… gray’s matters

( http://www.wallstreetotc.com/study-suggests-lifetime-learning-might-prevent-dementia/24764/)


It’s scary enough to remember that “OLD” person that your Grand-ParentsĀ  used to bring you to visit with them and, ALL you can recollect is the weird facial expressions they made when they’d attempt to tell a shared event. The fact that you had heard part of this story is your blessing in that you can assist the mental “plug-ins” of a word, term, place… , to be the good child of ‘politeness’ and HONOR of this friends position in the family history lessons.

But, what of your SELF? how are YOU going to preserve the stories “of”? The reading of another’s thoughts and events can continually FUEL the mind to be as “IN TUNE” as when before THIRTY… FIFTY YEARS have strolled by. Each and, EVERY post “glanced”, or devoured is the synaptic whetstone of a ‘clearer’ mind.

Ever notice the white-haired folk riding bicycles with a varied age group and how well they INSTIGATE the younger into feeding their brain?


they say that ‘THINKING’
keeps good’s thoughts
thus saving all that writing
some must do
the books ‘we’ scour
bloom mental flowers
the gardens forced
to play in during ‘youth’
to use a word
from centuries gone
remembered from
a life or “two” ago
and in sentence same
verb current with a grand-child
past their friends own grasp
as the clock tocked
without synap-tics
this is an exersize
for the gray’s matters

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The Un-Titled Fight

To change from wrong
to seek, gain strong
to ask so long
to leave losts throng

Strong are the rules of everafter
Long are the pools of traverse, ya’ haf-ter
Wrong are the stools that we step to disaster
Throng is the those perdition chases after

I am too long to lesson’s recognize
I’ve been too wrong, instead of forgive,dispise
I, a single throng of redemption’s gold reprise
I’ll work to strong, eschewing all the many lies

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(the) Little Read Writing `Hood

One day Mohandas Lighque decided to become a “writer”. Mohandas considered himself fairly “well read” and was always getting into beefs with his acquaintances over his insistances of “knowledge”. Mohandas decided that his friend “Maug” was right that the many things that had “been lived” would be the best location to start. And, so he did.

“There was a COMMUNITY” of poets, word-smiths, pretensional historians and “punderasts”, along with the quasi-occasional recipe Deva. All making a POINT, most keying very fertilizered page widths, only a handful making “BULL”, with such within their targeted sub-(tra)-jectories. The choosing of the “SITE” happened to be one of the most grueling features for the building of the “LITURA-CHAIR”, the place where the electronic ethers would “enthrone” one’s thoughts and “brilliances” upon the constantly rising heights of affiliations and linkages. Since he wasn’t a sincere fan of LEFT TURNS he chose not to place with that cute, “good-ol’-boy’s”, hood “stickered” provider.

A “FREE” site was the way to go! Why pay for something that wasn’t a proven “golden egg”? Besides, Mohandas wasn’t close to being able to produce a ULYSSESS, let alone a well “spilled paragraff” without a decent spell-check. But, there WAS enough “idle” time to be filled with SOMETHING that didn’t cause undue “drowsiness, hyper ventilations, or jail time”. After much depilitation of to “whom” would be “blessed” with the next “Pulitzer” candidate Mohandas settled with “PAROCHIAL PROVENANCE PUBLISHINGS”, to gain the necessary ground work for his new “career”.

Mohandas began his quest of earnest, choosing the plethora of offered background tapestries to place the “ERMORROWIAN” gleanings of daily life that he plucked from the ‘observations’ of another… to be “re-scrabbled” into HIS own “intellectually deformed” uniquenesses. As “others” HAD told him, “You DO see things differently(!)”.

It wasn’t a grind for him, though Dyslexic . the “skill” of repositioning the letters became easier once the “spell-check” “multi-tools” were learned. There were even times when “A” reader would congratulate the post of its “visions”.
So, the weeks, and MONTHS, rolled by. One site became another, the “THEME” of the site “WAS ALL TOO IMPORTANT”. The truth was that he couldn’t keep to ONE subject of thought, therefore there HAD to be a “place” to express such. And, there were THAT many “MORE” solitary “visitors”, the largest percentage being “stumblers” who’d gotten the wrong “link”.

The site provider DID host MANY that WERE of the capability to receive ‘GOOD’ living receipts for their assigned points of view. They made money, so the “FREE” site got a renumerance for a better “e-quipped” home for “THEIR” “LITURA-CHAIR”, since it WAS covered by a better fabric of presentations.

The time passed to where there WERE many “posts”. One would have thought that Mohandas was TEXAN for the length, breadth and ‘SQUARE’S footings that he’d covered. But, as they said in the days of “YORE”, “ALAS”, the visitations were in the singular. Comments, in the PECULIAR, as quality was in the “UG-LY-ER”. For ALL the places his mind, thoughts and views had visited his editorial residence would remain…


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a friend buried his first love today
I waited
until the family had left
had shed tears of finality
had hugged
had whispered
“there, she’s at PEACE”

I walked past
the last few cars
hoping that they’d not notice
the guy walking opposite
in an old silk
formal midnight blue
Italian made suit
would have nodded

the latest victim of CANCER
I chose this moment
because my city “tan”
doesn’t “rub” well
with country “alabaster”
even though the next generation boom
better than I

the work crew has taken down the tent
clangs of pot metal aluminum
drawn to order
shoulder to shoulder
both were compact
in that YOUTH
she didn’t get far
past it

the BONE-PEARL base
calligraphy brushed anodized
FUSHIA accents
this IS a BIKER’S beauty
a last ride of STYLE
HE always chose
and for KEEPS

I waited until
the concrete envelope
was distributed over
the origami metal parchment
holding the cartridge of a life
now run dry

Lowered in solemnness
placed into the dove-tail
cut from the MANTEL
this WOMAN has returned
to where her cells
call home

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‘Free’ Speech

what could they do
if I just gave them
silent prayers
not on my knees
but from
some chair

what would they do
if the pencils
went unsharpened
and still
and chewed

what would they do if
I stopped driving
walking to

what could they do
while I grew
my own food
made candles

where would they find
big cars
campaign funds
corporate backers
Cancer RESEARCH monies

what would they blame
if I did

what would they do IF
what they would do

Now THAT Was a “BUT”-Load of GAUNTLETS Thrown

The political “timbre” of those points delivered by Barack H. Obama had the tones of a Million high quality BRASS Gauntlets skipping across the floor of Capital Hill. It had the feeling of a NATION being shown how to be its own SHANGRI-LA… “OOOMMMM”!

This was the THIRD STATE of THE UNION ADDRESS made by President Obama and it was an answer to many things he’s been accused of.If you *’HEARD’ it there’s a lot to digest. At the time of my jotting this I couldn’t bring you the transcript.

But, the language was laser intense and, sometimes, as “tepid”. Boehner sat next to Biden as animated as someone stifling a gas “attack”. The few instances that McCain was viewed showed exactly why he voted against M.L.K.day. Workers that had been tossed from one role of employment only to have gained by EDUCATION and experience were presented as examples of how business CAN “get-things-DONE”. The challenges ahead ARE IMMENCE, only a SERIOUS effort of U-N-I-T-Y will make this possible.
THAT was the basic target chosen by the President. There WILL be a LOT of “BOB-AND-WEAVING” these next few months… maybe YEARS.
Update: I didn’t bring you the transcript last night . So here is where to read its entirety*
(http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0112/71920.html) I do apologize for the advertising.

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It’s too easy
to jump
a push by the simple
words destroying
stamen, stirrup, anvil
delivered by GREED’S
“TRIP” hammer

The reason’s left
notes taken
from the staff
holding twin serpents
can’t heal the self
positional glamours

times three
fetal, supine,
base mandible ascending
reverse the final
find new lessons

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Tagged and Bagged

Not since [FEBRUARY 10, 2007] has a[LYNCHING] taken so long to be accomplished by a mob. The ship that has been [DOCKED] so near where we send our decision makers shouldn’t be where we allow those that are sighting in our jobs and families. It’s a sham(e) that those that were brave enough to seriously [\"CHANGE\"] the course of this NATION would rescind that progress now.
And, as for those that have [ESPOUSED] values that tell us that they see the wants and needs of the citizenry of this Nation and the [\"WORLD\"] that they’re a part/ apart of only confuse and anger the concerned of this WORLD.
The saddest part of this terse is that the body count that has been raised is [INFINITESSIMAL] compared to what [GILGAMESH\'S] “rewrites” have told us.
Does what we’re being [LEAD] to by our [FREELY ELECTED]NOT scare you? If not you must have your estate planned very well. But, the [NINETY-FIVE PERCENT] of you that have been “blessed” by your education, job, 401k, or bank are probably counting the sheets of [\"MOON FLOSS\"] after your bi-weekly “movement”.
Otherwise the government IS using the informations they get from the “face-books” to UPC the toe tags necessary for their ACTUARY’S opinions.

Neatness doesn't count.