THE “game”

[The \”Great\” Game] has been afoot for a long time. As we view the horrendous images of soldiers AND children losing their lives on the streets of [Kabul],Afghanistan we Americans have NO inkling, ( due to political manipulatings of “EDUCATION”.), of just how long and intense the GREED of this world has continuously reformulated their need to have, even when they DON’T OWN the sought items.

Since, (approximately.), the 1850’s the term MIDDLE EAST has been used to describe an area that has such great influence over the peoples of the world that the three most practiced religions , Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, bloomed from that region’s thoughts. The area has also given the world some of its most enduring modes of accomplishing progress, (Algebra was known to the Babylonians over 4000 years ago. “Enhanced” by Charles Boole [Computer\’s algorithm= Artificial Intellience]. Used to get Neil Armstrong on the Moon.), throughout history.

As we have arrived at this moment in history, and “progression”, the influences of the game’s players have, again begun a new [renting/ rending] of the ancient rights and privileges of this influential region of peoples. As we Americans view our digitally dis -informed idiot cubes we should,( FINALLY), begin to learn about this WORLD, and our FELLOW HUMAN BEINGS. And let those who’d deliver FALSE INFORMATION be driven from their position of delivery. It actually takes LESS than a MILE to understand a LESSON, when the lesson learned has so many shards STILL IN THE SHOE.

The “GAME” has been set before us in many forms, but the most important form is the one that we’ve blindly, willingly been ‘PLAYED’ throughout our, our ancsestors’, and progeny’s LIVES. The game… we should have been told the correct set of rules, and have that set be for ALL “PLAYING”.

Have you EVER felt that those we’ve “ELECTED” are constantly SHAVING POINTS !?!