Why DID they File For THAT Money ?

There’s a [RESOLUTION] by our legislators asking for TRANSPARENCY in the President’s Czarist’s staff’s handling of how a company as [LARGE] as [General Motors] could use [TAX-payer MONEY] here in the United States, ([\”SLAKES\”]), of America, in order to replace the stones lost in their wall of greed. The manner of DISTRIBUTION has made anyone NOT wearing the corporate uniform of a “Suit and a NOOSE”, ( It’s only twelve knots short !), the perfect “mark” for the [THIMBLERIG].

If the citizenry can cease their “bobbing and weaving” to the staccato of the government mandated digital “mini-gun” I believe that those we ‘select’ to work for OUR FUND-amental needs… wants, WE take care of… WILL stop trying on the “King’s” discarded “NEW CLOTHES”.

As it was said in SCHOOL-HOUSE ROCK, it’s all about… “WE THE PEOPLE”…( If you’re not familiar, when this ends there is so much more, check it out.)

The BEST thing to do at this moment is to send the message of… “WE THE PEOPLE” are NOT going to accept ANYTHING LESS than WHAT IS RIGHT and CORRECT for the PEOPLE. (IN TOTAL !!!), for OUR CREATING a BETTER STANDARD OF LIVING.

All I can ask of the bravest of these folk in Washington is for them to DIG DEEP and DIG SMART.

IF General Motors IS a TRUE corporation of Ameri-CANS WHY aren’t they using the INTERNATIONAL FUNDS they’ve BEEN POCKETING for their “NEIGHBOR’S KEEPING” !?!