First Site Renamed With Good’s Reason

G, is for the GOAT you thought you made me
H, is for the hate that ate up all your pride
A, is for the act that “wasn’t” in you
U, is for the underhanded, snide
C, is for the coughing up your praises
H, is for the hell that you always will provide
E, is for the exit that has phased you
R, is for the child’s name I won’t abide

Put them all together
and they spell GHAUCHER
a name so earned
as replacing
omegetymon: the beginning root blog site

The transitive noun would be MOTHER…

The new “expletives”…
GH, as in enouGH
AU, as in AUthor
CH, as in CHaracter…
Don’t you remember you ‘English’ lessons?

“Good” friends always inspire us.

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