The Columbus Symphony Orchestra:


In THE” no child left behind” mandate of the United States Department of ‘EDUCATION’ the leadership of this nation’s ‘educators are failing to have our children remaining educated enough to COMPETE in the world markets . Keeping up is, again, proving to truly be ‘ON A SLIDING SCALE’. Over the last years the struggle of school boards to keep up with the increase in attendance often means that ART and MUSIC is as shelved as a complete, unabridged, copy of James Joyce’s ULYSSES.

Art… is the one thing that EVERY CHILD possesses from the start, some are stronger than others , but ALL appreciate shape and color. Look at a house or automobile. And, if a child hasn’t lost their sense of hearing MUSIC is the TOOL to UNDERSTANDING. It binds them to the rhythms of nature , life in general. And as a child learns the many types of sounds some of these become the calendars of their lives, helping them remember a moment in HISTORY… I sat and watched the Presidential Inauguration of John F. Kennedy with my grandparents. There was a very tall black man who sang for the President, his Wife “Jackie”, son “John John” and daughter Caroline plus the rest of the WORLD. His name was McHenry Boatwright, years later I got to sit in a couple of his classes here in Columbus… These are what the ARTS can, and should do, to and FOR SOCIETY, to bring the wholenesses that we all seek in everything in this moment we label LIFE. The TYPES/ genres of the myriad of time signatures may tell us how to THINK without our knowing it. It definitely leads us in the ways LOVE is expressed, from mothers, from a friend. From anything that makes the HEART pump stronger, to promoting the sleep from a soft Soprano lullaby.

The PEOPLE that have spent their lives weaving the calculated ‘noises’ that have been drawn and stretched to our likings by so many different shapes and materials have chosen to perfect the ways that sound, noise, MUSIC and SONG travel to where we are… Then give us what we’ve asked for AT THAT MOMENT. With all the TIMES and MONIES invested into what started on the days that they were born is it fair to have these MEN and WOMEN CONTINUE to do the blessing that is the background harmonies and melodies of this CONCERT CALLED LIFE? Or will we let them wither. To make them score a dirge for this society?

Tonight may well be the LAST great NOTES written to ride the stirrups in our heads. Mark this date: MAY THIRTY-FIRST, the TWO THOUSAND and EIGHTH YEAR of the ROMAN calendar, started after the demise of another BRIGHT LIGHT.

Did you read the ENTIRE contents of the POSTER? Wouldn’t it make a nice Tee Shirt to help rebuild the coffers of this WONDERFUL ENTITY? (Get ONE,or so!)

This is a presentation of ONE of the “GHOSTS” behind the SHELL. And the soul responsibility of this “author”. As are its content.

D’Ellis/Mohandas Lighque (5/31/08: A.M.)

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As If…You REALLY Cared!

It seems a bit strange to me that the Democratic party would descend into the tactics of electorate manipulations that have left this country in its present state. I mean this in the assumptive. (Example of thought:) Since the presidential elections of 2000 there continues a rumor that the C.E.O. and owner of the company that manufactures the nation’s voting machines stood at a banquet and told ALL present that he “would PERSONALLY deliver that years PRESIDENCY to the REPUBLICAN PARTY”, the location of boast being the home town of “AU’Uris”. ( All one must do to gawk at any one of 21,300 entries of this is to type the phrase: Diebold, Blackwell connection.),It does appear that it was no idle boast. The ante’ was increased during the next electoral exercise when the same Ohio natives,( of the “Pachyderm Persuasion”), decided to, again, deliver another four year pass to the dense vegetation of stunted trees, only this time the ULTIMATE HOUSE NEGRO did so via the repositioning of boundary lines of voting precincts. Kenneth “Blackwell” then “REWARDED” his staff with bonuses out of Taxpayer’s COFFERS. Within the current commitment of the socio-fascist policy enforcement that we now are gleefully burdened to we now have yet another rendition of ” I want it ALL, I want it NOW”, from the highly “unlikely” Clinton, (here comes a great descriptive.), CAMP. ( Please read the Googled #3 entry:CAMP.)

When the Hillary Machine first began its Casey Jones-like beginning the several entered opponents agreed to the states of Michigan and Florida being punished for the impertinence of disrupting the electoral flow of events.The “might-ee” Senator did not believe that a FRESHMAN might be able to exert a VARSITY effort to the ‘SPRING WORKOUTS’ so has, therefore, had her attempts to be at,( and under.), ‘center’ to look quite limited for the coming season. She has made the points that she is stronger with the type of voter who has not enjoyed a Pernod with a foreign baked good, BUT does know that a COUNTRY ‘boy’ can survive if you don’t take away his pick-up truck. “Life is supposed to be simple, CORPORATE suited, big word spewing “GNYGRUHS” need eleven more knots with their collars. They can bring US a GLASS FOOTBALL to put by the FRONT DOORS, but they can’t live in the building NAMED for US!” “NAW SUH”. In a recent letter to the Democratic Party she reiterates these very points.

The “problem” with ALL of this is that NO MATTER what WE think that we’ve decided at the POLLS those who CONTROL the electronic, checked, written or whatever else medium to express who “WE” want to “guide” this nation ALREADY KNOW and are ALREADY passing out the CUBAN CIGARS in celebration of this most recent achievement. The ONLY question to be answered now is … DO YOU REALLY CARE!?! Since we’ve let them wag the dog for so long we have come to BELIEVE that what’s happening now is the way things are and there is nothing that can be done about it. WELL THERE IS. I have a very sincere quandary for the LOT of us, ( remember LOT was told of things to come but even after his allowed attempts to make CHANGE two cities were expunged from existence.)…What MUST one pay for their RIGHTS and FREEDOMS?


AND have YOU noticed what it’s costing the rest of the WORLD?

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Gathering Rocks for MY CAIRN

THE colorsI’ve been gathering rocks for my cairn

from the 70’s, or so, here and there.

“Friend” Legma, he gave me a choice

to be a stand-up guy, a father with a voice.

Now, all through this time, my friend fed me great lines

overdoing the rocks, the women, the whines.

As I squandered each check, the rocks said, give it heck.

It’s no wonder my life’s been so blue,

we’ll take the simulated pains, yeah, that’s how we do.

So, my kids say that they don’t have a dad,

I sit here writing ’bout that what a life I know I SHOULD HAVE HAD…

I’ve QUIT those wandering the days, (ready fires for the pyre.),

no more of its gruesome displays. Ol’ Legma HATES not getting his way.

No more gathering rocks for my CAIRN,

I held up a finger and he’ll return there.

I’VE QUIT gathering ROCKS for MY CAIRN.

This is a thought from the child that DOCTORS corrected in their physical,( Asthmatic- in the 50’s and 60’s doctors prescribed combinations of ingredients that included MARIJUANA.), And mental,(For some, RITALIN, what repercussions await from this?), imbalances. Needless to say, my Mother still suggests that I find out if I’m BI-POLAR, since that MAY explain my constant self ‘abuse’. I won’t place blame on anyone, but, my self, since I’m the one that knew what was really going on.

A blog is, supposedly, a teller’s insights into what their make-ups are. This is a piece of mine.

This is an open thank you to RAVENSCAWL, and his FAMILY, who extended more understanding thanI could call for.

Also to the ‘real’ women in this,so called , life I’ve been in. They know who they are and what they’ve attempted to do FOR ME and, yet, I cannot divulge their names to you. Or, publicly tell them.

D’Ellis R. McCammon/Omegetymon/Mohandas Lighque 5/14/2008

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Bluetooth Saves Bellvue

how long can I keep this up?

On any day, on any street, in any city. When I was a young’n, being in the big cities with my friends or a family member, I would “sit” and watch all the different types of people walking up and down the sidewalks. The people we found the most interesting were those wonderful folks that were holding a conversation with absolutely “NO ONE”. This occurs every time we ventured to the areas “METRO”. Dressed from exotic “rags” to the carefully, and nattily, assembled garb of the era. From the early 1960’s well into the 1970’s men and women of every size, shape and color would saunter their concrete PATHS OF SOLITUDE, speaking softly with an intimate friend or confidant. So involved in the conversation that pats on the back, handshakes, even nuzzlings were bestowed. Height, breadth, contours of the ‘partner’ were ALL apparent as we enjoyed the lesson/show provided that day. As we grew older we’d, sometimes, ask the adult we were with, (most times we attempted to achieve some sort of acreage away from any known grownup, because they told us what was “wrong” with the behavior.), what they thought was the ‘OTHER SIDE’ of the conversation, just to engage them in our, not so secret, mirths.

In our own little town a little woman that lived right across from the baseball fields that sat mid town would, sometimes, come outside and try to talk with anyone of us. Now that I’m, almost, the same age that she was when I first met her I can fully formulate a mental image to you of what she presented to me visually. First of all, we came to call her “OLD LADY KURT’, and she was if she didn’t want something from you. About 5’2.5” tall we didn’t think about how much she weighed because the assortments of shape covering cloths she used to enclose her outer self did a great job. Blouses with prints that would make you really understand why GAHAN WILSON drew the cartoons he did fitted like new mini para-sails over her shoulders. ‘Little House on the Prairie’ length dresses that hinted of her diabetes, around ankles puffy rolls of flesh oozed over the tops of VERY NICE SHOES. (!?!) Ms. Kurt had a voice that was the sweet melange of MOMS MABLY, HARVEY FIERSTEIN and ANDY DEVINE with a tincture of GILBERT GODFREID in the spring from allergies. This was a person whose race was definitely a stone soup of love. LUCILLE BALL RED HAIR that had the ‘Rosey the Riveter’, 1940’s ‘BOB’. ( It’s funny, the hair magically turned that from a slight silver base.) Hands: nice, strong, tipped with fingernails painted under their overhangs of “CHESTER-STRIKE” UMBER that had leaked down the sides to the second digit. AND she loved those “CHOCOLATE” MacIntosh Apples every Fall! The best way to describe the wonder-FULL face of this woman, (especially when fully engaged in conversations that included a constant fight with her alter-ego.), is this…” IMAGINE, IF YOU WILL” a FINE caramel confectioned skin. With the same number of “wisdom”lines equal to the total of Streams in the AMAZON basin. Hidden, HAZEL-ish copper- brown eyes, all mated topographically to look like the Wicked Witch of the West’s FLYING MONKEYS from the movie THE WIZ,( only much smaller with a delicateness of displaying a striking four hair moustache, one at each corner and one placed perfectly below the nose,mid nostril) … BUT ONLY when there was the INTENSE animation of speech.

THIS is the person; every color, sex, economic position , and sadly, age, that my friends and I would wait ALL… DAY… FOR…

Here we are 2008 is the year, and for almost 20 of the past ones the cellular telephone has brought the excitement back into my, AND, YOUR life. It’s now FASHIONABLE to walk ANYWHERE on this getting less green EARTH for people that my friends and I found ‘SPOCKISHLY’ FASINATING may, now, purchase a small device that enables anyone to PUBLICLY act like JOHNATHAN WINTERS, ALL DAY. ALL YEAR. ALTOGETHER!

The very type of person we were told to BE CAREFUL OF, lovers of THORAZINE to the point of letting questionable ‘Hippocratic’ HYPESTERS… The very ones that the LATE President Ronald Reagan underfunded their health care enough to get sent away from managed care… Are NOW buying a sadistic subterfuge called BLUETOOTH. Simple stealth so that just by wearing this little piece of shaped plastic shows how we can all hide the insanities that embarrassed way back when.Early cellular telephones had to be carried around as a briefcase or over-the shoulder bag. Soon after the plastic brick made the dialogs and rants much easier for the “common” BILLY WILDER or BABY SCHNOOKS to lavish their mental vignettes at any cross-section of concrete footlights. It has to be tough on the ultimate IMPROVISATIONAL PERFORMANCE ARTIST, HAVING TO INCLUDE THE SAME DROLL PROP. And now , a word for the sponsor; with cell phones smaller than the fist of a two year old it’s easier to hide the device, the REALISM has returned. The only problem now is does anyone still speculate on if there’s anyone REALLY LISTENING … ON THE OTHER SIDE OF TOWN?

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