Pot Calls Kettle BLACK !

From Prescott's attempted coup...

From Prescott's attempted coup...

Now that Seven and three-quarter years of ‘ we-all-know-what’, that the George Walker Bush ‘Presidency’ has basically accomplished its intended goals. We are now witnessing his “scouring the globe” to elicit some sort of “benevolence”. Besides all of his rantings about the leaderships of the countries that make up most of the energy produced around the world Mr. Bush has, now, set his scope on the target of deriding Zimbabwe President, Robert Mugabe, for HIS way of tearing his nation apart. On February 14th of this year Bush called Mugabe a “discredited dictator”, ( Has there ever been a ‘CREDIBLE’ dictator ?), in a Reuters post. And then you have a Huffington post by former advisor to Morgan Tsvangirai, ( Oppositional candidate during the most recent “elections”, where by coincidence there is Mugabe taking the vote by dubious means.), Michael Carmichael’s response to Bush calling Mugabe “undemocratic”.Bush calls Mugabe \”Undemocratic\”.

One of the better statements comes from the always “on point” Bob Geldof from 3/11/2005, (Link only, due to MATURE content,)Geldof Blasts Bush and Mugabe.

Mugabe has his own views of his accuser, Calling Bush and buddy Tony Blair “TERRORISTS” in the 10/18/05 Washington Times. Finally, Mugabe told Reuters News of Bush’s “RANK HYPOCRISY” for his human rights record, stating ” His hands drip with innocent blood of many nationalities.”

A dictator IS a dictator...

A dictator IS a dictator...

Mugabe: Bush\’s hypocricy.

No matter what, we won’t be around when history gets this unraveled. And this time period, most likely won’t be a footnote compared to the things on the world horizon.

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From ANY Angle:This IS Me

From ANY Angle: This IS Me

I have ‘earned’ my living as a UNION stagehand, on a ‘fairly’ steady basis, for the past twenty some odd years. When you include the time of other entertainment oriented ventures it becomes a, soon to be, thirty-three years of tarnishing glitter. Of the six blogs that I try to fill with some modicum of “intelligent” observation each has its own facet of the “ME” I wish you to connect with. I’ve let you know that I’d been a part of the ‘Studio 54’ and “Just-Say-NO” eras of Cocaine abuse, (The “DUST AND STONE” Tours.), besides being the last generation to have had any possible physical contact with the progenative group that arrived here in the bondage known as SLAVERY. (My maternal GREAT-Grandmother passed at the age of ONE- HUNDRED and (?) FOUR, when I was eight years old, in LEESVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA.) I “grew up” in a little suburban town named after a man that Ohio historians have labeled “The Father of OHIO Statehood”, a microcosm of American values at the time. [http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/5/51/Thomas_Worthington.g
if/180px Thomas_Worthington.gif&imgrefurl=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Worthington_(governor)&h=208&w=180&sz=19&hl=en&start=14&tbnid=NcP-IKVu -0eUyM:&tbnh=105&tbnw=91&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dthomas%2Bworthington%26gbv%3D2%26hl%3Den%26client%3Dfirefox-a%26rls%3 Dorg.mozilla:en-US:official%26sa%3DG ]
Although a bit ahead of the curve at times, ( my aunt Ethel was the first African-American CHEERLEADER at the lone high school in 1948, possibly coinciding with the U.S. government’s integrating the various armed services.), in many other aspects. Thomas Worthington, a Methodist man, who in leaving his native Virginia FREED ALL of HIS SLAVES on his conditions of proof in conviction, someone well ahead of his more famous contemporaries like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.
As I’ve witnessed and met several unique people I have always looked for as much information as I could glean from their knowledge, which has labeled me a “know- it-all” by my “brethren”, knowing something other than all the words to ‘Bonanza’ and ‘The Beverly Hillbillies’ is not Sri Chinmoy. And I
will always refuse to answer to “What’s up my N _ _ _ _ r?” when the ‘ZZ-Biker’ hand attempts humor in front of the clients. It’s not easy being one of the few individuals that will not fold to the pressure of the constant corporate” re-dumbing” down of America there’s too much at stake. So, no matter how badly this world tries to treat me I’ll remain me… from any angle… this IS me.

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Rules of Engagement:

…WHO chooses the mission… and WHY?

I’ve just witnessed my first viewing of the Vets For Freedom.org commercial touting the BUSH/ REPUBLICAN mantra of staying in IRAQ and Afganistan to WIN THE WAR. The MOST GLARING fact of watching this minute of, seeming. white middle-class togetherness is that in seeing and listening to these four men, (Will Bennett/ Avon Park, FL; Ben Hayden/ Des Moines,IA; Josh Zissler/Dexter, MI and Lee Crognale/ Powell,OH), are IRAQ Vets as is Kate Norley/ Reisterstown, MD. The lone Afghanistan Vet is Jason Meszaros/ St. Michael, MN. The final representative of the group is the Mother of an active duty soldier, Chere Pedersen/ Henderson, NV whose son is in Iraq at this time. These seven chosen are very sincere in their statements and I can’t refute their expressed ‘beliefs’. BUT of ALL the many recent vets that are the true representation of the “MELTING POT” of America:

The 22nd federal census, in 2000, had a “short form”[8] that asked one ethnic and one race/ancestry question:

1. Is the person Spanish/Hispanic/Latino?

2. What is the person’s race?

  • White
  • Black or African American
  • American Indian or Alaska Native (write in tribe)
  • Asian Indian
  • Chinese
  • Filipino
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Vietnamese
  • Native Hawaiian
  • Guamanian or Chamorro
  • Samoans
  • Other Pacific Islander (write in race)
  • Other race (write in race)

This census acknowledged that “race categories include both racial and national-origin groups.”

From the above charting I must ask about the actual representation of the many different soldiers that Vets For Freedom have to show us. Going to the ‘VFF’ official site only reinforced the gossamer guile of their arrival to support contiuing the wars.

(Before I go any further with this post I HAVE to say that ANYONE CHOSEN to go through what EACH AND EVERY ONE of our citizenry who’ve been chosen, or CHOSE to stand in front of IMMINENT DEATH, or the cousin MAIM, is someone to RESPECT, and this is MUCH MORE in weight and degree than I could ever truly express the word RESPECT.)

Then there are those whose opinion was not political in their giving to this country upon their return, there was so much more than the next four years. These heroes voice their choices by building for the next generations, so they don’t , (maybe won’t!), have to leave the wife and children for the greeds and false glory of a modern HEROD.( 1 OR 2)

97% gone yet he lived long enough to give it back.

97% gone yet he lived long enough to give it back.

Those who've given ALL continue yet.

Those who've given ALL continue yet.

It’s a tragedy to the population when the groups that are systematically dismantling what so many are giving their lives and futures for would also extend their ‘SHELL’ game in this manner. A more glaring part of the commercial is the absence of anyone from LIMA COMPANY, I’m not privy to know if ‘VFF’ asked, but I think that the question may have received an ‘expectoral’ no. Hasn’t ANYONE noticed that during these past 7.75 years that the “of age to serve” nephew of the Only President to begin a war has not been seen since he stumped for his UNCLE George almost eight years!?!

George Prescott Bush is a lawyer far away from the garden of Eden where so many are dying yet, why is it, again, that the ones ‘hawking’ a continuance can’t include those who know the truth?

Lastly, every person in the region we’re devistating knows the history of when the Crusaders attempted the same tactics, do you think they’ve forgiven THEIR descendants…yet?

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A Severe LESSON of (the) “BUSINESS”

SPREADSHIRT.COM. This company that produces graphic arts on clothing articles is, most likely no longer going to allow me to advertise the 188503 store number for you to go to my shop and purchase the politically motivated articles of truthful mirth that I’ve placed upon their proffered pages.

It started at the beginning of 2008 and what I wanted to do is express to all the possible candidates a simple “warning” throughout their constituency . For ONE design that was only the universal NO symbol, ( the circle with a slash!), and the words NO CAMPAIGNING PAST THIS POINT fitted within the circumference of the thing I thought that it would be such a simple task for these ‘professional’ people… It took two months, 14 cell phone calls and 12 e-mails to get to the point of NO SALES since opening YO’pinion Theragraphiq Arts, on February 21, 2008, besides a few hundred dollars in all the requested revisions . ( I take what’s on my mind, and off my chest, by putting it on “YO’s”, it’s MY therapy and by doing such without swearing IS an ART!) Now most of you who’ll read this will think sour grapes and you may be correct in YOUR thought, but I sincerely believe that with the ways that our ‘politicians’ are working over this nation that EVERY citizen should be made aware of the fact of becoming vigilant in the tactics of protecting what’s left of any DIGNITY that they have left, especially at the proverbial REAR! So why not start with the protecting of where most are vulnerable? And this graphic addresses an often used statement of what most of this generation has described as to what most politicians have been doing to their constituencies since the GREEK and Roman times.

I put these articles on the market to give my fellow Americans a thought. Something that tells those who’d pick our political pockets of our HOMES, RIGHTS and FREEDOMS, of our very lives, the way they’ve treated those of another country or culture. NO CAMPAIGNING PAST THIS POINT, so when you stand back-to-back with your neighbor that you’ve got BOTH sides covered, since the graphic is located over the RIGHT CHEEK. NEVER to be used with an EXIT POLL ! And concealed from the prying eyes of those who’ll take your choices of who’s your best candidate then have some brown shirted pack animal lure you from your place of knowledge. I thought that the simple RED and BLUE would suffice, but now see a need for the adage of one extra colour, that of a PURPLE, the combining of the two that we most recognize, because they’ve changed on us again. This isn’t only to give recognition to the INDEPENDENT voter, but to the shifting of ‘party’ policy that was last seen during the ROOSEVELT elections, when the Republican party really was the party of Lincoln and the RECONSTRUCTION of this country. (They ACTUALLY did give 40 acres and a Mule to the slaves that had been “freed”.). Now they’ve “let” somebody steal more than just the “NIGGRAH’S” lands back. Elenore Roosevelt had her combination Hillary/ Barack in MARY McLEOD BETHUNE and it was good.

Now, all I want to do is make an awareness and some money, if folks are going to give away money for the latest “three card Montey’s”, on just words, I KNOW that the simple, silly TRUTH of my “ultimate concealed carry” undergarments should be worth, at the least, seventy-five cents per person on this soil. I’m NOT trying to be the new T. BOONE PICKENS, just a little ol’ t-shirt guy who had a good thought for his neighbors, with a little business in the neighborhood called Ohio.

The truly sad part about writing this article is that no matter how many times that I’ve asked someone if they’d gone to Spreadshirt.com to view the store they’ve had such a bad time navigating to see the items that they’d been told of. Then, on top of that, the company stuffs other peoples work in YOUR store, ( imagine having a graphic of an ELEPHANT sitting on a toilet with the caption “AMMMMM IIIIII BBLLUUEEE!”), and the ad next to it having two, semi naked women entangled under the ‘header’ reading “TRUTH OR DARE”. I may be a tad “off”, but I DO have INTEGRITY! The sad reality is that these people running the company are the products of the REAGANISTIC trickle- down theory, the part that gets to most store owners is the same water table as California’s. But I guess THAT is the PRICE of BUSINESS TODAY. A question to Lukasz Gadowski: HOW do you think I feel after going through linkedin to here? The copy right office HAS this design and my money order, is there a company out there that will appreciate some good ,clean POLITICAL FUN !?! Contact: grissmiffin@safe-mail.net, I’ve got NOTHING to lose!

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A Stage of Sabatical

I’ve been tripping through this world of the blog for only a short time, and it has worn on me to find the proper topic to make a sensical arrangement for your enticement. In order for me to be a better bloggerist I must take some time to do a bit of study so that I may provide a better “product”. I hope that these pictures will help tell the metamorphosis that I must take on… the stages of my reincarnations.

incarnation 1
incarnation 1

Even though I’m a desert being it seems that I have found too much of the seeds and sweet things that I’ve gotten lazy and now sit and wait for the events to raise my ire enough to make me move my brain and fingers.

as I am here

as I am here

As you’ve seen me for the last few weeks, I “work” from memory, not allowing daily events to stir me into a true action. I’m comfortable to a fault, not seeking enough of the facts that will draw many to gather some truths, or laughs… or COMMENTS about what’s on the page.

And I hope that I can get myself to a point where I’ll gather the things that are pertinent to the words and thoughts that you will find understandable and right, so that I won’t waste your time… or mine.

not only an ear to the ground

not only an ear to the ground

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FAILURE: Eviction for Non Compliance

who understands this joke understands politics in America.WE citizens of the country called AMERICA are being surrounded by a chain of events that most of us are handily ignoring. As we’ve listened to the change,(and Sabre), rattlings issued by the world’s “VILLAGE IDIOTS” we’ve grown DEAF to the neighbors’ setting up gated communities to the SOUTH of us, all the way to TIERRA del FUEGO.

While anyone with the electronic portal to knowledge can Google a gaggle of proper information most folks of this nation are spending their time ogling the latest nude photos of someone’s teenage starlet daughter, instead of learning about the next ruse of some “POLITICIAN”. Let’s see, we here in America are but THREE PERCENT of the WORLD POPULATION , yet and still, we devour TWENTY-FIVE PERCENT of the world’s things. The most troubling of these are the fact that Americans also lead the world in OBESITY and DRUG ABUSE.

Since the Pamunkey tribe’s territorial reservations with the English monarchy, before ‘Pakahantes’, (” beloved daughter”.), known to us as Pocahontas rejoined her “family”, the European peoples that have appropriated this land have increasingly led the global charges in subjugating others for their greeds and false “superiorities”, here, and through letters, e-mail, phone calls and “business vacations” known as ‘JUNKETS’, back to the HOME/ “FATHER”-lands.

The beginnings of what was “wanted” by those who set up the rules and regulations of our sovereignty actually looked forward to the day when those things, that at that time period couldn’t be resolved, to establish the basis of what the “BUSINESS PLAN” of these UNITED States of America were to be and then rectify them. Simple men whose names are present, but NOT their personalities, gave us the HOPE that what they’d left across the pond would be protected against. Now the “common” man, or woman, has been relegated from delivering the message of the people who are the HEART, SOUL, AND BACKBONE of this nation, as well as the rest of the world’s populations. As of this coming Presidential “election” we are seeing the candidates raise fundings that are close to what, almost, every combined salary of the corporate American C.E.O. will make this year, achieving the feat on a MONTHLY basis. How are WE to have the VOICES of OUR SANITIES become the RULE …”OF the PEOPLE, BY the PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE”… as it was initially intended? How do WE intend to reinstate those rights and freedoms that have been drugged by a fascist, fear mongering toy ‘Bulldog’ and his ‘reichist’ Judas goats? How do we stop the proliferations of policy that in order to change the political rulings of other nations that we declare falsities to justify killing first, instead of diplomacy and understanding’s compromise?

We’ve allowed too many decisions to be made for us that ARE removing that thing we used to KNOW as freedom and DEMOCRACY. Awhat government claims employment?nd what has begun here is NOW being thrust upon the rest of this pebble we called home. Just how long do we “think” it will take before THE FINAL ‘HORN’ SOUNDS end of game?

One “last gasp” of ‘thought’. When Barack Obama said that there were 56 or 58 states in “the union”, if you count the federal “terrorist” detention camps around the world, that have been authenticated, you will find that the man is most likely correct in his statement given. It’s not conspiracy, just “fiction” until it gets on the mind’s “marketplace”.

For those that think that I don’t love my country guess again. Anything that one uses long enough tends to wear, if one TRULY CARES for what that thing does for them one will ALWAYS seek and implement the proper maintenance and TIMELY upgrades to make its existence LAST.

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