It DON’T make NO Sense

Well, at least a Fox headline will let you know the BASICS of what the story is about.

[SUPER TYPHOON BEARS DOWN ON PHILIPPINES]. After WAITING for the “bypass” to register from their INANE advertising poop there was NOTHING to do with a meteorological event in the South China Sea WHATSOEVER. Again, the “News” media has found, yet, another way to bombard the public with their “Pimp”-like ‘cum’-ons of a fifteen year olds inquisitive urgency to “find out” what everybody’s all a-tingle for.

It seems that the more confusion they get the public to attempt to digest, the MORE IN-digestion they can cause.

It’s sort of like the joke about when ALL the “body’s” parts got into an argument about which was the MOST IMPORTANT. The brain made its point that most of the body’s direction and decisions were made from “top-dead-center”. Where the eyes gazed to show them all their surroundings. The mouth spoke of the pleasures the IT brought “from” the table to nourish the entire “community”. Each part made their sale of WHO was THE most IMPORTANT, when, finally, the Sphincter wafted its plea of recognition… After the uproar of choking laughter subsided the Sphincter closed itself OFF from the clique of bodily “nobilities”. SOON, the mouth got dry, the eyes couldn’t focus, hands twitched and knees trembled, The RINGING of the ears was so bad that the body parts thought that they were at an early ‘WHO’ concert. After what seemed like a lifetime the parts ALL agreed to the fact that out of all of them the Sphincter WAS the most IMPORTANT. Without IT doing the rest of the body’s ‘dirty work’ the rest could NEVER accomplish what THEY do.

So, there you have my version / opinion of why the “news” agencies are working for [REPRESENTATIVES of AFRICAN MAMMALS].

And if this “article” makes NO SENSE to YOU, then maybe YOU understood the MSNBC post to the headline.

My guess is that  the “Muslims got it right” because they’re [\’CLOSER\’],


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  1. It DON?T make NO Sense…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  2. Every time I see blogs as good as this because I should stop bludging and start working on mine.Thanks

  3. You should read my feedback to the Karl Rove article about Obama in Der Speigel. But, most of all, THANK YOU.

  4. Hello, for some reason when i place your feed into google reader, it won?t perform. Are you able to give me the Rss link just to be sure I?m making use of the most suitable one?

  5. Please notify Google about the problem, after a query to WordPress.


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