… just by HIS SONGS

(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LsGtP9SeZ-c) since youtube is being bitchy…

[PETE SEEGERWAS  “there” when most of this nation was a wishing for “better”. The witness to too many pieces of the the ugly puzzle that IS the political “foundation” of what we ARE juggling today.

I have no vast wisdom of this Man that played a banjo but, didn’t yodel. HIS music has been the TONE of too many areas of the ‘life’ I’ve traveled through.

[Mr.SEEGER] didn’t say ANY MORE than was necessary… though HE SANG a LIBRARY of the WORLD’S EVENTS and PEOPLE.

who WILL tell TRUTH’S witness
who today can ‘TELL’
who is cast for glories
who may claim the bell

how in simple rhythm
how by wisdom’s tune
how may liars tremble
how to chart HIGH NOONS

earthly salt his seasoning
calling halt of wrongs
clearing faults through reasonings
all just by HIS SONGS

pete seeger

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… “wisdom” writes the tunes to blues

It’s “funny”, the first blog. then to follow a post about your first “serious” story. Now, to imbue someone with a “coming of age” jot in a way that I’ve heard from some old musicians…

when I was young the ‘crack’ of dawn would run
as I couldn’t keep my essense “tombed”
fresh estrogen proved not to be my “friend”
at that stage… you do not need presume

but, on my behalf I must admit quite daft
for the Eves were my bones’ sought fetch
with azured spheres the problem was so clear
like a Fremen to be walled in Sietch

but, the day arrived with luck she did survive
though the aging process, fee of success
as we kissed good-bye a gray I did spy
as we limped together hiding zeal’s duress

now I’ve grown to old these mornings aren’t as bold
what watched me shave now watches shine of shoes
it’s a price well worth to hide such with some girth
for this “wisdom” writes the tunes to blues

Guitarists Les Paul and Slash at Iridium Club Opening

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e.e. scruggs Five String GIANT

EARL EUGENE SCRUGGS lived a year for each key, and ALL seven octaves, of the Piano. And, played it all on just FIVE strings of a Banjo.

Most non-COUNTRY folk hadn’t heard of Mr. Scruggs until they saw the “Beverly Hillbillies”, or watched “Deliverance”, focusing on the “dumb genius” of the ‘Banjo Boy’ pickin’ on the porch. But, the real “banjo-boy” had developed the style that carried this truest of GENIUS’ to heights that could’ve seen them playing “SALTY DOG” thoughout ‘SHANGRI-LA’…

Some true Yodeling crossed with THROAT-SINGING!

If you sometimes sit and seriously listen to the craftsmanship of HOW the organizations of “noise” is put together as well as anything Michaelangelo hammered out of Marble then you feel the staccato flow of Earl’s three fingers dancing atop a string.

For someone that was supposed to have grown up in a gene pool of R&B I listened to COUNTRY for the first six years, and seem to remember a gent with the last name of an Eskimo breed of dog… HUSKY, “FERLIN” I believe.

The only thing that I can say now is that HEAVEN has just opened its gates to a whole new set of Angel’s “HARP” playin’ with LESTER* and EARL back on the same STAGE.
* ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lester_Flatt )

He’s telling the TRUTH.

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“America” Votes STUPID

There’s not much to say about the decision making skills of the general population of this country. Another example of folks’ not seeing the future is the removal of Rachel Crow from the X-Factor competition on Thursday December 8,2011. If there is any one phrase that describes this young WOMAN is “And a little child shall lead them”. From her “boot camp”…

To the same fire that was expressed by a thirteen year old Etta James…

.. all Rachel wanted out of this was a BATHROOM “for the GIRLS”.
It’s sad that someone had to go home. But, the history of “music” suffered a bit tonight.
It’s interesting that “we’ve” gotten to a point where “we” have been goaded to demanding an ANYTHING for the NOW… instead of enjoying the approach of a good future.

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ART: Is Life

It’s gone DOWN, to the proverbial wire and those that “we” sent to the shoreline of the Potomac to represent our thoughts and desires have lost their collective minds. The “Hurl Grey” group/ grope has seen fit to, tenaciously, hold TO their ‘beliefs’ not caring that when TEA remains submerged in water it eventually CANNOT KEEP its “USE BY” label at a USEABLE level. Especially when said water is ABOIL. And, WILL SINK everything that is attached that doesn’t have the adequate displacement abilities.
But, those that sought, then encouraged, the bailing of frustrations into the already “past-due-dated” regime of the “PACHYDERM PRIDE”, (GOP), has bundled America into an ensuing DISASTER. And, of course, I WILL NOT forget the “BURRO BRIGADE” for THEIR nefarious penchant for “exposing” themselves, (And US!), to that which should wait.
In all this the [\"FORKED\" ESTATE] has been twisting our “knowledge” for the [Brawnier] “PAC-ERS” of this nation.
Years ago there was a Television character that exemplifies what “OUR” elected have become…

Although THE [TALKING HEADS] did give us a very succinct analogy of what’s been, ( Going to ?), happening to the world as we’ve known it.
I give you their view as you read the words of
 Watch out you might get what you’re after.
Cool babes strange but not a stranger.
I’m an ordinary guy.
Burning down the house.

Hold tight wait till the party’s over.
Hold tight we’re in for nasty weather.
There has got to be a way.
Burning down the house.

Here’s your ticket pack your bag:time for jumpin’ overboard.
The transportation is here.
Close enough but not too far, maybe you know where you are.
Fightin’ fire with fire

All wet hey you might need a raincoat.
Shakedown dreams walking in broad daylight.
Three hun-dred six-ty five de-grees.
Burning down the house.

It was once upon a place sometimes i listen to myself.
Gonna come in first place.
People on their way to work baby what did you expect.
Gonna burst into flame.

My house is out of the ordinary.
That’s might don’t want to hurt nobody.
Some things sure can sweep me off my feet.
Burning down the house.

No visible means of support and you have not seen nothin’ yet.
Everything’s stuck together.
I don’t know what you expect staring into the TV set.
Fighting fire with fire.

It’s T(ea)-MINUS, and still counting. Something that the budget committees should have practiced more diligently. At least that’s what I’ve been taught.

We Who Partake Too Much

I want to be more
than what’s been
allowed me.
I wanted so much
but confused myself.
The jewels were real
but I kept misplacing them,
even though they were where
I’d left them.

It wasn’t so much that
life didn’t offer its
better things.
It was that I didn’t believe it.

When the “talent” was “recognized”.
When the “gifts” gained sprout.
When the fear first raised its head.
When I found the “block-it-outs”

As the timbre found expression,
As the soul grew so profound.
As the demons started gathering,
As the heels clipped by HELL’S HOUNDS.

I am tired of trekking this “glass house”
there’s no reason for false goals.
For the solids, liquids or gases
are what keeps us from growing old.

This is for Her that couldn’t get to gain that vintage… Rest In PEACE [Amy Jade].

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…How the lyrical restructuring of an “old” MENTALITY has risen from the d(r)ead to provide the view of the country’s “future”.

It’s a story that happened [79 YEARS AGO], but is being brought to the “Great White Way” doing what has been outlawed since Jesse Helms was young. The men who gave us CABARET and CHICAGO have ‘scored’ a piece of history that is so completely ON TIME with its opening during the current “tenure” of the [WHITE HOUSE]. The elections are upon us and most of American voters are so enamored with the soft and sensuous “natural” [APPLICATOR] of the lanolin they ‘believe’ stops their (w)age lines that some are asking to pay in triplicate.

The story,in short, is how fear and prejudice almost cost some non-white male youth their lives due to the falsehoods concocted to cover the fact that another non-black group of youth lost their position after a confrontation while they were [HOBOING] through the south.

When you read the cast of accusers could YOU reinsert [SARAH PALIN] or [SHARRON ANGLE] “a bit” ? And, don’t forget the man who gets to take Nancy Palosi’s “seat”, will have just such a starring role as America goes through a trial of [“TRUMPINGS“] to protect the perpetrators.( As they “Rush” us through dangerous [\”GLEN(N)S\”]/ The fact that the young men had to be defended by the International Labor Defence, instead of the NAACP, ([WHAT, AGAIN ?]), only proves that History REPEATS itself more often that we will recognize.

As a former Stagehand the “SCOTTSBORO BOYS” is intriguing, in that the cast does a lot of what we get paid to do. Since I won’t be seeing it from a wing my prayer is that I, and so many others, can find the funds to witness this event , and see what my predecessors warned me OF. If you’ve read both articles this new musical should prove to be an HONEST WORK OF THEATRICAL/ MUSICAL / HISTORICAL ART.

The UN- United State(s) of America

At a time when the ‘NATION’ called America has needed to BECOME THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA the Second Coming of “The Birth of a Nation” has advertised AND found a sea-to-shining-sea [\’caste\’] of MORE than willing pseudo-thespians. As we now totter at the edge of a sandy ledge overlooking a “beach” that is actually a [punji ] resort the,once, mighty are falling.

Those who’ve suffered the assaults in southern heat and humidity during their youth of the 1960’s are needlessly [reminded] by those who were bred to the [hate and stupidity] of the new “secession”. Born to a group that gave away their rights and freedoms to fear-mongers that just happened to look like them.

There’s a story of a town that watched a man “steal” a HANDFUL of grain from his, shared, barn. Long story short, the man wasn’t stealing grain… he WAS stealing WHEELBARROWS, everyone was paying attention to the LITTLE “larcenies” when the drayage market of the town was being ransacked.

The “Tea-Party” movement has acquired the same olfactoral make-up as any container of wastes… it’s just offal. But it COULD be made useful when provided to those that use it respectfully.When the “uneducated” couldn’t find jobs, or housing it “was THEIR fault”. Now that POVERTY has thrown its arms around the shoulders of the [“pivoting point] in American society… The “middle” class. ( America has become a “CLASSLESS” society since there is NO distinction left.)

With the numerous “fires” being set throughout this nation those that haven’t clear enough sight or knowledge of the types of SMOKE on their “false” horizons are about to CRY their versions of ‘WOLF’, even when they know that they’re actually DROWNING.

CAN you disagree with the video statement ? This is JUST what has been planned, and most of you LAUGHED at those that told YOU.