORED by a “Young Einstein” reading it expertly. THAT is what “we’ve” come to. With corporations removing concern more and more “daily”.

#1 of 34,300,000

#1 of 34,300,000

Now cabal television, (CABAL is NOT a misspelling.), is quickly taking the smoke we so gladly accepted from their lips, (YOU know where.), and without washing their faces are lavishly laying kisses everywhere ABOVE our shoulders, giving us the stink of too much of the same… like four days of JULY … In the same GARMENTS… no foundational anti-FUNK… 98 degree/ DAY… 97.8 degree/ NIGHT… 6 gallons TOTAL… to DRINK…, (Literally) “CRAP”.
How is it that all the “geniuses” with the sheepskins can’t arrive at anything more creative than someone who has had the DIGNITY beaten out of them, (It doesn’t matter if it WAS by acceptance or not!), and just doesn’t CARE for the “extras”, SUPER-SIZING= having.
This is how things are getting “DONE” now…
How fast they rub the where/ wear/ ware, we determine.

How fast they rub the where/ wear/ ware, we determine.

With an entire nation just beginning to understand what the rest of our planet knows as an everyday occurance how can we allow the blatant dismantling of the recognitions of personal accountability and care?
Let us ALL remember what Martin Niemoeller gave us after realizing that the seeming “small stuff” is what makes up the universe.
When the Nazis came for the communists, I remained silent; I was not a communist. When they locked up the social democrats, I remained silent; I was not a social democrat. When they came for the trade unionists, I did not speak out; I was not a trade unionist. When they came for me, there was no one left to speak out… Martin Niemoeller- Dachau
When you saw that the last word of the title looked wrong, congratulations, it represents how that the best intentions, even awry, deserve the fullness “of”.
But, as you look at how the visual flow has its deminishing “flow”come to an abrupt STOP you, hopefully, can understand why we must end corporations’ insidious ways of getting people to not care about their WORLD.
Will WORK for FOOD is something everybody does. It’s the only way to get it after you’ve been USING it for so long.
WE ALL WORK for FOOD, it’s just that some “work” off another’s misfortunes instead of their combined blessings. It gives an entire new meaning to the adage of those “helping” themselves.

A “Pathetic” Christmas

Normal Folks Christmas.

2008: Normal Folks' Christmas.

“Son” woke to the expectations of the tree year old, cardboard containing ???. At the stage of four years from “freedom” he still blessed the camera with cherub-towhead features. Though the presents were ‘dollar-store’ fantastic the humility drove itself around all four of us, Father, Mother, Son and friend.

The short, but important, gift list had this year’s economic recipe…

Tee-shirt= Eat more Deer, the graphic=fish on crutches.

Mother/Son Mossey Oak hats, NOT matching.

Son= FIELD JACKET- O.D GREEN,( …”like I wore during MY stint, they haven’t produced the real thing for over 30 years.)

Dad= socks

Mom, a cookie jar= two sides the BATES HOTEL/ two sides the ADDAMS’ HOME.

The largest box was sealed with white cotton twine, Dad said that the twine was the combo gift then attempted to make/ show a Cat’s Cradle/ Jacob’s Ladder.

As we’ve been taught of what this DAY is supposed to represent the ‘PRESENT’, was that of the GIVING of HOPE, PEACE and the GOODWILL to those that are around us. So they may receive a proper PRESENT… for the other days of their lives.

Oh Death

DEATH serves, BOTH, Heaven AND Hell by “just doing ‘his’ job”.

Death is even more unprejudiced than G-D OR ‘Satan’, ‘he’ makes no choice to Race, Riches, OR Rank. Schooled to NOT count the “THREE R’s”.

Oh Death, by Dr. Ralph Sanley.

If I were to make the “history” of my “life”; the PURITY of efficiency, the CONSISTENCY of completion and , most of all, the FREEDOM of getting my ‘EARNINGS’ unweighted by the EGOS of my EMPLOYERS. This I would MIRROR TWICE.

Oh Death, nobody praises YOUR work’s ETHICS… Except ME.

When Death has come and fulfilled ‘his’ contract of ME I want to be “buried” ‘DEAD-CENTER’ of the MARIANAS TRENCH, a G.P.S. tracker telling Heaven and Earth that I have finally reached the lowest point in my “life”. And if there may be a “WAKE” I want the son-in-law of my first ‘stage’ employer, Don Arden, to have his song “NO MORE TEARS” as the only statement to be made of Death’s accomplishment.

Oh Death, I thank YOU for doing your ‘JOB’ so well.

Working For History


In having a ‘career’ in the “technical” aspects of “THE ARTS” sometimes I’ve been fortunate enough to make a “nice” paycheck AND work for an ARTIST who has such an influence of uniquenesses that I just overlook the trying days. After twenty some odd years I have now gotten to experience Mister TOM WAITS. The only person I’ve ever heard excuse obsessive behaviors by blaming his ever present PIANO…” The Piano has been drinkin’, the Piano has been drinkin’, but not ME!”… via his bourbon basso sifted through granite and pumice.

TOM WAITS, The bohemian bard of back alley balladry. The LAST BEATNIK of our times, a skewed Shakespeare slathering our ears and minds with the simple katanas of pure insight. YES, I DO like his STYLE! The “call” was to begin at eight a.m. when we began to unload the three tractor-trailers of GLITTER & DOOM at the OHIO THEATRE, (39 E. State St. /Columbus,Ohio), a perfect showcase for this night with its angels & Pan gold-leafed all over, waiting to hear the truths to be heard. Besides the requisit lights and sound the stage set up gave the affectianado the intimacy this night deserved. As for the simple, sharp lighting the upstage lightboxes needed a bit of “tweaking”, they were boxes that had opaque acrylic facings that were covered with black velvet-like material. The light escaped through random cutouts that some of the repair crew were comparing to Rorschachs. The MOST unique piece of the WAITS presentation was the raised circular stage that Tom had. A ‘kick-drum’ that was actuated via a pulley system that TOM really kicks like a skinny Lou Groza. Behind everyone is a tower of old assorted speaker horns that give us old folks the nostalgia of those raggedy systems in the types of clubs that supported the neighborhood’s cooler musicians.

The musical “footers” that provided Tom’s base of the night were: Vince Henry-Woodwinds& Harmonica, Casey Waits-‘DRUMS'(world-wide), Omar Torrez-Guitar/Banjo, Patrick Warren-Keyboards and Seth Ford- Young on Bass. Tom played the Guitar and Bullhorn. The HOUSE that WAITS built was Frank Lloyd Wright meets Jack Kerouac [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rF3YQ5WajJk&feature=related]. Here’s the evenings song list:


This was an AMAZING night, and was worth it. Hey, it’s TOM WAITS! TWO encores.

The fantastic photo is by Houston,Texas lensman JAY LEE.

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