As you came upon this post EVEN A BLIND MAN CAN TELL the CHANGES that ARE happening AT THIS VERY MOMENT.

For years we’ve seen young men acting like Davids against the structural GOLIATHS, ( I tried to present a picture of Irish youth throwing stones at British troops, labeled it “SO”… for 16 pages ALL images were of Palestinian youth. Just to let you know how tough it is to get away from the media’s manipulation of information.), we’ve been here throughout MANY “civilizations”.

“History” is not JUST ‘HIS’-STORY, the WOMEN suffer as much, and so much more. They are the people who have GIVEN their husbands and their combined effort of love… their SONS,(as the American little-league mirror firing a “fastball” at a troop carrier instead of a batter’s head to “brush him back”.). Their NEPHEWS along side, because they are FAMILY,( we’re ALL family!), and the viscosity of what flows through their veins. BUT when the NATION’S DAUGHTERS…

… are REMOVED from providing that nation their WISDOM, BEAUTY and LONGEVITY that “NATION”, and those who consider themselves its “leaders”, have LOST every cognition. Neda was studying Philosophy, IS there ANY question of her DOCTORATE ? Of her convictions ?

We’ve seen this before, but now they’re “aiming” to stop DAUGHTERS, as well as SONS. It’s NOT EASY being GREEN.


What GATES Shall Open us to HELL ?

If you’ve been on this continent for more than 47 years you MAY be able to remember the 1960’s television show [\”The Outer Limits\”], or almost anything having the name of [Rod Serling]. These all dealt with ‘A’ future, the unknown… the “LOOKING GLASS “BIZARRE” and consummate-able.

In the fact that there have been many events that are, “seemingly”, more mentally taxing than the previous “SLAP to the forehead”, we are now looking backwards through the proverbial “crystal ball”. Can we feel the moment coming when we’d been lulled to feel that comforting false ambrosia of a thumb… as it is directed from the mouth into our EYE !?!

Is it so much a stretch to see this redoubling of an effort ? A serious recombination, (See recombinant, it is ” in their GENES.), of past conflicts inflicted, all constructed [For the LOVE of MONEY], and the control of human life by a “ROYALTY of INBREDS”.

If you’ve not been privy to the historical uncoverings of the act to begin the [SECOND WORLD War] those with the INTEREST, (Both meanings.), of what could further the domination of a peoples used the ploys of RACE, ECONOMY, and NATURAL RESOURCES to draw the ATTENTION away from the INTENDED. [Twelve days and 62 years of knowledge.] Its not like we haven’t seen something like this before.

IS there any semblance between Adolf and Jong-Il ? I won’t say yes but this is what Mr. Obama’s, then, opponent expoused in 2008…

… As YOU gaze, either INTENTLY, or LAZILY, (they’re HOPING SLEEPILY!), into that Seer’s globe of ‘GUESS’ it has provided a fuzzy light to [the GATES ] that may portend a SERLING-ESQUE [“Requiem for a Heavyweight“]…

LIFE, as we “know” it … AMERICAN, or OTHER-WISE !!!!!!

President Obama Visits Predissessor’s Rootballs

This day is June FIFTH, Two-thousand Nine A.D., the day that President Barak Hussein Obama is to follow up his statements of growth and TOLERANCE that he made in Egypt Wednesday. Now within the borders of the country that had levitated so many of the previous administration’s [progenitors] into use-able [positions] the President will speak at Buchenwald concentration camp that, even though his [uncle] disapproves, WILL bring a better light to those grounds.

In a time of…

historical confusings

historical confusings

it’s now time for someone to rip the covers off what events have actually been the catalysts for today’s problems. It is my hope that those present, and those who have accepted the responcibilties to gather, then report their witnessed events will do so without the new digital manipulations being foisted upon the world now.


The Patriot Act: Can It Encompass Roe vs. Wade ?

Until Roe v. Wade LIFE was forced upon the only person capable to make the Human “RACE” run the course of EXISTENCE. As a LAW it gave the bearer of said reproductive ‘equipment’ the [RIGHT] to their INTERNAL \’organs\’].

If a human being has a disagreement with another there must, FIRST, be the attempt of UNDERSTANDING, a leagues travel “within another’s shoes”. Those “shoes” being thoroughly examined inside and out, with the emotional AND physical “forensics” to make a full, unprejudiced, INTELLIGENT decision.

As this is the 2009th,(A.D.),4706 in China, Women are still being made to do what “the MAN” ‘dictates’, usually doing so without proper KNOWLEDGE, supposition being the leading force of conclusion. Add the racial h-bomb of [EUGENICS], as it has been insidiously indoctrinated into the national psyche from [Germany], and through enough time, and the secularists melange of viewpoints, we will have more of [THIS].

Can the “person” who killed Dr. George Tiller really make the “CHOICE”





this ?

What ‘ACT’ must we protect this NATION from ? AND WHO !?!

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