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The Author* of the above “link” IS singing the “blues”… only FOR someone(s) that REALLY DON’T know the GENRE. TWITTER . As FELLOW blogger, DENNIS CARDIFF, tells of how CORPORATIONS have and, ARE “finding’ ways to EXCLUDE those that don’t use their product, thereby choosing locations that allow them to FURTHER their RANSACKINGS of the publicly NEEDY coffers through TAX ABATEMENTS, Business Insider has reached into the smarm of TOOL.



writes from a totally different perspective that his parenthesized namesake IS FAMOUS for, it’s similar to how the original is interpreted by those that “SEE IT… HEAR IT” , but DON’T have the FEEL OF IT. YES (!), “a” fantastic COVER

( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PE9HvSdcaL4).

As BusinessInsider .com has been lured into the realm of justifyer the sadder part of the ‘story’ is that the TITLE of the POST IS able to be TRANSPOSED to “W” Magazine for its “DRUGS, PROSTITUTION and HOMELESSNESS…


The ONLY “difference” is that the only “heirs” are those to the PAINS that WALL STREET has elicited for their new crop of grifters. If TWITTER were, actually attempting to become “PART” of “the GREATER GOOD” in San Francisco, California THEY would have SET UP  fantastic pools to wash the DISTRICT a WHOLE LOT cleaner. Rather than lay their asbestos pavings on another road for nowhere…


I find the instant that when Mr. Johnson is describing a young, blondish, photo subject walking past him “WITH a FOLDING KNIFE stuck into her OVER-SIZED breeches” so much like “CRYING WOLF”. While telling the ‘story’ of the dangers of the district I wonder at “WHY” this had been a failure in “noticed” by the FACT that “OUR” WOMEN ARE in JEOPARDY EVERY MOMENT of their BEING ALONE  IN PUBLIC. For her to PROTECT HERSELF “BY EVERY MEANS NECESSARY” shouldn’t surprise him in an age where former POLICE OFFICERS…


DO FAR MORE just to see a MOVIE!


…with ‘WHITE-WASHED’ picky fence

The reason that I DON’T watch much Television, ( much LESS FAUX/ Fox “NEWS”.), is that, like all [“DEVILS” ], they have to “BE” the “most” whatever. Add the fact of so many that ‘work’ in front of the cameras, and there’s a “clue” as to “how” this world got the way it IS. When the additions of “accepted” [‘DISORDERS’] are pressed to be sought after,( for presentational purposes.), those that have been misinformed soon trade their HUMANITY for CARTOONISH [““REALITY”].




It’s nice to know that ‘neath it awl
your point is quite OBTUSE
but, then AGAIN it’s just the way
that ‘YOUR KIND’ need “THEIR” proof

can you “think” that one lives NORTH
where natives ARE hued [‘BROWN’]
the “other” from a Desert’s reach
HIS [“COUSINS”] still be found

audacities to tell my Grand-kids
“Old JOLLY” can’t look like me
while eons gone [ “BLACK PETER” ]
to the “UN-HIP” ZWARTE P

with ALL the “educations”
that you seem to have credenced
and yet stand ‘fore “TRUTH’S” mansion
with ‘WHITE-WASHED’ picky [““FENCE”]


BabySantaClown2With the “traditions” of the ensuing, digital generations BRAY “Kelly” may be singing the revised “standard” of …

“I SAW MOMMY [ “TWERKING”] Santa Claus”…

P.S. : It’s ‘funny’ that someone who “seems” quite “Elephantine” would name their offspring “BRAY”.


It seems that the “BEIGE BRINGER” story has a lot of “tellers”…

a.) : Cleveland High School-( http://www.kob.com/article/stories/S3245418.shtml?cat=500#.Uq0YZSezawU)/

b.) ” Rio Rancho, New Mexico”- ( http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2523846/New-Mexico-teacher-disciplined-telling-black-student-dressed-Saint-Nick-Santa-white.html)

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For a sum of FOUR YEARS I’ve tried to GIVE the arena of HEALTH / RESEARCH FUNDING an INNOVATIVE tool that just happens to be SIMPLE in its EFFECTIVENESS. After seeing [COMPANIES] that are FOR PROFIT turn their item into a “MINE” it amazes me that too many of the funders haven’t noticed, or LISTENED TO the CANARIES. The term of our current President HAS been focused on the NATION’S abilities to KEEP its CITIZENRY a HEALTHY, FUNCTIONAL GROUP. [THNQ ENTERPRISES] HAS BEEN seeking to do its part, (Self made.), WITHOUT using the funding FOR “ADMINISTRATIVE SALARIES”. If you’d look at the underlying ‘leadership of MANY you WOULD see that the C.E.O.’s have names that were “IN THE NEWS” for NEFARIOUS REASONS, (Michael Milkin got out of prison for his  [“SNAKE OILS”], yet, upon release has used his ’bout’ with PROSTATE CANCER to begin to earn a very handsome INCOME, that may rival his “JUNK BOND” days, by starting THE PROSTATE CANCER FOUNDATION.). I have NO SUCH aspiration to use “the WATCH” for my personal improvement! Though with it I DO plan on using its “notoriety” to begin the development of other ideas… BUT, NOT THE MONIES(!), IT goes to HEALTH RESEARCH. Other than the Company that is the ‘supply line’ I MAY turn $1.25 as “INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OWNER”. For the quoted initial sum of $25K I am able to have close to 5k items for Organizations and such to offer a “remind-full” THANK YOU to those that HAVE the HUMANITY to try to rid another of THEIR SUFFERING(S).

Having WRITTEN to  / [“DEAR MISTER PRESIDENT”]   SEVERAL  TIMES(!), I cannot stop working FOR the SUCCESS of something that WOULD HELP so many. The REASON that I’m writing today IS that there have been some “likes” of the post written, and in that I wonder HOW that THIS PORTAL could NOT have those “liking” to SAY SOMETHING to others about what they’d read and “found LAUDABLE”. That IS the “REASON” that these blogs started and “grew”. This, [SHOULDN’T HAPPEN], again in OUR LIFETIME.

The problem I witness most is that the ‘WORLD’ HAS been TRAINED to be so “SELF” absorbed that the word “SOCIAL” ISN’T about the “COMMON GOOD” but  THE “GOOD” THAT may be “in-common”. The search “FOR”, and, if “IT” is found for whatever time it is, it becomes ALL CONSUMING at the detriment of ALL ELSE. THAT’S NOT WHAT “WE” are here “FOR”. It IS to GROW and IMPROVE… OUR SELVES and OTHERS, the intermixing is JUST LIKE the CELLS that make “US” the “individuals” that we are. Until the “PACKAGE” wears out and gets REASSEMBLED into ANOTHER… “INDIVIDUAL”. ALL points in between are the “design” of “whatever” put “REALITY” in OUR FOCUS.

That’s about the gist of my spending this energy here. The desire to do SOMETHING “JUST”… FOR ANOTHER. Because “WE” could be the NEXT… TO NEED.


The phone number HAS changed: 614-893-1591


If you do decide to witness the site the rendition of the offering ISN’T “WHAT IT WILL LOOK LIKE”. In order to protect the “design” a simplistic  collage of the FUNCTION is presented. DO USE those wonderful IMAGINATIONS that YOU ALL HAVE. And lastly… DO SPREAD THE “WORD”!

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[“DO TELL”]: This ISN’T “JUST”… for “Millennials” anymore!


The “CHANGE” professed those years ago was only to the MAN

the raucous feast of LOOT’S possessed did harness “YES,WE CAN”

the shuffle once reserved for “less” adopted by the ‘light’

a consoled effort “BUMP and TWERK” ignoring what is right

those having seen the Century passed buttered baton’s  oops

and waiting for the “ship’s” come in no rope to tie the Sloops

the “SEA-TO-SEA” has gifts there still we stumble by them more

we’ve listened to the kids named CORP that count our hides as chore

the BELL for WAKE UP one long tone it’s OURS not just “for THEE”

the term of FREE-DUMB all mislead in TRUTH NAMED LIBERTY

And, SO. THIS NEW Generation

Have you ever watched the movie “[The Shoes of the Fisherman]”, starring  Anthony Quinn   and Laurence Olivier ? The ‘story’ appears to have changed from the “Pope’s” originating COUNTRY, ( Siberia ), to Argentina. The plots are, DEFINITELY, “OF” THEIR respective “eras”. Times when HATREDS and FEARS cause(d) ‘ HELL’ to become ever more VISIBLE.

In these times of ‘America’s’ “Greatest Generation” coming into their extinction the rules of SACRIFICE, ( In, ALMOST, ALL its forms.), have been EXTINGUISHED by the GREED(S) of  “BUSINESS” PERSONIFIED in the form of an ‘ADDER’/ ACCOUNTANT.

Lavishness and,( sorry, no umlauts.), UBER  international educations, in countries that have controlled the finances of this Orb for too long, have lead those that think that HO CHI MIN is the texting of a derogatory description of a “Loser’s girlfriend, to become the new “dot-COMICS”. And, that a “TRICKLE DOWN” is the response of a Grandparent’s  “PAD” not doing its job.

BUT (!), the sadder, (“EST“!?!), part of  HOW MUCH CHARACTER, (the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual.), HAS been ERODED from those that were supposed to BE the RUDDER, ( A rudder is a device used to steer a ship, boat, submarine, hovercraft, aircraft, or other conveyance that moves through a medium (generally air or water)),  to get “US” through the routes taken in “this” LIFE.

We’ve SEEN WEINERS displayed on the “platters” of the INTERNET. And, had “christian” leadership choose ANY DAY as a “good day” for a ‘NAZI-ISTIC’ BONFIRE… (I just hope that MORE of these types OPT for (BIGGER ) RATTLESNAKES to prove their “point”.). But, after the FUROR over “DESIRES”, comes the “NEWS” that the YOUNGEST Bishop of the CATHOLIC CHURCH HAS… Okay, here’s the story, from a PROFESSIONAL JOURNALIST.

Found @:(http://www.nytimes.com/2013/10/13/world/europe/german-outrage-swells-over-a-bishops-spending.html?_r=0b)

Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst, the bisop of Limburg, Germany, has come under fire over a $42 million renovation of his residence.
Published: October 12, 2013

BERLIN — Since being elected in March, Pope Francis has quickly made a mark with his displays of modesty, eschewing lavish papal apartments for a spartan guesthouse in Vatican City, wearing simple vestments, carrying his own bag and preaching against a Roman Catholic Church hierarchy that he said was overly insular and too often led by “narcissists.”

Michael Probst/Associated Press

Bishop Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst

Apparently, Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst, 53, the bishop of Limburg, Germany, for almost six years, is not on the same page as his new boss.

Roman Catholic bishops rarely serve as Page 1 tabloid fodder or top the national television ratings. But the prelate of Limburg earned this dubious distinction in 24 hours last week as outrage swelled after the news media reported the cost of the renovation of his residence, about $42 million, and a state prosecutor in Hamburg charged him with lying in a legal case.

The bishop ordered up a palatial living room, and his apartment alone cost $3.9 million, according to Jochen Riebel, the spokesman for the body administering church property in Limburg. Mr. Riebel said the bishop lied last summer when confronted over the cost, estimating the renovation at just $13.5 million.

Citing Mr. Riebel, the German news agency DPA itemized the work: $474,000 for carpentry and cupboards, $610,000 for art, $135,000 for windows for a private chapel, $34,000 for a conference table, $20,000 for a bathtub.

“For heaven’s sake!” the headline atop the nation’s largest-selling tabloid, Bild, screamed on Friday. Over a graphic that showed the bishop’s living quarters and offices, it asked, “Why does the bishop need a €783,000 garden?”

By Friday, calls for the resignation of Bishop Tebartz-van Elst were multiplying.

The church exists to serve the weak, the sick and the poor, said Stefan Vesper, the leader of the country’s biggest organization of Catholics and among those calling for resignation. The bishop’s behavior “is not the Catholic Church,” he said.

In September, as thousands of Catholics signed petitions for and against him, the bishop, whose diocese of 682,000 believers includes rural Rhineland but also Frankfurt, the banking metropolis, begged forgiveness from all whom he might have “hurt and disappointed.”

After a visit from a Vatican envoy, Cardinal Giovanni Lajolo, who was sent to investigate the growing furor, the bishop agreed to have the German church investigate his spending, which he has insisted incorporated 10 separate building projects and was mandated by preservation laws.

On Friday, the bishop scrapped a planned trip to Israel with a church choir, but remained silent, behind the walls of the controversial residence.

“He will have to step down; there is no alternative,” said Joachim Heidersdorf, chief reporter for Nassauische Neue Presse, a newspaper in Limburg, a picturesque small town whose cathedral dates from more than 800 years ago.

In a telephone interview, Mr. Heidersdorf marveled that the bishop, who he said communicates with just handpicked reporters, had chosen now to talk only with the influential Bild, which published his spirited defense on Thursday but went on the attack with Friday’s front page. Television reports about the Limburg case attracted top ratings Thursday night.

For many commentators, the case in Hamburg hurt even more than the ballooning bills for the residence. A senior state prosecutor, Nana Frombach, formally charged on Thursday that the bishop made false statements twice under oath during his legal action against the weekly newsmagazine Der Spiegel, which in 2012 reported that he flew first class on a visit to the poor in India.

If found guilty, the prelate could face a fine. Much worse than his spending, in the eyes of Claudia Keller, writing on Friday for the daily newspaper Der Tagesspiegel, is the formal charge that he lied and that “till today, he is sticking hard by that lie.”

“That is not just embarrassing and a violation of the Eighth Commandment,” she wrote. “It is the complete opposite of the life that Pope Francis imagines for his bishops.”

By late Friday, Bishop Tebartz-van Elst, who was appointed to Limburg by Francis’ predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI, a German, was clearly embarrassing even the cautious leaders of the roughly 24 million registered Catholics in Germany.

Archbishop Robert Zollitsch, who said he was befuddled by the multimillions spent by the prelate when the figures emerged this week, said pointedly: “We bishops must ask ourselves, where and how we live. A new building represents a chance to send signals.”

“Pope Francis is preaching to us all of the simple life, humility and modesty,” the archbishop said, according to the newspaper Passauer Neue Presse. “We all feel how pressured the situation is,” he added, noting that it was the first time he had heard of a prelate being formally charged by prosecutors. “That upsets me greatly. If it is confirmed in court, then we have a new situation.”

The archbishop plans to be at the Vatican this week and said he would discuss the case with the pope. Bishop Tebartz-van Elst was reported to be flying to Rome on Saturday. Canon law experts quoted by the German news media said that only the pontiff could decide to remove the bishop.

Bishop Tebartz-van Elst, who was ordained in 1985 and studied in France and at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana in the late 1980s, was Germany’s youngest bishop when he was installed in January 2008.

His predecessor, Bishop Franz Kamphaus, had reached the church retirement age of 75, but was apparently a cleric more in the spirit of Francis. According to Christa Pongratz-Lippitt, a correspondent for The Tablet, a Catholic weekly in London, Bishop Kamphaus moved out of the bishop’s palace into a small apartment in the adjoining seminary, using the official residence to house refugees.

And, to think that HUMILITY is a VIRTUE.


“pastor “percy”, spending a green mile.

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Baseball And PURITY

If the sancted “history” of the WHO IS to become the “next” honoree to be inducted into the American BASEBALL HALL of ‘FAME’ is to hold to “the PURITY” of Abner Doubleday’s fraternal twin of CRICKET then there MUST be a provision of HOW the rules allowed those that played a significant part in keeping the game as “pristine” as an Easter Lily until J. Roosevelt Robinson ,


had an OHIO born Wesley B. Rickey,


OVERRIDE the prevailing mentalities of MANY that WERE,


like Tyrus Raymond “Ty” Cobb* influential as to “WHO” was “Gentleman ENOUGH” to compete in AMERICA’S PAST-TIME. Imagine how MANY MORE / MOOR inductees would BE ENSHRINED if NOT for the WEIGHT of MEASURES inflicted on the BETTERS*


that HAD been DENIED for the PREVAILING reasons of the time. Then, AS NOW, the “COMPETITIVE EDGE” was overlooked until it COULD NO LONGER be the “BULL-OF-the-CHINA SHOP”.

On Wednesday, JANUARY NINTH, the year TWO-THOUSAND THIRTEEN the TWO of BASEBALL’S RECORD HOLDING / LEADING eligibles WERE DENIED ENTRY due to “their participation” of “a PRACTICE” that BECAME banned. Isn’t it IRONIC that ROGER CLEMENS and BARRY BONDS are to SUFFER,


for what WAS occurring DAILY, THEN being ruled against while TY COBB WAS flying in the face of the EMANCIPATION PROCLAMATION itself… KNOWINGLY!

The INTELLIGENCE of decision making, according to the CLEARER VISIONS of the COMPLETEST of INFORMATIONS will serve ALL concerned. The “WAYS” that were WILL NOT be “the WAYS” of the future. AS HUMANS AN achievement IS an ACHIEVEMENT. MUSCLES are trained better. NUTRITIONS are different. Bats hit baseballs that are made by machines that create a more consistent IMPACT area and ENERGY transfer.

Things change. LOOK at WHO IS the PRESIDENT of THIS NATION!
The mirror of the previous statement IS to look at the nefarious Presidency of Richard M. Nixon… YET(!), We ARE still trading with CHINA. BECAUSE of WHAT HE DID!


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Understanding The JEREMY LIN-Drome

The above is NOT the usual view of Jeremy Lin, though he was an aide to Senator Joe Simitian besides four other facts. (http://www.usatoday.com/sports/story/2012-02-15/Five-things-to-know-about-Jeremy-Lin

On the ‘CBS Evening News’ the segment ran to the quandary of HOW, and WHY so many MISSED a young man that is creating his own “LIN-DUSTRY” within the business of ‘SPORTS’. And RHYZOMING such way into how the societal mindset of “CHOICE” is “GOING” to affect ALL the outlines and visual markers in vogue today.

The fact that many “outsiders” could have accelerated most of this nation’s “industry” just by their NOT being “FRAT” material, or “look” the part of a ‘JESUS GEKKO’ that STRUTS into a boardroom, is “shocking” said establishment simply by the revelation that their ‘IMITATION of LIFE’ moment is also the undoing of their CONTROL.

The SYNDROME of “LIN-DROME” has just fired its “first shot”,inoculating the blind with his version of SILVER NITRATE,and has a lot of the so-called EXPERTS drowning in this rain-storm, like every other TURKEY… its in their NATURE to thrust their “noses” to an ascendant angle when caught in a deluge of most any kind… thinking that they are “above reproach”. The “IMPACT” players today are IMPACTING the wrong things… “THE” O-STATE-U, USC, today TCU, tomorrow…?

I do believe that the waves of the smug, institutional disclusions are finding the “ROCKS” that have stood steadfast while being ignored are, finally, killing themselves off. And by the “ROCK’S determinations of standing said waves are breaking at a TIMELY impact point of this nation’s future.

And, most of all, isn’t it GREAT to witness the unveiling of such a powerfully UNDERSTATED vehicle that DOESN’T “need” all the aftermarket “accoutrements” !

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Even Blindfolded Justice “Feels” COLOR

Gingrich uttered that ” Blacks Should Demand Paychecks Not Food Stamps”…

Romney recently vomited that he was: “not concerned about the very poor, we” … Small wonder, since his Dad failed Nixon as Secretary of HOUSING.

So, with all these “gentlemen” seeking the highest, (NOPE, no Marion Berry.), office of this Nation you do have to brace yourself for ALL the circulations they make, ( Periodicals and twisted “thought”.), about each other and, the President. The focus here is a.) the economy. b.) the middle-class. c.) CRIMINALS, how their CRIMES are perceived and deleaved. I’ll begin with last. (http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/02/01/
us-creditsuisse-charges-idUSTRE80U2HT20120201)- Credit Suisse “Yurt Pushers”, if I’d said drug pusher your first thought would be a “corn-rowed, pants worn like STRINGBEAN…
…,wearing, high school drop-out” that wants to date “your”…

DAUGHTER(!?!),bad for society, “schwarz.” But, that IS exactly the point. You’ve been so imbued that when the “nice fellas at the BANKS shook your hand then STOLE YOUR HOMES you’ve decided that “THEIR” crime isn’t as bad as that 15 year old ‘Crack’ Dealer feeding HIS family, so THEY BOTH “have” to serve FIVE YEARS. Let’s see, get out YOUR CALCULATOR, let’s do some comparative VALUE percentaging. One-tenth of a Gram is equal to the weight of a $20 piece of ROCK COCAINE.(Are you with me so far?) Whereupon just ONE HOUSE for a family of “FOUR” is the arbitrary value of $128,000. BOTH PEOPLE get a FIVE YEAR SENTENCE.

Well, I’m NOT going to go over the OTHER sections of this terse. I DO believe that this ONE point alone should make YOU THINK about what the “NEWS” is HAWKING… it seems that YOU don’t “mind” copious amounts of BACTERIA filled VISCOCITIES being placed on your face via Mandibular targeting.

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