e.e. scruggs Five String GIANT

EARL EUGENE SCRUGGS lived a year for each key, and ALL seven octaves, of the Piano. And, played it all on just FIVE strings of a Banjo.

Most non-COUNTRY folk hadn’t heard of Mr. Scruggs until they saw the “Beverly Hillbillies”, or watched “Deliverance”, focusing on the “dumb genius” of the ‘Banjo Boy’ pickin’ on the porch. But, the real “banjo-boy” had developed the style that carried this truest of GENIUS’ to heights that could’ve seen them playing “SALTY DOG” thoughout ‘SHANGRI-LA’…

Some true Yodeling crossed with THROAT-SINGING!

If you sometimes sit and seriously listen to the craftsmanship of HOW the organizations of “noise” is put together as well as anything Michaelangelo hammered out of Marble then you feel the staccato flow of Earl’s three fingers dancing atop a string.

For someone that was supposed to have grown up in a gene pool of R&B I listened to COUNTRY for the first six years, and seem to remember a gent with the last name of an Eskimo breed of dog… HUSKY, “FERLIN” I believe.

The only thing that I can say now is that HEAVEN has just opened its gates to a whole new set of Angel’s “HARP” playin’ with LESTER* and EARL back on the same STAGE.
* ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lester_Flatt )

He’s telling the TRUTH.

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Banana “CHILI” Claims Jabenero Title

Being “able” to think is an argument most would claim I do too much of, without the benefits of making money at it. THIS is a truism with many merits. But, then again some of the “US” that try to find the clearer voice don’t have a Judge for a Father to see us through “our art”. ( As an Edouard MANET.) The “Times” of change and retreat is MAN-“kind” through the ACCEPTED RECORDED HISTORIES. Those “that’s be needin'” a placement are often relegated to “FOLK-DOM”, Br’er Aesop and such.

So, what does one “do”, as I have all too often, when we’ve read the “MASTER-FULL” penning of a ‘brilliant’ minority that’s traveled the sacred corporate halls of an Ivy-League stalwart called “HAH-VAUD”? In this case it’s through CNN…


Please read ‘fellow’ word-pressian’s “OH-Pinion” before you get cheapened by my comment… ( Jeopardy Final question music plays HERE.)

In a time of history when a sitting news-“caster” can call, (“JOKINGLY”),for the assassination of a sitting President I do believe that the reigns for general thought should be given back to the Mustang. EVERYONE wants to be a Lipizzaner, not realizing that they, like the Polar Bear, happen to not be as “PEARLY WHITE” as most think they are. (Remember the argument of the movie …”RED OCTOBER”.)

If you read the CNN article you ‘see’ the wonderousness of ‘INDOCTRIN-NATION’, the “MELANGE-of-the-moment”, IMITATION OF LIFE. And NOT “PASSIN'”!

After reading the post I HAD to say “something”…
(This WAS to be EMAILED, but gmail couldn’t “recognize” the address.)


‘Hello, as you should be able to tell “I’m” “a person-of-colour”*. I just read your “OH”-pinion about the proposed mural in Texas ending in …” We know the truth. Time to move on.” *(My address has “tan” in it.)
Since you’re a young man, of a time when you’re probably younger than Martin Luther King, the THIRD, your social security age bracket should take note of this. In that you can’t remember ANYTHING about the ZOOT SUIT WARS, Chicano-“esque” beaten and killed “BECAUSE”… . You get the gist. Now, “some folk” don’t just “drop” the hate. They may swaddle it, but it’s the catcher-of-the-stink-and-slimes that’s fed to the next generation, NEVER to stop its rhizome-like, beneath the surface continuances. JUST like KUDZU.
Here’s a question to counter-balance the “moving ON”. How long do YOU think it took for ISLAM to forgive the CRUSADERS !?!
Decent ‘opinion’ according to the “times”. SKEWED when you can weigh it against the real truths of HUMAN NATURE.
I have just found you at wordpress.com, look up omegetymon.wp.com. I couldn’t be a product of a fine education, I’m Dyslexic and “KNEE-GROID”.Played “some” ICE HOCKEY, not Basketball.Blew everything for a Peruvian Girl with a Blush.
When I’d finished the post I noticed you’d gotten 72 recommendations. I give you one too, but not for their reasonings.”

In the more current Television sitcoms the practice of canned laughter has been re-introduced for some VERY annoying reasons. With that the frequency of alcohol consumption has reached Hoda and Kathie Lee, as their “MAD MEN” vs ‘CHEECH and CHONG’ version of “WAKE-N-BAKE. As many historically offensive RACIAL “JOKES” that, again, ‘pass’ because the parents have amputated their childrens’ HERITAGE(S) AND HISTORIES, “SO, THAT-THEY-WILL-FIT-IN”. The PSY=OP managers are having too easy a work-load with the current “crop”… that is until Trayvor Martin. When the “better” educated have their words and views given two-thumbs on the scales,(of Justice) it’s TIME to train more honest BUTCHERS.

For “GHITS AND SHIGGLES” I I”electronically INK-BLOTTED” this little “comi-graph”. It’s the coming interpretation of “SAMBO”, ( Which IS aforementioned in the CNN article, so I can USE it for a reference “POINT”.)

“SAMBO knows Global Warming”.

On a note of building ones’ career off of the missive of HATE’S malignancies, Geraldo Rivera has blessed the public with a statement that appears to show how entrenched BIGOTRY can become when the realities “OF” are “GOTTEN PAST” for the sake of “prestige” and the semblance of “The AMERICAN DREAM”.


Regretfully, it seems that Geraldo HAS been “TAPPED” to represent the “views” of the Latino citizenry by the groups seeking to offer them “full” membership into “WHITE SOCIETY”. If you don’t see this coming consider the Government questionnaire … “Hispanic- WHITE”, in/ AT “DUE” time they WILL be SEPARATED. And, though YOU won’t “see” it there WILL be the many that will displace their heritage.

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Vin Yettes Envisions

It’s really NOT “funny” that so many Bloggers sit for some few minutes to tell the WORLD what they’ve witnessed, from the headline’s peep to their personal “revelations”. Today is March 17, 2012, the WORLD is still picking its collective noses while an entire NATION and region of Africa is having its citizenry EXTERMINATED. Even after these few years of acknowledgement.


The focus IS on George Clooney,as well as his former WLWC News-Caster Father who was arrested with his Son. The interesting part of the focus is that their fellow protester is Martin Luther King the Third, following in HIS Father’s consistency of SHACKLING-for-Justice tactic. ( Borrowed from Mohandas Ghandi.)
_________________________________________May 10, 2008
As I saw “IT” then…
There is a vicious rumbling around the world today and its only GETTING LOUDER. We citi/deni-zens of this, (quite disjointed actually.), UNITED STATES of AMERICA have let the driving force…

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He Doesn’t Like HIS Just Desserts

“God blesses “THOSE”, and TEASES ‘OTHERS'”.

Is there ANY wonder that the “FATES” decided to NOT “bless” RUSH LIMBAUGH with CHILDREN !?!

After his “priestly” opinion of Law Student Sandra Fluke as to being a “SLUT” for having the ABILITY, but not the DESIRE, to have CHILDREN…

… Rush Limbaugh is UN- APOLOGETIC for his being either STERILE or SEVERELY IMPOTENT.
( Sorry Rush the “black guy” didn’t say that he “thinks” you’re important.)

Some are asking John Boehner to motivate Limbaugh to reverse his statement publicly, especially since Rush IS the “Portal” of ‘RED’ METHANE.
It appears that “others” aren’t going to wait for “NATURAL CAUSES”…

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