The above is a Forty-something Male that was working on another Presidential campaign for someone believed in. An en-treatment since George McGovern sought the office of the Presidency when the 18 year old was first allowed to VOTE. Betsy Blossom was the Columbus, Ohio Manager of my area. For me to remember her name without a squint tells you HOW INTENSE the WOMAN ‘WAS’.

Through the years the folk that Presided “for” us have done so by varying degrees of success… National and/or WORLD. I’m NOW MORE disappointed than with current’s predecessor. ALL HEALTH related incurments HAVE been glossed, guised  or GUTTED by ‘agencies’ that are either working “WITH” the business donor, to protect their stake, (that TOO MANY HERE ARE WEARING.), to provide yearly earnings to over-rich investors or, to place themselves and family into a better pay-IN. Add the factor of those SAME rich BUYING into a “Public” OFFICE FACILITATING the REMOVAL of INFRASTRUCTURE and, (all types OF!), RESPONSIBILITY. When “AN” individual CITIZEN brings these to the “RUNGS” of the Ladder leading to the “top” ‘most’ HAVE found that said “rungs” are “greased”, broken, or missing… without a posted sign of warning.

In THIS administration it “seems” that ‘all’ response is triggered by/for “a” “selfie”, no matter to those that have BEEN “in-line” AT the ‘counter’ with legitimate reasons of CORRECTION. The saddest part is that this group of legal tenured cannot fathom self-correction. Every time one of “US” plays the kid that walks up to the stage, during their “show”, and PULLS the CURTAIN to REVEAL the RUSE but, IS BEATEN by the performers without the ‘parent’ intervening IS HOW THIS WORLD has redacted “the AUDIENCE MEMBERS”.

Don’t YOU think it “funny” that the old adage of: “If you put HOPE in one hand and, “feces” in the other, NOTICE which one FILLS FIRST” HAS become a CLEARER IMAGE?


AND, is the WHAT AND WHY this blog began… WITHHOPE”.


of the flesh wounds gathered
we’ve found many tricks
to the quickly halting
of that which “made us sick”

we HAD found the origins
and addressed to you
by those ‘ployed to function

GONE what GOT “US” here
that of GOOD’S conventions
all we’d asked for was ACTION


TO: The WORLD… and, to those that asked the question of “AM I BLUE”.

NOT FROM what BLUE means to those the choose to LIVE!

I HOPE that someone sends this to President Obama. To FAIL those that PUT YOU ‘HERE’, then to further that by becoming what IS “KEEPING US HERE” is a crime against the claim of humanity.

Sincerely, D’Ellis


Full CIRCLE*… to the *OBTUSE.



… couldn’t bring

This month is to behold MOTHER’S DAY and to EVERY ONE of YOU IS my deepest “How’d-JA-do-that”(?), for the length of wait, feed/ clean/ teach/ etcetera, etcetera,etcetra to the Nth .

But, to ‘be’  the ESAU of the ‘family’ is to be the label of “Biblical” rejection. There will be NO(!!!) visible tearing, or tearing of the “life provider”. THIS is a QUEST-EON I’m sure many have made in their own manner.



at ten times six there’s still a “fix”

my truths disrespectfully denied

though witnessed as a simple creche

astonishment of what life wouldn’t hide


the beauties and the repulsions

acid-bitters stevia sweet

light brushings of another

friendships to not complete


and yet the days did mount up

containing lessons worthy to a king

for all this labeled just a screw-up

the innocence of childhood couldn’t bring



… the upper room

The WORLD has gotten so crazy that I HAD forgotten that THIS IS EASTER. The “work-a-day” world has taken me from ‘reality’.

But, as the increase of people has wounded the Earth terribly there had to be a stopping point. That would be my being told that there would be NO WORK on THIS SUNDAY. And, I truly believe that the creator HAS had their fill of STUPID, of which I’ve added my TOO FAIR SHARE so would place this “appeal”. As this site IS my initiate of  “thought” to presentation I scatter my gleanings of lessons of the “meaning” of the day called EASTER.


a nail was set
and then another
of Canine’s timber
to post a brother
the knowledge OF
the pains to rest
a plan’s invest
of she that knew
was given clue
to bless the find
and show the blind
not now though soon
t’was on the menu
in the upper room

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The BITCH at MOZILLA has gone WAAAYYY past “COMMERCIALIZATION”. As I , and most likely yourselves, have been RAPED by the incessant “UPGRADE” banners that A ONCE RESPECTABLE  company is electronically TWERKING across the page, I HAD to “say” a SOMETHING. The fact that this type of “IMPROVEMENT” is inexcusable. I’M PISSED!!!!!!! ( to the TWENTIETH POWER!!!) As they’ve made it so that the question to allow ‘scripts’ DOESN’T stop until the FIFTH tap the “DECLINE” gnome is hiding where, that by the time you’ve waived the cursor across the “accept” button, it registers as a YES for all things CON-DO-IT, (Conduit.com= MALWARE… VIRUS= something NOT USEFUL, OR WANTED .), can infest one with.

Mozilla’s further tossing of accelerant is that when “you” have that STRONG DESIRE to tell them about such they provide this, (https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/new/desktop/other/form?search=Why+would+mozilla+load+%22CON-DO-IT%22+with+a+new+browser+update!!%3F!!&step=aaq-register), EXTRAORDINARY series of HOOPS.

After TWENTY MINUTES of NOT being able to READ,(!!!!), the texts of the sites gone to I decided to “retro” into a “lesser” version that HADN’T been SOLD / AMBUSHED . When About 207,000,000 results (0.17 seconds) appear for ANY to see if Mozilla WERE  diligent about “protecting the finest browser on the Internet” THEY WOULD entice the more expert to provide for the defense of their “brood”. Not so.

The attempt to NOTIFY is an exercise in fruitlessness. There ARE ENOUGH that want “you” to register your privacy with the world. If you try to do so through a site called: “GET HUMAN”… the putz’s want a fee of around $60.00 for the thirty seconds of what “you” should have been able to accomplish firstly. BUT, ( the Dyslexic’s spelling of the previous word also happens to be the attitude garnered through CONTACT with Mozilla Corporate. That would be “BTU“.)

Needless to say, I’m MUCH happier with my ‘HACKNEY’…

Horse power as Beauty.

Horse power as Beauty.

… I know what to feed it and, CAN clean up after an “accident”. Without ANY “WRENCHES” from the “jungles” of the greedy!

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… with bluer skies


The those of ‘us’ that have been ran-SACKED by the CORPORATE ANTEBELLUM-ED mindset of “AT-WILL” are in the process of remaking the topographies of such. This ‘NATION’ is the remaining “hold-on”, of the “at-will” doctrine, of ALL the prominent “INDUSTRIALIZED”, ( that WOULD read “G-SEVEN-POINT-ONE!), and the President IS seeing to its END, (http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB10001424052702304071004579407992832670628?mg=reno64-wsj&url=http%3A%2F%2Fonline.wsj.com%2Farticle%2FSB10001424052702

304071004579407992832670628.html), through making pathways less “closed”.

But, what of those that HAVE / ARE suffering by the desperations of the past? I believe that a DILIGENCE of bringing recognition to the OVERLOOKED antics of EMPLOYERS that HAVE used the the vagueness of WHAT “AT-WILL” allows. The SUMMIT of such a thought’s success is what I’ve been constructing for FORTY-THREE YEARS… From non-graduation information to TAX data. I WILL have the “SAY”, and NOT ONLY HERE.

This site IS where I began the FREEDOM, ( AND, RESPONSIBILITIES.), of HAVING MY SAY began. I hope that this practice HAS achieved “A” maturation.


this battle that you took today

just one more chink I’ve found

these many scars I can display

but proof your cheats so sound

and yes the audience can applaud

the deftness of your moves

their eyes say dapper though you grew as clod

each saved offense for proved

these many years crass labels worn

be humble ruled the thumb

your arch-type tracking to their scorn

you “pillars” way from plumb

you’ve dismissed our small improvements

to increase your wrongs demise

our rise-up through disprovements

fresher air with bluer skies*


A blue sky law is a state law in the United States that regulates the offering and sale of securities to protect the public from fraud.

The fact that EVERY PARENT attempts to bring SECURITY to their offspring, health,hearth, honorariums IS the why that “WE, THE PEOPLE” have done what we have to get HERE. To continue to allow the “crooks” to prosper IS against any “FAITH” of the “righteousness” of living a GOOD LIFE.

Gerrymandering,Obnoxious POOPS

But, a more FUN title would be…


For all the elbowing of potential voters that may, or may not, bring a “victory” to the PACHYDERM PRIDE in the 23 states that are in their control…


…ONE of the more great comeuppances to grace their Booby-fied efforts has appeared in the very STATE that WAS a controversial ‘aide’ for George DUH-BUH-YUH’S eight years of warmongering and puffery…


And, since THAT avenue has been closed for “AWARES” the latest ‘dance’ craze being conducted by “SPIKE” Boehner is to make the RIGHT to VOTE as difficult as possible for those that are from the more “southern” AMERICAS.THAT brings US to the “incidential PIECE de RESISTANCE” of this post.

As it has come into the BRILLIANCE of a negative hued Stephan “QUE” Erkeled retort of “DID I DO THAAAT!?!”, is reported through the PALM BEACH POST:


It doth appear that “the state GOP hired Strategic Allied Consultants of Glen Allen, Va., who made the tidy sum / “SOME” of $1.3 Million to turn in 106 ““QUESTIONABLE” voter registrations, out of just 304 turned in by a single registrar, on the FIFTH of September, (2012). The more damaging part of this is that the person turning the “work” WAS NOT the person R.E.S.P.O.N.S.I.B.L.E. FOR the tainted paperwork… “FUNNY” that.

I wonder what the law says about Major JURISTS / “JUDGES” having read an editorial opinion, or direct report, that they “MAY” have to make a decision “about”, ( I should have said ON but, the way SCOTUS has been drawing “GUIDELINES” “about” is PROPER.), this latest “trial” of the CONSTITUTION. At that… ‘FIN’.


As they say… “And, the HITS just keep OOOONNNNN commin'”.

voter-registration…/nSPYj/ )

First Site Renamed With Good’s Reason

G, is for the GOAT you thought you made me
H, is for the hate that ate up all your pride
A, is for the act that “wasn’t” in you
U, is for the underhanded, snide
C, is for the coughing up your praises
H, is for the hell that you always will provide
E, is for the exit that has phased you
R, is for the child’s name I won’t abide

Put them all together
and they spell GHAUCHER
a name so earned
as replacing
omegetymon: the beginning root blog site

The transitive noun would be MOTHER…

The new “expletives”…
GH, as in enouGH
AU, as in AUthor
CH, as in CHaracter…
Don’t you remember you ‘English’ lessons?

“Good” friends always inspire us.

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Banana “CHILI” Claims Jabenero Title

Being “able” to think is an argument most would claim I do too much of, without the benefits of making money at it. THIS is a truism with many merits. But, then again some of the “US” that try to find the clearer voice don’t have a Judge for a Father to see us through “our art”. ( As an Edouard MANET.) The “Times” of change and retreat is MAN-“kind” through the ACCEPTED RECORDED HISTORIES. Those “that’s be needin'” a placement are often relegated to “FOLK-DOM”, Br’er Aesop and such.

So, what does one “do”, as I have all too often, when we’ve read the “MASTER-FULL” penning of a ‘brilliant’ minority that’s traveled the sacred corporate halls of an Ivy-League stalwart called “HAH-VAUD”? In this case it’s through CNN…


Please read ‘fellow’ word-pressian’s “OH-Pinion” before you get cheapened by my comment… ( Jeopardy Final question music plays HERE.)

In a time of history when a sitting news-“caster” can call, (“JOKINGLY”),for the assassination of a sitting President I do believe that the reigns for general thought should be given back to the Mustang. EVERYONE wants to be a Lipizzaner, not realizing that they, like the Polar Bear, happen to not be as “PEARLY WHITE” as most think they are. (Remember the argument of the movie …”RED OCTOBER”.)

If you read the CNN article you ‘see’ the wonderousness of ‘INDOCTRIN-NATION’, the “MELANGE-of-the-moment”, IMITATION OF LIFE. And NOT “PASSIN'”!

After reading the post I HAD to say “something”…
(This WAS to be EMAILED, but gmail couldn’t “recognize” the address.)


‘Hello, as you should be able to tell “I’m” “a person-of-colour”*. I just read your “OH”-pinion about the proposed mural in Texas ending in …” We know the truth. Time to move on.” *(My address has “tan” in it.)
Since you’re a young man, of a time when you’re probably younger than Martin Luther King, the THIRD, your social security age bracket should take note of this. In that you can’t remember ANYTHING about the ZOOT SUIT WARS, Chicano-“esque” beaten and killed “BECAUSE”… . You get the gist. Now, “some folk” don’t just “drop” the hate. They may swaddle it, but it’s the catcher-of-the-stink-and-slimes that’s fed to the next generation, NEVER to stop its rhizome-like, beneath the surface continuances. JUST like KUDZU.
Here’s a question to counter-balance the “moving ON”. How long do YOU think it took for ISLAM to forgive the CRUSADERS !?!
Decent ‘opinion’ according to the “times”. SKEWED when you can weigh it against the real truths of HUMAN NATURE.
I have just found you at wordpress.com, look up omegetymon.wp.com. I couldn’t be a product of a fine education, I’m Dyslexic and “KNEE-GROID”.Played “some” ICE HOCKEY, not Basketball.Blew everything for a Peruvian Girl with a Blush.
When I’d finished the post I noticed you’d gotten 72 recommendations. I give you one too, but not for their reasonings.”

In the more current Television sitcoms the practice of canned laughter has been re-introduced for some VERY annoying reasons. With that the frequency of alcohol consumption has reached Hoda and Kathie Lee, as their “MAD MEN” vs ‘CHEECH and CHONG’ version of “WAKE-N-BAKE. As many historically offensive RACIAL “JOKES” that, again, ‘pass’ because the parents have amputated their childrens’ HERITAGE(S) AND HISTORIES, “SO, THAT-THEY-WILL-FIT-IN”. The PSY=OP managers are having too easy a work-load with the current “crop”… that is until Trayvor Martin. When the “better” educated have their words and views given two-thumbs on the scales,(of Justice) it’s TIME to train more honest BUTCHERS.

For “GHITS AND SHIGGLES” I I”electronically INK-BLOTTED” this little “comi-graph”. It’s the coming interpretation of “SAMBO”, ( Which IS aforementioned in the CNN article, so I can USE it for a reference “POINT”.)

“SAMBO knows Global Warming”.

On a note of building ones’ career off of the missive of HATE’S malignancies, Geraldo Rivera has blessed the public with a statement that appears to show how entrenched BIGOTRY can become when the realities “OF” are “GOTTEN PAST” for the sake of “prestige” and the semblance of “The AMERICAN DREAM”.


Regretfully, it seems that Geraldo HAS been “TAPPED” to represent the “views” of the Latino citizenry by the groups seeking to offer them “full” membership into “WHITE SOCIETY”. If you don’t see this coming consider the Government questionnaire … “Hispanic- WHITE”, in/ AT “DUE” time they WILL be SEPARATED. And, though YOU won’t “see” it there WILL be the many that will displace their heritage.

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