… “Friday”


Just awakened

no reason why

the sure-less sound

of offspring’s

aging ‘modern’ flivver

a tinny “Flicka”

doors close

and the Elves ‘tap’

driver’s cadence

with “hobby” powered power

unto a Sun’s unknown position


She’s into the being

into the Being

that’s into being into

being around her Being


It’s been THAT

type of altas houras

start of my “FRIDAY”




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[“DO TELL”]: This ISN’T “JUST”… for “Millennials” anymore!


The “CHANGE” professed those years ago was only to the MAN

the raucous feast of LOOT’S possessed did harness “YES,WE CAN”

the shuffle once reserved for “less” adopted by the ‘light’

a consoled effort “BUMP and TWERK” ignoring what is right

those having seen the Century passed buttered baton’s  oops

and waiting for the “ship’s” come in no rope to tie the Sloops

the “SEA-TO-SEA” has gifts there still we stumble by them more

we’ve listened to the kids named CORP that count our hides as chore

the BELL for WAKE UP one long tone it’s OURS not just “for THEE”

the term of FREE-DUMB all mislead in TRUTH NAMED LIBERTY

Rampant “FREE-DUMB”

[GEORGE MICHAEL ZIMMERMAN] is, again, in the “NEWS”. The story grows to stranger lengths and, WORSE public relations for those that see playing Wyatt Earp as a duty of self preservation.

The insidious part of this tragedy is that the clarity of WHO G.M. Zimmerman is IS NOT as important as the collective that he represents from AROUND the GLOBE. It’s shameful that the media portrays him a “WHITE” man, even though the visage says something very different. Whatever the reason, the fact is that this man has the belief that HE has been given James Bond’s LICENSE. Too Bad, this puts ANYONE at risk for any decision George makes.


what visions by Pandora the lid adrift to sky

those gone had sewn a reason ‘gainst seizures so decried

the [“HEPTA-DENTS”} all went their “Ways” communal  even still

their offspring making [“HEADLINES”] Life’s milk continued spills

the long and very short of it is LICENSE without good tests

amendments have a special way of excluding so much rest

Paul Harvey starred the story farther than bits from water troughs

the shame of just few pages is how often illiterates scoff

the history of “Wrong” set free by those that seek the same

is when it knocks upon their door they sever their own skein

so as this tale again dips through the swales remember it’s all legit

costumes will allow insane(d) to go just where they so well fit

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As “WE” are part of a new millennium you’d… THINK… that the LESSONS of another Nation, [Australian Aboriginal Adoption FAILURES], would alter the LESSENS of a “model” one,
[http://www.nicwa.org/babyveronica/]. This appears NOT to be so TODAY as, AGAIN, a ‘Government’ Judiciary has weakened one of the RACES that MADE SURE that THIS NATION COULD defeat an ENEMY…



These things SHOULD be “SELF EVIDENT”. That the DIVERSITY that HAS made US/ U.S.(of A.) such a uniquely viable NATION. INDIVISIBLE, WITH [LIBERTY], AND JUSTICE, ( NOT JUSTUS) FOR ALL.

With that, the “news” that the Oklahoma Supreme Court withdrew from a case to make way for a NATIVE AMERICAN FATHERED child to become communally erasable by being adopted by a SOUTH CAROLINA,
(read: VERY “CAUCASIAN”.), couple.

Who knows HOW these folks “FEEL” about Native Americans… DID anyone from the CHEROKEE NATION get to POSE ANY SERIOUS QUESTIONS!?!

With that I’ve a “PROSAIC” piece of “thought”.

WE knew that before you arrived
family trends go far past steeples

But, for US you’d speak clear German
TWO ‘great’ Wars, “Codes” WE speak EVERY DAY
it’s IMMERSION providing learnin’
LOST, when YOU take “ONE” away

NATIVE Fathers, Daughters, Sons and WIVES
not much longer, that is called VESTIGIAL
since YOUR landing, we fight FOR OUR LIVES

Now, you’ve taken our DEAR VERONICA
instead of ancient song, it’s DIXIE’S “wish”
no tunes played on bird-bone pipes, its harmonicas
no lunch on Buffalo, just the “KETTLED FISH”

“GREAT tan father” promised CHANGE but, IT HASN’T
it’s THEIR LAW, pronounced “JUST US”
maybe ONCE they’d make Great Spirit GLADENED
WE’LL have that “seat” at “FRONT OF BUS”

Leif Erikson even knew to LEAVE… WELL, ENOUGH…ALONE.

First Site Renamed With Good’s Reason

G, is for the GOAT you thought you made me
H, is for the hate that ate up all your pride
A, is for the act that “wasn’t” in you
U, is for the underhanded, snide
C, is for the coughing up your praises
H, is for the hell that you always will provide
E, is for the exit that has phased you
R, is for the child’s name I won’t abide

Put them all together
and they spell GHAUCHER
a name so earned
as replacing
omegetymon: the beginning root blog site

The transitive noun would be MOTHER…

The new “expletives”…
GH, as in enouGH
AU, as in AUthor
CH, as in CHaracter…
Don’t you remember you ‘English’ lessons?

“Good” friends always inspire us.

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Banana “CHILI” Claims Jabenero Title

Being “able” to think is an argument most would claim I do too much of, without the benefits of making money at it. THIS is a truism with many merits. But, then again some of the “US” that try to find the clearer voice don’t have a Judge for a Father to see us through “our art”. ( As an Edouard MANET.) The “Times” of change and retreat is MAN-“kind” through the ACCEPTED RECORDED HISTORIES. Those “that’s be needin'” a placement are often relegated to “FOLK-DOM”, Br’er Aesop and such.

So, what does one “do”, as I have all too often, when we’ve read the “MASTER-FULL” penning of a ‘brilliant’ minority that’s traveled the sacred corporate halls of an Ivy-League stalwart called “HAH-VAUD”? In this case it’s through CNN…


Please read ‘fellow’ word-pressian’s “OH-Pinion” before you get cheapened by my comment… ( Jeopardy Final question music plays HERE.)

In a time of history when a sitting news-“caster” can call, (“JOKINGLY”),for the assassination of a sitting President I do believe that the reigns for general thought should be given back to the Mustang. EVERYONE wants to be a Lipizzaner, not realizing that they, like the Polar Bear, happen to not be as “PEARLY WHITE” as most think they are. (Remember the argument of the movie …”RED OCTOBER”.)

If you read the CNN article you ‘see’ the wonderousness of ‘INDOCTRIN-NATION’, the “MELANGE-of-the-moment”, IMITATION OF LIFE. And NOT “PASSIN'”!

After reading the post I HAD to say “something”…
(This WAS to be EMAILED, but gmail couldn’t “recognize” the address.)


‘Hello, as you should be able to tell “I’m” “a person-of-colour”*. I just read your “OH”-pinion about the proposed mural in Texas ending in …” We know the truth. Time to move on.” *(My address has “tan” in it.)
Since you’re a young man, of a time when you’re probably younger than Martin Luther King, the THIRD, your social security age bracket should take note of this. In that you can’t remember ANYTHING about the ZOOT SUIT WARS, Chicano-“esque” beaten and killed “BECAUSE”… . You get the gist. Now, “some folk” don’t just “drop” the hate. They may swaddle it, but it’s the catcher-of-the-stink-and-slimes that’s fed to the next generation, NEVER to stop its rhizome-like, beneath the surface continuances. JUST like KUDZU.
Here’s a question to counter-balance the “moving ON”. How long do YOU think it took for ISLAM to forgive the CRUSADERS !?!
Decent ‘opinion’ according to the “times”. SKEWED when you can weigh it against the real truths of HUMAN NATURE.
I have just found you at wordpress.com, look up omegetymon.wp.com. I couldn’t be a product of a fine education, I’m Dyslexic and “KNEE-GROID”.Played “some” ICE HOCKEY, not Basketball.Blew everything for a Peruvian Girl with a Blush.
When I’d finished the post I noticed you’d gotten 72 recommendations. I give you one too, but not for their reasonings.”

In the more current Television sitcoms the practice of canned laughter has been re-introduced for some VERY annoying reasons. With that the frequency of alcohol consumption has reached Hoda and Kathie Lee, as their “MAD MEN” vs ‘CHEECH and CHONG’ version of “WAKE-N-BAKE. As many historically offensive RACIAL “JOKES” that, again, ‘pass’ because the parents have amputated their childrens’ HERITAGE(S) AND HISTORIES, “SO, THAT-THEY-WILL-FIT-IN”. The PSY=OP managers are having too easy a work-load with the current “crop”… that is until Trayvor Martin. When the “better” educated have their words and views given two-thumbs on the scales,(of Justice) it’s TIME to train more honest BUTCHERS.

For “GHITS AND SHIGGLES” I I”electronically INK-BLOTTED” this little “comi-graph”. It’s the coming interpretation of “SAMBO”, ( Which IS aforementioned in the CNN article, so I can USE it for a reference “POINT”.)

“SAMBO knows Global Warming”.

On a note of building ones’ career off of the missive of HATE’S malignancies, Geraldo Rivera has blessed the public with a statement that appears to show how entrenched BIGOTRY can become when the realities “OF” are “GOTTEN PAST” for the sake of “prestige” and the semblance of “The AMERICAN DREAM”.


Regretfully, it seems that Geraldo HAS been “TAPPED” to represent the “views” of the Latino citizenry by the groups seeking to offer them “full” membership into “WHITE SOCIETY”. If you don’t see this coming consider the Government questionnaire … “Hispanic- WHITE”, in/ AT “DUE” time they WILL be SEPARATED. And, though YOU won’t “see” it there WILL be the many that will displace their heritage.

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Palin Just Won’t Fade AWAY

For all the things coming “out” of Sarah Palin’s mouth about the First Lady on Fox’s “news” show it’s extremely interesting that HER comments would be so flippant.When one “Google’s” the “subject” 55,200,000 approximate results register. “Flippant you say?” YES, I say Flippant. Here’s a woman that makes snide remarks after the “facts” on the goings on within the WHITE HOUSE. I’m waiting on what she has to offer on the truthfulness in Jodi Kantor’s book.

Speaking of books the worded “reveal” by Joe McGinniss has created no SMILE on the face of “dear” Sarah as Glen “PUFFED” Rice is alleged to have. It’s no “small wonder”…

As you can see by her “campaign and lobbying” outfits.
The saddest part of the “Sarah Palin era” is that she truly represents the IGNORANCE and VICIOUSNESSES that AMERICA has become. Even sadder yet is the fact that so many find that very trait “attractive” in/ for those who’ll be running “their” government.

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We’re BUILDING a 3794083 Square Mile GULAG

Most of the “legislators” we’ve placed into the upholstery of OUR Senate and Congress were in COLLEGE during the turbulent era of the 1960’s and 1970’s. Some may remember that they had a neighbor with a pretty neat “play-house” just south of their favorite childhood Jungle Gym. That would have been a BOMB SHELTER…

When mothers and fathers listened to Chet and David, or Edward R. in their childhoods, the constant tone was “PREPARE FOR “THE” ENEMY. The KGB and Speznatz, Mao’s BILLION strong Army made Dulcolax a staple in the medicine cabinet. They were glad when Alexander Solzenitsyn told them of “the GULAG”…
From The Gulag Archipelago:

Do not pursue what is illusory–property, position, all that is gained at the expense of your nerves, decade after decade, and is confiscated in one fell night. Live with a steady superiority over life–don’t be afraid of misfortune and do not yearn after happiness; it is, after all, all the same–the bitter doesn’t last forever and the sweet never fills the cup to overflowing.

It is enough if you don’t freeze in the cold, if thirst and hunger don’t claw at your insides. If your back isn’t broken, if your feet can walk, if your arms bend, if both eyes can see, and if both ears can hear, then whom should you envy? And why? Our envy of others devours us most of all.

Rub your eyes and purify your heart–and prize above all else in the world those who love you and wish you well. Do not hurt them or scold them, and never part with them in anger; after all, you simply do not know, it may be your last act. (Doesn’t it seem to have that “ECCLESIASTICAL” tone?) …

FAILING to take to heart words that were COMPLETELY “mimed” on the campus of KENT STATE three years before U.S. readers would see his published witness…


And, YET, the water-boarded screams from behind walls that we REALLY DO KNOW “OF” are being passed off as the misunderstandings of a new generation…

Even though it IS the same plea.
The scenario of a new “history” is, CONSTANTLY, within “our” sight, some… SIGHTS,
-they-define-being). The problem is that they’re “adopting” the very tactics they’re “DEPLORING” of Middle-Eastern governments that have been propped from beside the POTOMAC for decades.
Are WE CITIZENS to VOLUNTEER to be the ‘NEW ENEMY… of EACH of the very STATES we live and pay taxes in!?!
While you are “CARING” about WHO will be paid to coach the “funding” arm of a tutelage of Corporate greed you SHOULD be PAYING ATTENTION to how those same Corporations have BOUGHT YOUR “ELECTED” to show YOU how “THE SOUTH” has really WON by turning this ENTIRE 3794083 SQUARE MILES of “land of the free” into the most DIVERSE plantation since James Oglethorpe chartered land for George the Second, in 1732. Have you any idea WHY there are some states that haven’t lost “the symbol” for all these years?
As to WHO would “DO THIS” to the AMERICAN CITIZENRY the answer would be… The worldwide indefinite detention without charge or trial provision is in S. 1867, the National Defense Authorization Act bill, which will be on the Senate floor on Monday. The bill was drafted in secret by Sens. Carl Levin (D-Mich.) and John McCain* (R-Ariz.) and passed in a closed-door committee meeting, without even a single hearing. * YES, that WOULD be the “man” that voted against MLK’s Birthday and denied being the true “MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE”. As stated by one that became the ‘hated’ “patriot”… BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. ( Malcolm (“Little”) X)
As I wrote this I became severely aware that since our government IS watching everything “we” do that there’s a multi-set-of- concentric-circles-tattoed-somewhere-on-my-“BEING”. The best way that I know how to exact revenge is to do so in a BUDDHIST manner… PEACE-FULLY, and INTELLEGENTLY.SO call your legislator and ASK whether they voted for, or AGAINST S. 1867. You’ll find out who your friends are. The vote was aired on CSPAN Monday 11/29/2011 at 10 a.m.. And Goolge, as of this posting STILL hasn’t divulged the outcome.

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