In Passing: An ALMON Brother

The Funky ALMON Brother. Larry James ALMON was a musician, one of the leading members of the 1970’s band THE BUCKEYE POLITICIANS. “LA” took his final bow 12/20/2008 in Columbus, Ohio. His brothers Jay and Roscoe joined him as one of New York City’s favorite R&B/ FUNK providers.

Youth is fleeting.

Youth is fleeting.

Here’s a TASTE of LA’s work:The Funky ALMON Brother with friends and FAMILY.

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A “Pathetic” Christmas

Normal Folks Christmas.

2008: Normal Folks' Christmas.

“Son” woke to the expectations of the tree year old, cardboard containing ???. At the stage of four years from “freedom” he still blessed the camera with cherub-towhead features. Though the presents were ‘dollar-store’ fantastic the humility drove itself around all four of us, Father, Mother, Son and friend.

The short, but important, gift list had this year’s economic recipe…

Tee-shirt= Eat more Deer, the graphic=fish on crutches.

Mother/Son Mossey Oak hats, NOT matching.

Son= FIELD JACKET- O.D GREEN,( …”like I wore during MY stint, they haven’t produced the real thing for over 30 years.)

Dad= socks

Mom, a cookie jar= two sides the BATES HOTEL/ two sides the ADDAMS’ HOME.

The largest box was sealed with white cotton twine, Dad said that the twine was the combo gift then attempted to make/ show a Cat’s Cradle/ Jacob’s Ladder.

As we’ve been taught of what this DAY is supposed to represent the ‘PRESENT’, was that of the GIVING of HOPE, PEACE and the GOODWILL to those that are around us. So they may receive a proper PRESENT… for the other days of their lives.

Oh Death

DEATH serves, BOTH, Heaven AND Hell by “just doing ‘his’ job”.

Death is even more unprejudiced than G-D OR ‘Satan’, ‘he’ makes no choice to Race, Riches, OR Rank. Schooled to NOT count the “THREE R’s”.

Oh Death, by Dr. Ralph Sanley.

If I were to make the “history” of my “life”; the PURITY of efficiency, the CONSISTENCY of completion and , most of all, the FREEDOM of getting my ‘EARNINGS’ unweighted by the EGOS of my EMPLOYERS. This I would MIRROR TWICE.

Oh Death, nobody praises YOUR work’s ETHICS… Except ME.

When Death has come and fulfilled ‘his’ contract of ME I want to be “buried” ‘DEAD-CENTER’ of the MARIANAS TRENCH, a G.P.S. tracker telling Heaven and Earth that I have finally reached the lowest point in my “life”. And if there may be a “WAKE” I want the son-in-law of my first ‘stage’ employer, Don Arden, to have his song “NO MORE TEARS” as the only statement to be made of Death’s accomplishment.

Oh Death, I thank YOU for doing your ‘JOB’ so well.

On Contacting Your Legislators

A simple post that asks the question of : WHY is it that when a “common” CITIZEN wishes to make their opinion(s) known to ALL those that are responsible for our LAW-FULL concerns that there is NO central outlet to the ENTIRETY of those “representatives” ?

It DOES seem that the idiom of DIVIDE-and-CONQUER plays quite well for these “FELLOW” AMERICANS. If I have a small but SIGNIFICANT thought to pass along to my CONGRESS AND SENATE the far too many HOOPS aligned for passage effectively STIFLE progress. The question is why hasn’t someone dismantled this blockage before?

So many hoops ... so LITTLE time.

So many hoops ... so LITTLE time.