(the) Little Read Writing `Hood

One day Mohandas Lighque decided to become a “writer”. Mohandas considered himself fairly “well read” and was always getting into beefs with his acquaintances over his insistances of “knowledge”. Mohandas decided that his friend “Maug” was right that the many things that had “been lived” would be the best location to start. And, so he did.

“There was a COMMUNITY” of poets, word-smiths, pretensional historians and “punderasts”, along with the quasi-occasional recipe Deva. All making a POINT, most keying very fertilizered page widths, only a handful making “BULL”, with such within their targeted sub-(tra)-jectories. The choosing of the “SITE” happened to be one of the most grueling features for the building of the “LITURA-CHAIR”, the place where the electronic ethers would “enthrone” one’s thoughts and “brilliances” upon the constantly rising heights of affiliations and linkages. Since he wasn’t a sincere fan of LEFT TURNS he chose not to place with that cute, “good-ol’-boy’s”, hood “stickered” provider.

A “FREE” site was the way to go! Why pay for something that wasn’t a proven “golden egg”? Besides, Mohandas wasn’t close to being able to produce a ULYSSESS, let alone a well “spilled paragraff” without a decent spell-check. But, there WAS enough “idle” time to be filled with SOMETHING that didn’t cause undue “drowsiness, hyper ventilations, or jail time”. After much depilitation of to “whom” would be “blessed” with the next “Pulitzer” candidate Mohandas settled with “PAROCHIAL PROVENANCE PUBLISHINGS”, to gain the necessary ground work for his new “career”.

Mohandas began his quest of earnest, choosing the plethora of offered background tapestries to place the “ERMORROWIAN” gleanings of daily life that he plucked from the ‘observations’ of another… to be “re-scrabbled” into HIS own “intellectually deformed” uniquenesses. As “others” HAD told him, “You DO see things differently(!)”.

It wasn’t a grind for him, though Dyslexic . the “skill” of repositioning the letters became easier once the “spell-check” “multi-tools” were learned. There were even times when “A” reader would congratulate the post of its “visions”.
So, the weeks, and MONTHS, rolled by. One site became another, the “THEME” of the site “WAS ALL TOO IMPORTANT”. The truth was that he couldn’t keep to ONE subject of thought, therefore there HAD to be a “place” to express such. And, there were THAT many “MORE” solitary “visitors”, the largest percentage being “stumblers” who’d gotten the wrong “link”.

The site provider DID host MANY that WERE of the capability to receive ‘GOOD’ living receipts for their assigned points of view. They made money, so the “FREE” site got a renumerance for a better “e-quipped” home for “THEIR” “LITURA-CHAIR”, since it WAS covered by a better fabric of presentations.

The time passed to where there WERE many “posts”. One would have thought that Mohandas was TEXAN for the length, breadth and ‘SQUARE’S footings that he’d covered. But, as they said in the days of “YORE”, “ALAS”, the visitations were in the singular. Comments, in the PECULIAR, as quality was in the “UG-LY-ER”. For ALL the places his mind, thoughts and views had visited his editorial residence would remain…


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YES, Virgina, “IT” Does RUB OFF

After so many years of listening to HOW he would “overcome” the trouncing his Father had, Mitt Romney is now a “common” citizen. A MUCH MONIED citizen, but a “common” one, he IS.

So imagine the fluffery surrounding the MGM Grand Garden Arena, in Las Vegas the evening of December EIGHTH, TWO-THOUSAND TWELVE. One of THE biggest grudge matches of recent BOXING history is to be represented by Manny Pacquiao and,Juan Manuel Marquez.This IS going to be HUUUGGGEE!

SO, these TWO have fought to a win each, and a draw. This is THE deciding BOUT. And each have completed OVER FIFTY such battles of a WINNING RECORD.ENTER former Republican Presidential Candidate, Mitt Romney, to extend the privilege of a pre-congratulatory “well done” to a fellow POLITICIAN,
who is absolutely MORE FEARED than his AMIGO of a Mexico BORN PADRE. Cordialities exchanged, Mitt takes a RING-SIDE SEAT next to his Wife.The back and forth of the TWO is as advertised, (Kind’a like the past months leading to the Presidential election.), then the SIXTH ROUND FINDS…

” NOT to MANNY TOO!”… “I guess IT does RUB OFF”!

Manny Pacquiao in the, (past the…), same “surprising” position as himself this past November SEVENTH.

It’s a terrible feeling when someone’s “HELL” seems to have been paved by the same contracting firm as one’s ‘good’ intentions.

But, I CAN attest to the feeling.

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