Baseball And PURITY

If the sancted “history” of the WHO IS to become the “next” honoree to be inducted into the American BASEBALL HALL of ‘FAME’ is to hold to “the PURITY” of Abner Doubleday’s fraternal twin of CRICKET then there MUST be a provision of HOW the rules allowed those that played a significant part in keeping the game as “pristine” as an Easter Lily until J. Roosevelt Robinson ,


had an OHIO born Wesley B. Rickey,


OVERRIDE the prevailing mentalities of MANY that WERE,


like ´╗┐Tyrus Raymond “Ty” Cobb* influential as to “WHO” was “Gentleman ENOUGH” to compete in AMERICA’S PAST-TIME. Imagine how MANY MORE / MOOR inductees would BE ENSHRINED if NOT for the WEIGHT of MEASURES inflicted on the BETTERS*


that HAD been DENIED for the PREVAILING reasons of the time. Then, AS NOW, the “COMPETITIVE EDGE” was overlooked until it COULD NO LONGER be the “BULL-OF-the-CHINA SHOP”.

On Wednesday, JANUARY NINTH, the year TWO-THOUSAND THIRTEEN the TWO of BASEBALL’S RECORD HOLDING / LEADING eligibles WERE DENIED ENTRY due to “their participation” of “a PRACTICE” that BECAME banned. Isn’t it IRONIC that ROGER CLEMENS and BARRY BONDS are to SUFFER,


for what WAS occurring DAILY, THEN being ruled against while TY COBB WAS flying in the face of the EMANCIPATION PROCLAMATION itself… KNOWINGLY!

The INTELLIGENCE of decision making, according to the CLEARER VISIONS of the COMPLETEST of INFORMATIONS will serve ALL concerned. The “WAYS” that were WILL NOT be “the WAYS” of the future. AS HUMANS AN achievement IS an ACHIEVEMENT. MUSCLES are trained better. NUTRITIONS are different. Bats hit baseballs that are made by machines that create a more consistent IMPACT area and ENERGY transfer.

Things change. LOOK at WHO IS the PRESIDENT of THIS NATION!
The mirror of the previous statement IS to look at the nefarious Presidency of Richard M. Nixon… YET(!), We ARE still trading with CHINA. BECAUSE of WHAT HE DID!


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