Will Work for FOod

The cable television industry is so driven to replay LIFE, as they sell you to see it, that if you don’t have it you can be left up to an entire YEAR behind. I was hyper-browsing the offerings available when a show with this same utilitarian title was listed to premiere in the very near future. Carrier, channel, title you know. The principal will also go nameless… BECAUSE that is exactly HOW these LAZY, IDIOTS continually make life IMPOSSIBLE for those WITHOUT. The way to “find” “one’s golden road is NOT by a road that contains the BLOODY FOOTPRINTS of a path built by the LOST and DOWNTRODDEN. When I looked at Google Images, for a graphic to place in this article, the filling THIRTY-FOUR MILLION THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND BASIC (!!!) representations of so COMMON a plea, (Remember this term. Because we Americans have been innoculated against the ravages of those”things” that cause “some people to BE put in THAT position”. Except that as of an Eight, and much better, year of the “Liesengreed” Foundation mass “INSTITUTIONAL” GIVEAWAY by the world’s public.), that in this day of ages someone standing on a public thoroughfare WITH THIS PLAQUARD would be IGNORED by a “Young Einstein” reading it expertly. THAT is what “we’ve” come to. With corporations removing concern more and more “daily”.

#1 of 34,300,000

#1 of 34,300,000

Now cabal television, (CABAL is NOT a misspelling.), is quickly taking the smoke we so gladly accepted from their lips, (YOU know where.), and without washing their faces are lavishly laying kisses everywhere ABOVE our shoulders, giving us the stink of too much of the same… like four days of JULY … In the same GARMENTS… no foundational anti-FUNK… 98 degree/ DAY… 97.8 degree/ NIGHT… 6 gallons TOTAL… to DRINK…, (Literally) “CRAP”.
How is it that all the “geniuses” with the sheepskins can’t arrive at anything more creative than someone who has had the DIGNITY beaten out of them, (It doesn’t matter if it WAS by acceptance or not!), and just doesn’t CARE for the “extras”, SUPER-SIZING= having.
This is how things are getting “DONE” now…
How fast they rub the where/ wear/ ware, we determine.

How fast they rub the where/ wear/ ware, we determine.

With an entire nation just beginning to understand what the rest of our planet knows as an everyday occurance how can we allow the blatant dismantling of the recognitions of personal accountability and care?
Let us ALL remember what Martin Niemoeller gave us after realizing that the seeming “small stuff” is what makes up the universe.
When the Nazis came for the communists, I remained silent; I was not a communist. When they locked up the social democrats, I remained silent; I was not a social democrat. When they came for the trade unionists, I did not speak out; I was not a trade unionist. When they came for me, there was no one left to speak out… Martin Niemoeller- Dachau
When you saw that the last word of the title looked wrong, congratulations, it represents how that the best intentions, even awry, deserve the fullness “of”.
But, as you look at how the visual flow has its deminishing “flow”come to an abrupt STOP you, hopefully, can understand why we must end corporations’ insidious ways of getting people to not care about their WORLD.
Will WORK for FOOD is something everybody does. It’s the only way to get it after you’ve been USING it for so long.
WE ALL WORK for FOOD, it’s just that some “work” off another’s misfortunes instead of their combined blessings. It gives an entire new meaning to the adage of those “helping” themselves.

The Cold Percentages

This is the physical representation of how many “Americans” a happy for the “END of AN ERROR” to its historical relevance:[ A MILLION to one.]

 SEE !?!

SEE !?!

There’s Something Going ON…

Its calling itself ANTAGONYMIST.

It's calling itself ANTAGONYMIST.

There wasn’t much to say here so a new article drove itself here to advertise an interesting thought. Just ‘Google’ the big letters and check out the contents. And for you “New Comers”, yes, it is another one of my blogs… I spent so much time with it that even I got excited with its PREMISE. There WILL be something here on the morrow. Tuesday was a very exciting day for ALL of US.

Rosa would LOVE this

A diminutive woman born in the historically significant city of [Tuskegee, Alabama] refused the command of bus driver James Blake and the rest is definitely HERSTORY. As so many people have given themselves the permission to travel to Washington, D.C. to, ( It is a spiritual thing!), ‘WITNESS’ the largest event of their lives, [ROSA PARKS] made sure that NO-ONE wouldn’t get there.

1955, December 1, theyd hold hands for a different reason on the bus.

After 1955, December 1, they'd hold hands for a different reason on the bus.

And I sincerely believe that each would pay their way…

if for no other reason but to survive the economy left by BUSH and company. There can be joy and frivolity in every serious moment. (thus the song)

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In a BROTHER’S Keeping

His POST requested via E-Mail. A BLOGGER dot calmer with a comparative query of, “only”, TWO WORDS… Veto (vs) Democracy, found at LOVE-Ely (. blogspot.com). Tinko had asked me to help his work by writing about how women are being exploited around the “Pacific Rim”regions, I haven’t found those specific word groupings yet, but these are the first rumblings. They are my asked for view of those two Gibraltar-“esque” words’ opinion.

This IS my thought/ answer:

CONCURRED. I can’t follow the vein that the view of the FEW outweigh the truth of the many. “Great” powers in minute amounts is similar to attempting control of the “spread pattern” of a NUCLEAR fission, that is how the VETO is used by global “powers”. Where the democratic sight-lines are as the flock of a MILLION birds overhead: the group holds a miraculous precision because they feel each others’ spacings.

Tinko has a “way” of getting a “thought-ballooned” to expand more than designed.

If you sincerely look you’ll find there are many angles and views… from the many. D’Ellis

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David H. Dave Longager

David H. "Dave" Longaberger

Do you really KNOW what the ‘PRIDE‘ (in the phrase uttered by we Americans) in CRAFTSMANSHIP means when you hear, see or touch an item that has a zip-code stamped on it ? Or a set of initials daubed by ‘magic marker’ ? Have you EVER noticed a slightly darker splotch of “stain” on that nice ‘PICNIC’ basket that ‘grandma’ gave you when you turned 21 ? (That just may be somebody’s type-O…positive.) If you DO it MAY be because of an AMERICAN BUSINESS ANOMALY named The LONGABERGER BASKET COMPANY, started , officially by David H. Longaberger. [Fine WARE from DRESDEN… Ohio.]

As you may have assessed by some past posts I attempt a “living” through assisting presentations “ON STAGE”, and that’s where this notation got it’s kindling: the Longaberger “BUZZ”, finishing on 1/10/09. Just how many individuals were (basically) seated I can’t say, but they FILLED one quarter of the ‘MILLION’ square foot Columbus Convention Center to get the news of just what ‘Dave’s’ daughters, (Tammy and Rachel) were bringing to the (extremely) EAGER ECHELON of “Team Leaders”, ( UBER productively efficient !). [Bringing American CRAFTSMANSHIP… back HOME.]

After spending two FULL days of building the stage settings for two FULLER days of helping the company, (These people are so homey that the word ‘company’ is exactly how you feel as well as how the “sales force” treats you.), tantalize their already excited “girl-friends”. These WOMEN are a LONG(aberger) way from ‘girlhood’, they ARE what Hollywood CANNOT grasp, have not grasped, on film, thx,digital or dolby, they are what every written ‘faith’ describes as desirable… Faith-filled=knowing that the world won’t give to them, or their family. Industrious= “if I want, or “need” it, I must increase our/ MY income for those/ that. The ‘BEAUTY’ that these women bring to the business world is that, (as an example), one of the ‘TOP’ sales representatives presented the scenario of being worthy of being “on stage” only because she had been chosen to “chauffeur”one of Dave’s daughters but her mini-van was too “used”to make a “GOOOD IMPRESSION” for the community… so she went out and made ALL proud through some “HOME SALES”. New mini-van included. The “stories” are infectious. [Do you really believe that I\’m making this up ?]

As the “BUZZ” ran its course of revealing the new and exciting things that the design teams had ‘wrought’ for these women to ‘W.E.A.V.E. and ‘glaze’, I was ‘paging’ video camera cable, seated next to me was a woman resting her left leg on a crutch, I asked what she’d done to achieve this condition…” I fell.”As we spoke during a small break this woman enlightened me to the fact that motherhood was “woven” with “knee-boat”,(“miniature” HYDRO-PLANES !), racing. THIRD GENERATION. Children, husband and nearly $4k monthly to get around this recession. This was the general timbre of talent that drives the legacy that David H. Longaberger’s “simple” hand made BASKETS have ALL across this AND other countries.

As I researched parts of this post it became more and more visible that this company has something to say to ALL businesses in this country, one is that living within one’s means doesn’t have to be done like a gladiator, it CAN be done with a hug or a handshake.And INCLUSION, with the encompassing of goodwill, will make AMERICA a COMMUNITY again. If we ALL give to OUR futures, (especially family, and since we ARE ALL family…), without the greeds, only the competition of guiding each other to betterment, then combining those successes. We ALL might become… a Bushel BASKET FULL of “TEN CENT MILLIONAIRES.

As a special note, Tammy and Rachel are taking their company’s ‘MADE IN AMERICA’ craftsmanship and have set the bar back on it’s home soil, bringing the LONGABERGER productions to their neighbors who need a ‘job’. If your interest has been piqued check on this. [Don\’t tisk it, they\’ll task it. It\’s Longaberger BASKETS ! ] [All things Longaberger.]

What DID you expect !?!

What DID you expect !?!

America’s Constabulary:

A “new”, revised, story that’s been told too many times here.

A year goes by… and so does ANOTHER innocent LIFE !!!

The number EIGHT is sometimes associated to the numerology belief of a “new beginning”. On May 21, 2008 the blog site Vincent Yettes, (wordpress.com), presented the post called “AMERICA’S CONSTABULARY: ERASING COLOR from the COUNTRY ?” As this is the up coming anniversary of that post this article is the SAD reprise of some VERY DISTURBING facts and photos. [Prince.org brought it “TO the PEOPLE”.]

Just at the beginning of 2009 in the “progressive” state of California an UNARMED passenger was ‘DISPATCHED’: WITH MALICE by a man WITH A GUN who just happened to be an “officer” of the regional transportation entity B.A.R.T.. You’ve most likely been acquainted to this awful story, but since this type of event happens so irregularly it’s “easily passed over”… except by SPOUSES and CHILDREN of the VICTIM. [“Pick a story, any story”.]

As THIS “re-telling” of an ALL TOO FAMILIAR scenario of these 233 years since CRISPUS ATTUCKS “TOOK ONE(!?!) FOR the TEAM” I MUST continue to FAN the smoke toward those who it SHOULD irritate MOST… EVERYONE !

I offer a WORLD of CONDOLENCES to the family and friends of Mr. Oscar Grant, the THIRD, (As well as to ALL who have died at the hands of those who feel that “THEY HAVE BEEN given the DEVINE right to KILL FOR THEIR ‘CAUSE.  They who live in GAZA understand. As do those in DARFUR, ZIMBABWE and ALL ELSE.)

I sign off now with the hope that these types of events will cease with OUR new leader. As ‘WE the PEOPLE’ NEED/ HAVE to be more involved with those who WE ENTRUST To PROTECT and SERVE… BY EDUCATION and example. Again, as of this moment, there has been no definite determination of “FAULT”, but if this runs “TRUE TO FORM” we’ll most likely watch another “VESTED” murderer be patted as he walks into a better, yet more discreet , type of employment.

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From Under the Bed…

… To eating your wallet’s contents.

Greed=  An appetite OUT of CONTROL.

Greed= An appetite OUT of CONTROL.

The Indian outsourcing firm SATYAM has followed the Texas-type of “Democratic” business modeling that has had its heyday grind the smalltime practitioners into the Earth’s mantle.As another entity comes forth to admit that it cared for the “APPEARANCE OF” instead of the solid results of ‘TRUTH’, (which is SANSKRIT=satyam). There isn’t much to say except that we NOW really know that the idiom of “MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL” is proving more true by the day. [\”Sold down the GANGES, Siddhartha\”.]

Who’s next / what’s next, I can’t predict but the next “shoe to drop” will be MUCH larger than Robert Jerry Lanier,Jr’s former office wear. And won’t THAT be a terrible footprint to receive at the wrong time … or (“I didn’t see it commin’ ” !) wrong PLACE !?!

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