Remember the [RADIO]/ TV show “GUNSMOKE”? Just how MANY times did MATTHEW DILLON HAVE to set someone ‘right’ by the quickness of his “SHOOTIN’ IRON” ? In those days one could SEE their imminent danger by the notches on another’s gun, or belt. At best, today, the [SECOND AMENDMENT] allows those WITH permission, from the ‘Government’, to “hide”that Right. Even though we have seen the OPEN transporting of several types of “SHOOTIN’ IRONS” in the past weeks.

It is, [HISTORICALLY], ironic that those that ‘stole’ another’s homeland would be so vehement to remove them for a second, (Or FIFTH.), time when it is only to make sure that they can ensure that their “inbred”may be assured of some sort of “living”. What WOULD the [\”SOONER\”] have done if THEY had to stop and show the [\’PROPER\’] documentation during THEIR mad rush to claim another’s…?

SB1070 is the POLITICAL [\”IMODIUM\”] prescribed to the citizenry, ( ANYBODY’S !?!), in the [\”STATE\”] of Arizona. With the appetite of excesses this nation has for ‘EVERYTHING’ can YOU think of [ WHY](!?!) someone would add such an [\”INTENSE\”] and [FAMILIAR] “duty” to those that MUST…

… “DEAL”

with the decisions conjured by the ‘Inmates’ of the Political [\’ASYLUM\’] that WERE the LAST to vote for the a [\”KING\’S\”] National recognition ?

And to where WILL this insidious “new” “CANCER” take up its next residency ? WILL it go as unnoticed as, and DEADLY as HIV/AIDS, (?), twenty, plus, years of denial until it reaches into the very house that bore it !?! CAN YOU see this as it really is, since the predictions are that AMERICA will, quite, [SOON] be stopping the MAJORITY of its CITIZENS ? [As BEFORE] ?