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They played for each other.

They played for each other.

Who can “coach” this nation back to being just that, a NATION ? As we come to the last weeks until we install a new PRESIDING LEADER of this group of many Different peoples will we be able to reinstate ourselves in the realization of the dream of what a good DEMOCRACY is to be … And continue to be… Without the maniacally monarchical mayhems ?

RED OR BLUE, CAN we have the GLOW of those PURPLE mountains as we climb their rough faces to attain who we should be?

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And YOU Didn’t Believe It.

It’s tough to continue to keep a secret this big, but Diebold and its VOTING machines ,that are in 34 states in this country yet, have FINALLY ADMITTED that there WERE ways to cheat the PUBLIC during the last Presidential election. George W. Bush became “OUR” leader through the combined efforts of Diebold and one KENNETH BLACKWELL.



[Diebold did it .] And this man’s BROTHER owns the OTHER VOTING MACHINE MAKER ! With what, then State of Ohio Attorney General, KENNETH BLACKWELL, did to complicate voters districting ACCESS it’s no wonder that the NONSENSE we’ve been taking has made for what’s happening today. [ Subsidiary says same. ] And the trick was completed by a RESEARCH IN MOTION: BLACKBERRY. To the delight of the “Pachyderm Pride”.

Karl Heinz Roverer's grandchild.

Karl Heinz Roverer's grandchild.


It’s almost like the generational flounderings of those that continue raising their children on WELFARE, although it’s there for the occasions when needed, it’s NOT there for a lifetime of provisioning. The main problem of this is that if one ONLY “KNOWS” this as a way of life then it’s abuses won’t register as such to the person USING it.

How PAVLOVIAN is it that the persons that we’ve sent to administer some semblance of thought are now acting as those who we’ve dismissed as wrong by their actions? The opening bell rings in NEW YORK, at the STOCK EXCHANGE, and our ‘CONgressMAN’ or ‘SINator’ seems to immediately spring their office door for ANY BATTALION of lobbyists bearing any number from one to nine with, at least, eight zeros in tow. They’ll tell us that what they’re doing is “FOR THE GOOD OF THE NATION”, ‘true blue’ suited with rouge-faced lies, (except the members of NON-EUROPEAN DESCENT*.), sitting on the latest proctological easement for the next big oil lackey. At least they’ve stopped standing on corners hawking their where’s*, (*not a misspelling!), because it’s now where next for them since 2000’s ‘DEARTH for a NATION’.

We’ve seen the legislative growth of a woman finally being able to sit at the uppermost dias, in the Capitol’s south wing, as SPEAKER of the HOUSE. She deserves where she is, no doubts, but in just a very few months Ms. Pelosi has sashayed into the national limelight and proceeded to entice the occupants of the darkened window creches that are constantly trolling for better “talent”. IS she really giving consideration to having SPECULATOR ACTIVITY restart on the prospect of the government lifting the 27 year old ban on off shore OIL DRILLING when it’s been proven time and again that any amount of the TOXIN is a disaster. Just what, or who, is she trying to sell?

80,000 barrels of crude OIL washing up on the 3.5 miles of sand. What a beautiful sight for those who lived there at the time. What was the condition of the environment, say three years after ? How about the recovery of the area affected by the EXXON VALDEZ ? Let me let a professional ‘Journalist’ tell you in his own words.[Limbaugh: Nature cleaned itself…] If this is how our elected are going to “LEAD” us then I think that we should have them sign a contract, binding to us. That if they perform a contradictory act that causes HARM to the citizenry then they’ll have to REIMBURSE 100% of the damages as well as incurring PUNITIVE responsibilities.

If our ‘elected’ had to OWN UP to their actions as the rest of the citizenry does I TRULY BELIEVE that the course of their decisions would actually assist in improving conditions in this country… in the WORLD.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if WE COULD actually have ‘them’ SIGN “A CONTRACT WITH AMERICA !?!

Oh yeah, THAT was called THE CONSTITUTION.

New Jobs Created By Off-Shore DRILLING

minorities provide new job titles

minorities provide new job titles

Where our ‘NATIONAL LEADERS’ are working diligently.

Just what they’ve been working on is, ‘always’, a mystery to those who are struggling to KEEP HOME and HEARTH in the fiasco that Bush and Co. have foisted on the LOT* of us. U.S. corporations are scrambling to keep their top office holders’ platinum parachutes intact by plucking away those that are their company’s base. Letting those that sacrificed for making profits possible enjoy their retirements on that wing and prayer program implemented after they’d left the ‘firm’.

With 12383 miles of U.S. coastline that “MAY” have oil reserves those that are fresh for a “new” occupation are the very same folk that have had the constant taste of dirty, menial, unhealthy labor. The only sticking point to this “new” opportunity is that the companies that are going to “CLEAN UP” do so THRICE. First, having the backing funds to attempt the size of the task. Second, having enough money to convince a government agency that they should be “given” the task. And third, having enough available “HUMAN POWERED ENERGY” that many other corporations so generously provided. Most likely a subsidiary of an OIL company.

Imagine, if you will, the job title of duck washer, or even having the responsibility of making sure that fur of an Otter is completely free of “BLACK GOLD”, “TAXES TEA” ? As parochial as this scenario sounds there’s more behind the scenes. Here’s a tight little list of how our politicians are prepping the country for big oil.

1.) who owns the west?http://www.ewg.org/oil_and_gas/execsumm.php

America the beautiful

America the beautiful

2.) the truth about America’s energy…www.shameonbigoil.org/wp-content/uploads/ 2008/07/ truth-about-americas-energy.pdf

3.) http://www.risingtidenorthamerica.org/wordpress/

2008/05/30/ over-44-million-acres-under-lease-for-oil -and- gas-in-us/

4.) http://www.spokesmanreview.com/local/story.asp? ID=255351

5.) http://www.mms.gov/ooc/press/2008/ press DOI0730.htm

6.) http://cgvi.uscg.mil/media/main.php?g2_itemId=335541

With so many square miles to take care of around our nation’s watery borders the interior lands will be freed for MORE secret oil leasings, that as big oil continues to apply their “purified palm balm”, to those who have the voting privileges of determining who OWNS THIS LAND. What laws will be changed to facilitate those who are responsible for, almost, 87% of the wars being inflicted around the world ?

And who will have enough EDUCATIVE desire of history to make sure that America grows to its true potentials ? The small list above was written so that the reader must do a bit of work for the gems of freedom that have been provided. If you expect free remember the actual costs of the items you’ve gotten in the past. (Like the “free” things you got when you purchased that vehicle with the cup holders and the lousy gas mileage.)

(*Remember the story and what happened to the one that looked back. See things for what they are NOW, it’ll tell you what’s happening in the future. )

We ARE SOUL JARS: A ‘ROONEY’ (Type) Observation

Upon viewing Adidas’ Beijing Olympic offering I tried to listen to what this world corporation was ACTUALLY attempting to tell us. ‘I’ve got soul, but I’m not a SOLDIER’, I have no idea who the author or band is but their way of presenting these words really sound like they’re telling the audience that their soul has no place to reside. This is too much like what’s going on world over, we’ve this sacred, wonderful, hard to describe thing that we’re quite proud of only to allow corporate greeds turn it into something… offal. If there was no container for our soul than there’d be no “need” for an ADIDAS to provide the cover for the appropriately named footer of such.

Alexander Dumas' fencing shoes.

Brown shoes inspired by a brown man:Alexander Dumas' fencing shoes.

Then there’s the music being played to us as we watch the “beach volley” competitions. Hey, NBC, this is a world event why don’t we hear the mixture of Senegalese rhythms followed with the steppe songs by Mongolian Throat-Singers, with a touch of Maria Calas as CARMEN? I’m sure that once you’ve introduced “SOUTHERN MAN”‘s translation to the rest of the world, and they make the comparison to current Afghan/ Iraqi policy verbiage, they’ll understand EVERYTHING that’s happened in the last seven-plus years.

Lastly, we’ve the destruction of the myth that there aren’t any world-class African-American swimmers with a young man whose first name could be the most portentous ever, CULLEN JONES. American record holder in the ‘FREESTYLE’.

American RECORD Holder,freestyle/ OLYMPIAN

Cullen Jones: American RECORD Holder,freestyle/ OLYMPIAN

So, to end this commentary, we the viewer see these many participants fighting against fears,fatigue, faults, false starts and fanaticism. They, as we, ARE Soldiers by almost any definition, just by the fact that every thing that we hold dear is under assault. So we Marshall every weapon we can to cause our opponent to lose their protections of their SOUL JAR.

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Why the Nation’s Buildings Are Made Of Stone:

“Poli-tic(k)s= many blood suckers… in need of confinement.

Senator Ted Stevens will be the fourth, or fifth, Alaskan politician to go on trial for accepting money for favors from an oil company very soon. Even though there may be a handful of our elected who haven’t practiced the ‘craft’ of padding their paycheck through corporate greed we are seeing more of the degadations that we read about in history class, ( or SHOULD have ! ), from almost every example of ‘democratic’ societies.

There aren’t many of our elected who haven’t been indoctrinated into the proverbial “Morass” that oil companies, coin dealers, discount poliglomerates and voting machine makers have woven into the branches of their “money trees”. Planted in the very yards that most Americans are losing. With all the many, all too true jokes about those who’ve chosen to “PRACTICE” law, as opposed to living its meaning, why do we allow someone whose only goal is THEIR favorable outcome? Really ! It amazes me that we would place people in the care of a nation’s future that have no compunction to represent either side of the coin just to take large amounts of that person’s money. WE choose people who cajole, connive, construe the meanings of words to exact an outcome that they, (most times ?), don’t care much about… unless it will push a lot of money, ( or ‘POWER’!!! ), their pocket’s direction.

In closing this post I ask you this. Have you ever thought of why all of our buildings in Washington, D.C. are constructed of stone, as opposed to wood ? It’s simple, no insect like the termite, or tick, can chew through stone therefore they are, somewhat constrained in their destructive capacities. Only RATS can gnaw into stone and we should always listen for the resonances.

No matter the country.

No matter the country.