American Business Ideology…

. Or, so much for HEALTH CARE and BUSINESS START-UPS! The nation wants ‘status’ “QUO”, and nothing NOVEL to help its problems.

This is the year 2012, we’ve been touting the prowess of the producing the “best and brightest” in so many factions of the Society of Democracy. The FREEDOM to DO and BE “WHOMEVER” and “WHATEVER” “WE” WANT. The Free Enterprise System has worked quite well for those that haven’t minded smearing another’s life, liberty, OR pursuit of happiness across the contact surface of a very expensive shoe. Sometimes doing so to friends that have attended a lot of their personal, family “get togethers”, ( See housing, GDP, new business start-ups and the employment of adults in this country.)


and even during the height of “business”. Remember Back To the Future?

Recently there was an article in which a start-up company asked for a few thousand dollars on KICKSTARTER, and made over a MILLION such in a couple of days.


THEY have thirty some odd days LEFT of FUN(D) Raising. (!?!)

The fact that an eight year old innovation, that helps those entities trying to raise FUNDS for CANCER RESEARCH and Substance Abuse, has seen the heels of Sherrod Brown, Mary Jo Kilroy AND the President of these United States of America. ( 02/02/2012: official White House contact…)

I’ve written to you for over THREE years now. I’ve had an INNOVATION that could help solve some of the “fund raising” problems that have REALLY surfaced of late. A simple wrist watch, digital,but with the ability to register the HOPE of survival. The “remission” watch. As those that SURVIVE the devastation of CANCERS, Addictions… a child secretly marking their Parents TIME of foreign SERVICE. This is done by the sequence of DAY, WEEK, MONTH AND YEAR. The watch is programmed to do just that.
As I said, I’ve contacted you in this manner several times. I was lead to believe that Mary Jo Kilroy had done such, I guess that was untrue.
You had ONE contact with a woman during a video chat and SOMETHING “GOT” done. I Don’t want to be Pheidippides in this. That I’ve run this IDEA to where it WILL do its “GOOD”, then to not see the fruit of this labor. Contact the business that holds the keys to this venture, they know the terrain I’ve traveled to get to THIS POINT. ( I’VE been unemployed for some time, due to a work injury. That is nothing BECAUSE I’ve CREATED “A” j.o.b. that includes MORE than just ME.
I’ve gotten ALL the emails, even Wasserman-Shultz has IGNORED the information sent, (just after she went through her Cancer “scare”). WHAT does a CITIZEN have to do to BE a “productive CITIZEN”?
02/02/12 09:18:30 PM
Post to President Obama’s site at the White House”…

I might be mistaken, but haven’t those we that we voted into office been “talking” about getting this nation “HEALTHIER” and BACK TO WORK !?! The Television ads ASKING for DONATIONS to RID this ‘WORLD’ “OF” still appear, at least, THIRTY times a day. Yet the site of FUNDLY/THNQ ENTERPRISES hasn’t a soul attach a penny to the “thought”.

Where do the “CONCERNED” gather? What are the “appointed” of the innumerable entities doing as they IGNORE those reaching TO THEM WITH “ALMS” made for their claimed purposes? Is it that they’d rather continue to “BLEED”,


the public, “draining away the sickness”? Hasn’t that practice been outgrown? Is the day not here to move forward via an idea that’s been overlooked even as ‘we’ walk WITH IT everyday?

Maybe I’m just exercising my fingers, and imagination. To think that in THIS day and age that people of “intelligence” could grasp the function that THEY ALREADY KNOW. I mean, it’s not like I’m trying to get folks to use an ANTIKYTHERA.


The Tool is already shaped. All the world needs to do is USE IT… I’ve TOLD you WHERE IT is. YOU know How to use it.

update 2012/04/22

The mainstream Press has, FINALLY, expressed their noting of what I’ve been SCREAMING TO YOU ABOUT…


… If since they’ve caught up why don’t YOU leave them to wonder how “fast” YOU took them up on “the challenge” they “uncovered” for you?
Go to FUNDLY/THNQ ENTERPRISES and see if You might entice some friends to get this innovation GOING. It will only take 50,000 people $.50/ Fifty-Cents to begin the process that David A. Shaywitz has described. You might notify HIM of the site.

“Update”: 05/05/2012

I’ve left this post in place for some time. It appears that the “want” for “THE CURE” is ONLY a fleeting wish for those that have suffered the devastations of ANY type of CANCER… BUT, a BOON for those that make A / THEIR living from another’s sufferings.
part of OUR lives hasn’t seemed to embed itself into the BUSINESS side of SOCIETY’S MIND, that would mean that those HUNDREDS of QUINTILLIONS of FUTURE “SNAKE-OILED” income would disappear. It’s very close to Rod Serling’s premonition: “THE GIFT”


Yet, and STILL, the FOUNDATIONS that HAVE been contacted WON’T inquire about WHAT IS available to them, ( And those they tout to help.), to LEARN about a TOOL that is MY “GIFT” for THE CURE.

Below is just a partial list of those contacted… that haven’t returned an answer…

Date Size From / To Subject Read On
24 Apr 00:33 1.9K [External] To: roger@seenamagowitz… Cancer research funding innova… Sent
24 Apr 00:07 2.1K [External] To: info@showmecampai… Introduction of a Research fund… Sent
23 Apr 23:59 1.8K [External] To: Introduction of a Cancer resear… Sent
23 Apr 23:55 2.1K [External] To: SECOND introduction to resea… Sent
23 Apr 23:39 1.8K [External] To: info@gatesfoundation… Introduction of “Cancer” resear… Sent
23 Apr 18:47 1.8K [External] To: research funding innovative ite… Sent
23 Apr 18:34 1.8K [External] To: research funding innovation it… Sent
23 Apr 18:32 1.8K [External] To: research funding innovation it… Sent
23 Apr 18:29 1.8K [External] To: research funding innovation it… Sent
23 Apr 18:26 1.8K [External] To: funding innovation item. Sent
23 Apr 18:16 1.8K [External] To: funding innovation item Sent
17 Apr 20:24 1.5K [External] To: berkshire@berkshireha… Cancer Research funding Sent

If you’ve noticed the last you see is to one of the richest Men in this country, who just happens to have found out that HE has CANCER. YET, there’s been NO query. GO FIGURE.
Five minutes after update’s posting…

“up”date 05/10/2012:
Well folks, the polls are now closed at the Kickstarter site for the magnificent PEBBLE Watch. The advertised total is a paltry $10 MILLION DOLLARS to the bended knee asking of far less.

Yes, it DOES look like people WOULD rather ADD to their gadgetry than to their HEALTHS. Defeat can be washed of its aromas… when it’s only about a ‘LIFE’… ISN’T IT? AS long as IT’S NOT YOURS.

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Imitation of Life: The Sad Modern Adaptation

The problem of this ‘Nation’ isn’t RACE, it’s the ASSUMPTION of being A certain “RACE”. Since the first child born of “PLANTATION FEVER” the “AU LAIT” Babe has had its place continually repositioned on the chessboard of SOCIETY. Instead of having to have the field “muck” scoured from the truth most became relegated to ministering to the other side of “in-laws” and their guests.Most times the serving of refreshments ON-THE-PORCH, so as to not “blemish” the fine OCTOROON, ( a person of one-eighth black ancestry.), tawniness that is still sought today.

The government has sought to categorize its growing ingredients of the “MELTING POT” by asking people to tell them what they’ve been TOLD that they are. The self-defining check of the box “HISPANIC -WHITE is the “troublesome” characterization that IS afflicting one George Zimmerman.

But, this situation HAS had its “FACE” described to us through the lens of a PANAFLEX Movie Camera via the adapted story line of Fannie Hurst’s novel,(1933) (
When brought to the Movie Houses in 1959, (,
the early stages of the CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT had begun to enter into the awareness of AMERICA. And, lo and behold the awareness has had a shocking reawakening down in Sanford, Florida.

To cut to the quickest point that I can.In Imitation of Life SUSAN KOHNER played the “passing-for-white” Daughter of a “Negro” Maid.

If you read Ms. Kohner’s biography, (…
“Kohner is the daughter of Mexican actress Lupita Tovar and film producer Paul Kohner.Her father was Jewish and her mother was Catholic”.

It’s been difficult to get the clearest information of George Zimmerman’s complete racial background, but the similarities are interesting. His Father is of European descent, as his Mother is Peruvian. Almost a direct fraternal cloning of Imitaion of Life’s wayward primary.

The dilemma faced by the children growing up in this country is that according to the ‘BURB, Block or garrison one is subjected to basically paints this group with some fairly blurry outlines of IDENTITY, thus making possible the un-thought choices of societal behaviors.

When one has been imbued with certain mental/ ideological/ racial tool sets there WILL be MANY occasions that THOSE “TOOLS” will be mis-handled.

The saddest part of getting to this thought is that YOUNG Mr. Zimmerman is sitting somewhere without a “tool-set” that can STOP the hurt HE has right now. YES,Trayvon Martin IS no longer a part of us, but those that wrote the script that George Zimmerman ad-libbed with will, more than likely KILL HIM JUST AS WELL. The crime that’s been committed is the crime of one section of ‘humanity’ telling all the others that greed, cruelty and “divine” right is a part of their “genetic” make-up.

As Domanick Balli’s song says… they’re “FREE-TARDED”,, and NOTHING is allowed to do so much wrong.. IMPLIED OR ENFORCED.

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