Rampant “FREE-DUMB”

[GEORGE MICHAEL ZIMMERMAN] is, again, in the “NEWS”. The story grows to stranger lengths and, WORSE public relations for those that see playing Wyatt Earp as a duty of self preservation.

The insidious part of this tragedy is that the clarity of WHO G.M. Zimmerman is IS NOT as important as the collective that he represents from AROUND the GLOBE. It’s shameful that the media portrays him a “WHITE” man, even though the visage says something very different. Whatever the reason, the fact is that this man has the belief that HE has been given James Bond’s LICENSE. Too Bad, this puts ANYONE at risk for any decision George makes.


what visions by Pandora the lid adrift to sky

those gone had sewn a reason ‘gainst seizures so decried

the [“HEPTA-DENTS”} all went their “Ways” communal¬† even still

their offspring making [“HEADLINES”] Life’s milk continued spills

the long and very short of it is LICENSE without good tests

amendments have a special way of excluding so much rest

Paul Harvey starred the story farther than bits from water troughs

the shame of just few pages is how often illiterates scoff

the history of “Wrong” set free by those that seek the same

is when it knocks upon their door they sever their own skein

so as this tale again dips through the swales remember it’s all legit

costumes will allow insane(d) to go just where they so well fit

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… “wisdom” writes the tunes to blues

It’s “funny”, the first blog. then to follow a post about your first “serious” story. Now, to imbue someone with a “coming of age” jot in a way that I’ve heard from some old musicians…

when I was young the ‘crack’ of dawn would run
as I couldn’t keep my essense “tombed”
fresh estrogen proved not to be my “friend”
at that stage… you do not need presume

but, on my behalf I must admit quite daft
for the Eves were my bones’ sought fetch
with azured spheres the problem was so clear
like a Fremen to be walled in Sietch

but, the day arrived with luck she did survive
though the aging process, fee of success
as we kissed good-bye a gray I did spy
as we limped together hiding zeal’s duress

now I’ve grown to old these mornings aren’t as bold
what watched me shave now watches shine of shoes
it’s a price well worth to hide such with some girth
for this “wisdom” writes the tunes to blues

Guitarists Les Paul and Slash at Iridium Club Opening

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