Since this IS the second iteration of my first attempt at blogging I have a need to bare some experimentation  here.

The situation of the CAUCUS REGIONS is bringing BACK the mindsets of a childhood. Those that can’t remember don’t have the recollections of playing in NUMEROUS friends’ FAMILY “FALLOUT” SHELTERS. Or, having ENTIRE mornings of School concentrating on “HOW TO ACT DURING A NUCLEAR ATTACK”. I’m thoroughly surprised that the ‘PACHYDERM PRIDE’ HASN’T re-instituted the  practice.

The following is “poetic” commentary on the “news” articles read daily. And, I’ve had too many OH(!)-PINIONS to just enter one per “jot”. The linkages proceed the ‘bit’ so that you’ll, (hopefully!), have an orienteer’s vantage of the staking ‘histories’ of “one’ that has seen the breadcrumbs when they were fresh.




go ahead and KILL THIS WORLD
a tattered ancient flag unfurled
diplomacy and charm so churled

a life of chest puff brief tuminescence
this isn’t “life” at its true essense
to build a greatness sans the crescent

those days of yore good read now boor
they had quick endings rose with no core
these latter generations seeking more

no “love thy neighbor” don’t get the gist
it’s “follow me” or feel the fist
if not you’re simply polit-grist

the gather of those similar
don’t like the ridings with a burr
a need rebreed of past infurred
as most grown thoughts a hope concurred
this take what’s wanted should demure




when left to own a bully cries
no victimization realized
to be their hate without diguise
is diffcult to bear

no matter how the resignation
there is no “PRO” of constipation
the glee as purest demonizations
your wants create dispair

this “HIS”-STORY what final ending
the choices made are the depending
it’s not too late to DO SOME MENDING
from that you’d be so rare

but have this thought of better futures
where citizens avoid the sutures
some stop to seeking “POLIT-LUCRE”
good’s hope done with a flair




a mater DID what the furor couldn’t
to Bear enmass when said shouldn’t
to satellites commerce why wouldn’t
seek “ANGELS” for the day

the boys club lost the ball while playing
to arguments t’was spread delaying
the escalations need belaying
the past left at the quay

new crops new fuels old BOYS their fading
to stop these fools no need debating
too far from shore there is no wading
let good be all’s display

repeat of pasts infuriating
again the west is ruminating
a better future tired of waiting
while sun shines make the hay



[“DO TELL”]: This ISN’T “JUST”… for “Millennials” anymore!


The “CHANGE” professed those years ago was only to the MAN

the raucous feast of LOOT’S possessed did harness “YES,WE CAN”

the shuffle once reserved for “less” adopted by the ‘light’

a consoled effort “BUMP and TWERK” ignoring what is right

those having seen the Century passed buttered baton’s  oops

and waiting for the “ship’s” come in no rope to tie the Sloops

the “SEA-TO-SEA” has gifts there still we stumble by them more

we’ve listened to the kids named CORP that count our hides as chore

the BELL for WAKE UP one long tone it’s OURS not just “for THEE”

the term of FREE-DUMB all mislead in TRUTH NAMED LIBERTY


As “WE” are part of a new millennium you’d… THINK… that the LESSONS of another Nation, [Australian Aboriginal Adoption FAILURES], would alter the LESSENS of a “model” one,
[http://www.nicwa.org/babyveronica/]. This appears NOT to be so TODAY as, AGAIN, a ‘Government’ Judiciary has weakened one of the RACES that MADE SURE that THIS NATION COULD defeat an ENEMY…



These things SHOULD be “SELF EVIDENT”. That the DIVERSITY that HAS made US/ U.S.(of A.) such a uniquely viable NATION. INDIVISIBLE, WITH [LIBERTY], AND JUSTICE, ( NOT JUSTUS) FOR ALL.

With that, the “news” that the Oklahoma Supreme Court withdrew from a case to make way for a NATIVE AMERICAN FATHERED child to become communally erasable by being adopted by a SOUTH CAROLINA,
(read: VERY “CAUCASIAN”.), couple.

Who knows HOW these folks “FEEL” about Native Americans… DID anyone from the CHEROKEE NATION get to POSE ANY SERIOUS QUESTIONS!?!

With that I’ve a “PROSAIC” piece of “thought”.

WE knew that before you arrived
family trends go far past steeples

But, for US you’d speak clear German
TWO ‘great’ Wars, “Codes” WE speak EVERY DAY
it’s IMMERSION providing learnin’
LOST, when YOU take “ONE” away

NATIVE Fathers, Daughters, Sons and WIVES
not much longer, that is called VESTIGIAL
since YOUR landing, we fight FOR OUR LIVES

Now, you’ve taken our DEAR VERONICA
instead of ancient song, it’s DIXIE’S “wish”
no tunes played on bird-bone pipes, its harmonicas
no lunch on Buffalo, just the “KETTLED FISH”

“GREAT tan father” promised CHANGE but, IT HASN’T
it’s THEIR LAW, pronounced “JUST US”
maybe ONCE they’d make Great Spirit GLADENED
WE’LL have that “seat” at “FRONT OF BUS”

Leif Erikson even knew to LEAVE… WELL, ENOUGH…ALONE.

Rick’s Race of Religion Card

Richard John Santorum, Candidate of the Republican Party 2012.
Santorum: SANTORI, SANTORIO, SANTORELLI, SANTORIELLI, SANTORINI, SANTORUM: From the medieval first name Santoro, derived from the Latin word Sanctus = Saint, the genitive plural form is “Sanctorum”, used also to indicate the All Saints feast. Possibly connected to someone acting as a saint, or who has connection with religious things (a sacristan). Imagine THAT! “SOMEONE ACTING AS A SAINT“.

The fact that Rick Santorum is benefiting from the general LACK of strength, and INTEGRITY of the “offerings” set in front of the “RED TEAM” has emboldened him to aim his sniper’s “Blunder-Bus” at the religion of the President, (http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/sns-rt-us-usa-campaign-
santorumtre81h0m2-20120218,0,3264177.story),and the other 75% of adults who identify themselves as Christian. Yes, of that number, based on interviews with more than 35000 Americans age 18 and older,although there are about half as many Catholics in the U.S. as Protestants. Couple the proceeding with what his backer had to say to the Women of this nation…

So, the general concensus of the third-trick Pony that Ohio’s Mike DeWine is whipping is that the CHRISTIAN “philosophy”, that ISN’T CATHOLIC BASED, IS WRONG FOR THE UNITED STATES, and THE WORLD !?! Couple that to the “covert” actions the “RED TEAM” has been using to bludgeon the public and the “PLATFORM” being stood upon is, definately, in NEED of a foot of match-books to stabilize it.

The SILLIEST of the “SILLY SEASONS” has arrived. To those who’ve children newly of VOTING age, and inclination, YOU are about to have the most FUN EVER of your “life” thus far. AND, it DOESN’T matter which PARTY you’ll be driving home from. The WORLD has every “road” blocked. Because OUR legislators sold them the GOOGLE MAPS CODES.
Update 02/17/2012

I’ve seen ALL the ‘RED that I will stomach…
From the OHIO “CHRISTIAN ALLIANCE”… ( http://www.nytimes.com/2012/02/18/opinion/blow-santorum-exalts-inequality.html)… On the Columbus, Ohio NBC4i Rick Santorum stated that ‘President Obama is “FORCING” his religious agenda on the rest of Christianity.’ There wasn’t a NON-“linen” face in the house.

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Now THAT Was a “BUT”-Load of GAUNTLETS Thrown

The political “timbre” of those points delivered by Barack H. Obama had the tones of a Million high quality BRASS Gauntlets skipping across the floor of Capital Hill. It had the feeling of a NATION being shown how to be its own SHANGRI-LA… “OOOMMMM”!

This was the THIRD STATE of THE UNION ADDRESS made by President Obama and it was an answer to many things he’s been accused of.If you *’HEARD’ it there’s a lot to digest. At the time of my jotting this I couldn’t bring you the transcript.

But, the language was laser intense and, sometimes, as “tepid”. Boehner sat next to Biden as animated as someone stifling a gas “attack”. The few instances that McCain was viewed showed exactly why he voted against M.L.K.day. Workers that had been tossed from one role of employment only to have gained by EDUCATION and experience were presented as examples of how business CAN “get-things-DONE”. The challenges ahead ARE IMMENCE, only a SERIOUS effort of U-N-I-T-Y will make this possible.
THAT was the basic target chosen by the President. There WILL be a LOT of “BOB-AND-WEAVING” these next few months… maybe YEARS.
Update: I didn’t bring you the transcript last night . So here is where to read its entirety*
(http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0112/71920.html) I do apologize for the advertising.

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Palin Just Won’t Fade AWAY

For all the things coming “out” of Sarah Palin’s mouth about the First Lady on Fox’s “news” show it’s extremely interesting that HER comments would be so flippant.When one “Google’s” the “subject” 55,200,000 approximate results register. “Flippant you say?” YES, I say Flippant. Here’s a woman that makes snide remarks after the “facts” on the goings on within the WHITE HOUSE. I’m waiting on what she has to offer on the truthfulness in Jodi Kantor’s book.

Speaking of books the worded “reveal” by Joe McGinniss has created no SMILE on the face of “dear” Sarah as Glen “PUFFED” Rice is alleged to have. It’s no “small wonder”…

As you can see by her “campaign and lobbying” outfits.
The saddest part of the “Sarah Palin era” is that she truly represents the IGNORANCE and VICIOUSNESSES that AMERICA has become. Even sadder yet is the fact that so many find that very trait “attractive” in/ for those who’ll be running “their” government.

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…How the lyrical restructuring of an “old” MENTALITY has risen from the d(r)ead to provide the view of the country’s “future”.

It’s a story that happened [79 YEARS AGO], but is being brought to the “Great White Way” doing what has been outlawed since Jesse Helms was young. The men who gave us CABARET and CHICAGO have ‘scored’ a piece of history that is so completely ON TIME with its opening during the current “tenure” of the [WHITE HOUSE]. The elections are upon us and most of American voters are so enamored with the soft and sensuous “natural” [APPLICATOR] of the lanolin they ‘believe’ stops their (w)age lines that some are asking to pay in triplicate.

The story,in short, is how fear and prejudice almost cost some non-white male youth their lives due to the falsehoods concocted to cover the fact that another non-black group of youth lost their position after a confrontation while they were [HOBOING] through the south.

When you read the cast of accusers could YOU reinsert [SARAH PALIN] or [SHARRON ANGLE] “a bit” ? And, don’t forget the man who gets to take Nancy Palosi’s “seat”, will have just such a starring role as America goes through a trial of [“TRUMPINGS“] to protect the perpetrators.( As they “Rush” us through dangerous [\”GLEN(N)S\”]/ The fact that the young men had to be defended by the International Labor Defence, instead of the NAACP, ([WHAT, AGAIN ?]), only proves that History REPEATS itself more often that we will recognize.

As a former Stagehand the “SCOTTSBORO BOYS” is intriguing, in that the cast does a lot of what we get paid to do. Since I won’t be seeing it from a wing my prayer is that I, and so many others, can find the funds to witness this event , and see what my predecessors warned me OF. If you’ve read both articles this new musical should prove to be an HONEST WORK OF THEATRICAL/ MUSICAL / HISTORICAL ART.

Where Echoes Return From

In searching for things to “rant”about I find that when flitting between the offered headlines, and the better stuff at the right hand columns, there’s a chance to fall, (FACE FIRST!), into a story that tells a lot more than I’d hoped for. And, to TOP it off, that someone who’d stumbled onto an article happens to be oh-so-near the culprit OF what triggered a new “rant”.

The on-line news offerings lead me to the [KARL ROVE] offal slash interview that he gave to [DER SPIEGEL] Online, about his qualified opinion of the Obama Presidency. After the herculean effort to NOT grind my teeth to powder I entered their area called FEEDBACK. I’ll let YOU read what I entered into the little box, which I kept a copy “OF” so that if they didn’t accept / “OKAY” it by the editor, that I’d have something for ‘proof’ of my time spent “typing” fruitlessly…

Re: SPIEGEL Interview with Karl Rove: ‘Obama Has Turned Out to Be an Utter Disaster’

10/22/10 08:29:20 PM

“How VERY interesting that in ALL this time that you’ve been trying to tell the “English” speaking readers, that happen across an article such as this, that there is a “justifiable” reason to present the continuingly disastrous PROPAGANDA from the GRANDSON of the ARCHITECT of BIRKENAU: KARL HEINZ ROVERER.To attribute ANY credence to his REICH-ish deportments was a sad investment of your reporter’s time and effort. My former wife would agree… she’s a KRUPP descendant.”

Reward for time SPENT= REJECTED !!!

Dear Reader,

Thank you very much for writing to the editors of SPIEGEL ONLINE.
Every day we receive hundreds of letters from readers around the world, and
we hope that you will understand that it is impossible to reply to or
publish each one we get. If we do decide to include your e-mail in our
letters to the editor section, then we reserve the right to edit your
message for length and clarity.

In addition, please note that SPIEGEL ONLINE offers a forum (
http://forum-international.spiegel.de/) that encourages debate on the
most-pressing current affairs issues and the exchange of opinions among our

We thank you for your loyalty and hope you continue to enjoy reading

All the best
The SPIEGEL ONLINE TeamSecond reply, after the first was rejected:

Letter to the editor
Re: SPIEGEL Interview with Karl Rove: ‘Obama Has Turned Out to Be an Utter Disaster’

10/23/10 10:07:29 PM

“I wrote my sincere opinion about how this modern Goebbels is blaming others to create their Scapegoat for TRUE crimes against HUMANITY and the WORLD itself. The revelation that this AMERICAN reader of the Karl Heinz Roverer grandson makes his pulp announcement of the opening of new BIRKENAUS. THAT feedback was BURNED by the editors of DER SPIEGEL, as too fresh and controversial , coming from the former spouse of one of the KRUPP family’s offspring here in the “States”. This is sad as we, HERE, know how “History is written by the winners” except when the “loser” can PAY OFF their KIN.”

“This WILL be placed into my next BLOG article on WORDPRESS.COM: ‘Omegetymon’. Thank you, for helping me share some LIGHT on how people such as Karl Rove is continuously helped by waffen journalism.”

“Second verse… SAME as the FIRST”… (Thanks Herman’s Hermits.)

Reward for the SECOND attempted “READER FEEDBACK”= I have NO IDEA , as yet, though I DO believe that IT, too, will NOT find favor with me.

The BEST part of this is that there was a comment to my previous article that came from a GERMAN site run by a ‘young’ woman. ( The site is entirely written IN German. ) I thanked her for stopping by and asked her to read the ‘Rove’ responses.

It’s “funny” that this wonderful devise allows us such access to the, hopeful, corrections that need to be rulered-across-the-knuckles of those that continue to toss Sodium onto the waters of PEACE…

The saddest part of this is that Karl Rove is, still, being supplied with Sodium… and he HAD to cross the Atlantic to give the interview. It’s his NATURE to destroy… Apples and Trees you know ? Youve been in the middle of the report for over ten years now.

Please note that at the time of my second attempt to enter my opinion that there were only seven ACCEPTED responses to the article.