“America” Votes STUPID

There’s not much to say about the decision making skills of the general population of this country. Another example of folks’ not seeing the future is the removal of Rachel Crow from the X-Factor competition on Thursday December 8,2011. If there is any one phrase that describes this young WOMAN is “And a little child shall lead them”. From her “boot camp”…

To the same fire that was expressed by a thirteen year old Etta James…

.. all Rachel wanted out of this was a BATHROOM “for the GIRLS”.
It’s sad that someone had to go home. But, the history of “music” suffered a bit tonight.
It’s interesting that “we’ve” gotten to a point where “we” have been goaded to demanding an ANYTHING for the NOW… instead of enjoying the approach of a good future.

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To Un-Squander BIRTHDAY Gifts

The [AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY] has been working very hard for over one-hundred years. Against a group of diseases that are uglier than WAR itself. My family has benefited from the diligence of the Researchers and Doctors throughout the existence of the “A.C.S.”
The reason that there ARE more birthdays is because of the intense studies… and ACCIDENT. Don’t believe me, look at the story of how [SOCCER BALLS and FULLERENES] “unknowingly” gave us the model for [CARBON] in its most pure, and strongest yet form.

What if business and science refused to USE the beneficial properties of this wonderful substance? It would be like throwing it into the trash. How do people become convinced to enhance what they’re doing? Why do they ignore what is a betterment of their current efforts? What can one, who’s making such offer do to get an organization to increase their achievements with less effort? I’ve SUCH an innovation that the CANCER RESEARCH ASSOCIATIONS and GROUPS ARE IGNORING. So I appeal to them through you…

they keep rejecting my BIRTHDAY gifts
the ones made just for you
they say “how nice” then turn away
“there’s trophies, the rest just muddle through”
I want to see more BIRTHDAYS
not for me; for this blanket called Man-“kind”
and, not with days of [RENKINS]
glass smooth coifs with Turbans ‘twined
tell them that you share these BIRTHDAYS
’cause RIBBONS look like tiny rainbows
we need the Gold pots at their ends

If you know someone that has, or is concerned about the eradication of, CANCER let them know about your reading about it in this post. COMMENT for contact. Thank YOU!

Rosa would LOVE this

A diminutive woman born in the historically significant city of [Tuskegee, Alabama] refused the command of bus driver James Blake and the rest is definitely HERSTORY. As so many people have given themselves the permission to travel to Washington, D.C. to, ( It is a spiritual thing!), ‘WITNESS’ the largest event of their lives, [ROSA PARKS] made sure that NO-ONE wouldn’t get there.

1955, December 1, theyd hold hands for a different reason on the bus.

After 1955, December 1, they'd hold hands for a different reason on the bus.

And I sincerely believe that each would pay their way…

if for no other reason but to survive the economy left by BUSH and company. There can be joy and frivolity in every serious moment. (thus the song)

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In 1920 You WOULDN’T Have Accepted THIS CRAP !

At a time when the golden views of reason need to be their sharpest the EUROPEAN descendants of the child bearing class are making it possible for the sundering of what they’d fought so hard for eighty-eight years ago.

don't fall on the sword.

don't fall on your sword.

From what little this man understands, of the female reasons of decision making, I do believe that those who are old enough to MAKE THEIR OWN DECISIONS will do so by seeking as much PROPER information as, they’re so capable of doing. To be enabled with the many abilities that make them so unique, but to allow the usurious bombardments of the capitalistic ” Punch the Judy” is confusing to me. YES, it will be a great AND wonderful thing when this country hears the title MADAM PRESIDENT but should this term of ” endearment” come at the CONTINUED cost of OUR, ( and, maybe soon the world’s.), RIGHTS and FREEDOMS ?

Are the women of voting age going to let the WHITE “Knight’s” smarmy stories, [the \”protectors\” of…], scare them into thoughts that may well seal them and their daughters into a world of [ AXLOTL Tanks]?

No matter what the “pundits” may spin into the brain women must remember that when ANY task is taken on that the PROPER INGREDIENTS will serve ALL the best. It bodes ill to use poor “fixin’s” while attempting to make sure those you are ‘SERVING’ can get up from the table and remain satisfied and nourished, without the possibility of having what was to strengthen them cause any sort of havock. Haste can make eight years of AGONY from one simple push of a button.

Haste makes the simple difficult.

Haste makes the simple difficult.

My simple request is this, DO LOOK, ( as in read !), ALL available articles of truth to what the PROPER CHOICE of our country’s leader should work for, not some agenda of what some ” OOK”, ( sp, m…), behind a curtain is feeding you. Remember, if the ingredients ARE TAINTED what are we going to LIVE on?

When it comes time to vote remember to do so for a future, not because of the hair or teeth. Remember ‘Wednesday’s’ comment as to why she wore her regular clothes for Halloween, (Addams Family Movie/1)…

” I’m a psychopath, I look just like everybody else.”

DON’T VOTE FOR THE FAMILIAR !!! Look where it’s gotten you so far. [Hardtack and water.]

[not gender specific.]

Pulling Out (of) The RACE CARd

There have been times since childhood that the ugly head of hate and stupidity has raised its obtuse, little pate and attempted to draw me into one of its preplanned trapdoors. Although I sometimes had a fighting chance, I choose the proper words for these “articles”, it wasn’t so when I was a ‘TAD’.

I began this article some while ago as a jest, then the MAURICIA GRANT article in ‘USA TODAY’ stuck its finger in my eye. ( If Barack Obama becomes President I DO HOPE that NASCAR officials don’t attempt an invitation in their near future !). In this time of INTERNATIONAL MOTOR SPORTS RACING seeing a young HUED MAN leading its points standings, and doing so with only 24 starts, of which produced 6 wins, 16 podiums and 8 Pole positions, it WOULD SEEM that, again, America, in ALL its greatness’s, has some HOUSE CLEANING TO DO.( Beyond the FACT that great engineering and equipment, more times than not, will always yield SUPERIOR RESULTS.). NOT as much as it “USED TO”, but the world has a sharper interest in its “DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO” policy of facing the different ways that other people experience that “VISAGE”… I’d have begun with showing a couple graphics/ cartoons that had two ‘opposites’ exchanging “social” unpleasantness’s then one extracts a standard horse racing form in reply, his “RACE”(ING) card … But this day wouldn’t allow THAT to happen. There’s not too much to say as yet because the circle (of) jurists have JUST begun to watch the opposing parties’ “on track” warm-up laps. There has been debate over the driving abilities of anyone that is not used to “PILOTING” a vehicle in the “TRUE ACADIAN MANNER”, (either like you “STOLE IT”, or like you’re ” RUNNIN’ RUM” or “MOONSHINE”.).

Now one of the great “RIDGE RUNNIN’ RASCALS of NASCAR history is one JUNIOR JOHNSON, a ‘LEGEND’ of the early hard charging, “SWAPPIN’ PAINT” type of the racing cadence of ” YOUR LEFT, YOUR LEFT, YOUR LEFT, YOUR LEFT”… which couples with the adage that ” TWO WRONGS DON’T MAKE A RIGHT, but THREE LEFTS DO”, (carried by the last left and you have a ‘RACE’!).The history of American automobile racing is long and “colorful”, ‘heroes’ like EDDIE RICKENBACKER have braved “flame and fortune” to obtain their “NEED FOR SPEED”. (A class-mate in high school was just missed by a tire at the “INDY 500” last century.), Robert Glen Johnson Jr., winner of 50 NASCAR races in the 1950’s and ’60’s. The year 1963 is the point in history, (and this article.), that’s the (pace-car ‘slow’) evolvement to finish, (no re-starts!). On December 31, 1963, at Jacksonville, Florida’s SPEEDWAY PARK ‘Junior’ Johnson lost to WENDELL OLIVER SCOTT, ‘NEGRO’ (!!!). Out of 495 credited starts Mr. Scott achieved 147 top ten finishes and ONE WIN, the first man of ‘color’ to do so.


Many have thought Scott THE first ‘US’ to race American “STOCK CARS”, he WASN’T! Rebecca Gladden of INSIDE RACING NEWS states that on July 31, 1955 at the BAY MEADOWS RACEWAY in San Mateo, CA one ELIAS BOWIE, ( no “KIN” to David.), was the earliest African-American to “trade paint” in NASCAR annals, with LEE PETTY, BUCK BAKER, MARVIN PANCH and Grand National CHAMPION of that year TIM FLOCK. 28TH out of 34 drivers. His ONE and ONLY race.

A stone for Obsidian \

AND then we arrive at NORTH AMERICAN AUTO RACING’S most blatant ‘BLACK’ race ‘car’ driver… WILLY T. RIBBS. Indianapolis 500 participant who went to Europe to compete and win the FORMULA FORD series DUNLOP CHAMPIONSHIP before retuning home after only one year’s competition. “Drove a CADILLAC POWERED Indy entry sponsored by NEWPORT cigarettes” and for the WILLIAM H. COSBY race team. Willy T. has driven almost all the many types of ‘MONIED’ MOTOR events that are held in this country, quite SUCCESSFUL in all.


In the offer to assist NASCAR in reaching those who haven’t developed a YEN for so many left hand turns NBA HALL OF FAME RESIDENT Ervin “MAGIC” Johnson, (no, well maybe, KIN to Junior.), opened the minority door through training and EDUCATION of HUED people to enter the ranks of NASCAR , a sort of easement in the ENVELOPING of all AMERICA for the ”STARS and BARS” folk. BUT it seems that there may be an ALUMINUM CEILING that needs to be popped… from the TOP down, this way only because the bottom just may choke itself on its own fumes.

To get a better group of views go to these sites and breath in their distinct, ( ” dis ‘tinks”) attributions. Especially “readers” comments, the LINES are very clear by REGION. (In the photo above the end gentleman is NASCAR’S newest “Coppertone Champion” to be, find out his name.)

Mauricia Grant

NASCAR Xenophobia

NASCAR Prejudiced?


Read the Online link to the OFFICIAL COMPLAINT

Time\'s Flies know where to get the latest.OUR youth will be taught to KNOW


Let’s make sure that

it ‘s not only the one’s

shown so proudly here.

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