A Circus of Thieves

Whenever Madam Palin gives us her “RIGHT” of speech, (AND the interpretation of whatever she’s being the “expert” of that day.), she is always NANO-quick to wave said BILL of RIGHTS through the face of the intended.
But, swinging thy jawbone at British [\"IRON\"] in the [ATTEMPT] to catch one’s self after stepping from the DUNCE stool…

… Isn’t done by grabbing the dress of the former “Head-Misstress”.
My question to those who MAY read this is…
Do YOU believe that you can REALLY keep track of WHO is actually the MOST QUALIFIED to be President of this Nation with ALL the mess that is being, and HAS been, done to your decision making skills ? Just HOW many *[SHELLS] do you think they’re using for the coming ELECTORAL COLLAGE BUY ? *(I do hope you noticed that the definition came from the “CHILDREN’S” section.)
As we are, continually, treated to this Circus of the OBTUSE thieves are literally stealing OUR entire homes… while those that we voted to “protect” us are giving directions of the [WHOSE], WHATS, AND HOWS.
SO what if Ms. Palin IS “dumber” than a box of rocks. Those “rocks” are political [KMBERLITE], and we’re walking all over it. Without knowing what it is.