… “Friday”


Just awakened

no reason why

the sure-less sound

of offspring’s

aging ‘modern’ flivver

a tinny “Flicka”

doors close

and the Elves ‘tap’

driver’s cadence

with “hobby” powered power

unto a Sun’s unknown position


She’s into the being

into the Being

that’s into being into

being around her Being


It’s been THAT

type of altas houras

start of my “FRIDAY”




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… couldn’t bring

This month is to behold MOTHER’S DAY and to EVERY ONE of YOU IS my deepest “How’d-JA-do-that”(?), for the length of wait, feed/ clean/ teach/ etcetera, etcetera,etcetra to the Nth .

But, to ‘be’  the ESAU of the ‘family’ is to be the label of “Biblical” rejection. There will be NO(!!!) visible tearing, or tearing of the “life provider”. THIS is a QUEST-EON I’m sure many have made in their own manner.



at ten times six there’s still a “fix”

my truths disrespectfully denied

though witnessed as a simple creche

astonishment of what life wouldn’t hide


the beauties and the repulsions

acid-bitters stevia sweet

light brushings of another

friendships to not complete


and yet the days did mount up

containing lessons worthy to a king

for all this labeled just a screw-up

the innocence of childhood couldn’t bring



… it’s just rough edges we should “take”

The “world” IS getting CRAZIER.
what miracle
can YOU today
the “news” you’ve read
the selfish sways
how DO you fend
from hurts and greeds
a life “well” lived
is there a child
that talks, plays rough
look down that line
hope prays NOT SNUFFED
can “we” be guides
that mark the “lights”
shorten tunnels
to SEE past HUE
to FEEL past slights
to WORK for better
to RAISE ‘LOVE’S’ heights
what aged friends crave
for young friends goals
this old friend’s brave
to save many souls
geography has ups and downs
those placed upon could wear a crown
the differences are few but “great”
it’s just rough edges we should “take”

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… “wisdom” writes the tunes to blues

It’s “funny”, the first blog. then to follow a post about your first “serious” story. Now, to imbue someone with a “coming of age” jot in a way that I’ve heard from some old musicians…

when I was young the ‘crack’ of dawn would run
as I couldn’t keep my essense “tombed”
fresh estrogen proved not to be my “friend”
at that stage… you do not need presume

but, on my behalf I must admit quite daft
for the Eves were my bones’ sought fetch
with azured spheres the problem was so clear
like a Fremen to be walled in Sietch

but, the day arrived with luck she did survive
though the aging process, fee of success
as we kissed good-bye a gray I did spy
as we limped together hiding zeal’s duress

now I’ve grown to old these mornings aren’t as bold
what watched me shave now watches shine of shoes
it’s a price well worth to hide such with some girth
for this “wisdom” writes the tunes to blues

Guitarists Les Paul and Slash at Iridium Club Opening

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YES, Virgina, “IT” Does RUB OFF

After so many years of listening to HOW he would “overcome” the trouncing his Father had, Mitt Romney is now a “common” citizen. A MUCH MONIED citizen, but a “common” one, he IS.

So imagine the fluffery surrounding the MGM Grand Garden Arena, in Las Vegas the evening of December EIGHTH, TWO-THOUSAND TWELVE. One of THE biggest grudge matches of recent BOXING history is to be represented by Manny Pacquiao and,Juan Manuel Marquez.This IS going to be HUUUGGGEE!

SO, these TWO have fought to a win each, and a draw. This is THE deciding BOUT. And each have completed OVER FIFTY such battles of a WINNING RECORD.ENTER former Republican Presidential Candidate, Mitt Romney, to extend the privilege of a pre-congratulatory “well done” to a fellow POLITICIAN,
who is absolutely MORE FEARED than his AMIGO of a Mexico BORN PADRE. Cordialities exchanged, Mitt takes a RING-SIDE SEAT next to his Wife.The back and forth of the TWO is as advertised, (Kind’a like the past months leading to the Presidential election.), then the SIXTH ROUND FINDS…

” NOT to MANNY TOO!”… “I guess IT does RUB OFF”!

Manny Pacquiao in the, (past the…), same “surprising” position as himself this past November SEVENTH.

It’s a terrible feeling when someone’s “HELL” seems to have been paved by the same contracting firm as one’s ‘good’ intentions.

But, I CAN attest to the feeling.

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a friend buried his first love today
I waited
until the family had left
had shed tears of finality
had hugged
had whispered
“there, she’s at PEACE”

I walked past
the last few cars
hoping that they’d not notice
the guy walking opposite
in an old silk
formal midnight blue
Italian made suit
would have nodded

the latest victim of CANCER
I chose this moment
because my city “tan”
doesn’t “rub” well
with country “alabaster”
even though the next generation boom
better than I

the work crew has taken down the tent
clangs of pot metal aluminum
drawn to order
shoulder to shoulder
both were compact
in that YOUTH
she didn’t get far
past it

the BONE-PEARL base
calligraphy brushed anodized
FUSHIA accents
this IS a BIKER’S beauty
a last ride of STYLE
HE always chose
and for KEEPS

I waited until
the concrete envelope
was distributed over
the origami metal parchment
holding the cartridge of a life
now run dry

Lowered in solemnness
placed into the dove-tail
cut from the MANTEL
this WOMAN has returned
to where her cells
call home

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‘Free’ Speech

what could they do
if I just gave them
silent prayers
not on my knees
but from
some chair

what would they do
if the pencils
went unsharpened
and still
and chewed

what would they do if
I stopped driving
walking to

what could they do
while I grew
my own food
made candles

where would they find
big cars
campaign funds
corporate backers
Cancer RESEARCH monies

what would they blame
if I did

what would they do IF
what they would do

To Un-Squander BIRTHDAY Gifts

The [AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY] has been working very hard for over one-hundred years. Against a group of diseases that are uglier than WAR itself. My family has benefited from the diligence of the Researchers and Doctors throughout the existence of the “A.C.S.”
The reason that there ARE more birthdays is because of the intense studies… and ACCIDENT. Don’t believe me, look at the story of how [SOCCER BALLS and FULLERENES] “unknowingly” gave us the model for [CARBON] in its most pure, and strongest yet form.

What if business and science refused to USE the beneficial properties of this wonderful substance? It would be like throwing it into the trash. How do people become convinced to enhance what they’re doing? Why do they ignore what is a betterment of their current efforts? What can one, who’s making such offer do to get an organization to increase their achievements with less effort? I’ve SUCH an innovation that the CANCER RESEARCH ASSOCIATIONS and GROUPS ARE IGNORING. So I appeal to them through you…

they keep rejecting my BIRTHDAY gifts
the ones made just for you
they say “how nice” then turn away
“there’s trophies, the rest just muddle through”
I want to see more BIRTHDAYS
not for me; for this blanket called Man-“kind”
and, not with days of [RENKINS]
glass smooth coifs with Turbans ‘twined
tell them that you share these BIRTHDAYS
’cause RIBBONS look like tiny rainbows
we need the Gold pots at their ends

If you know someone that has, or is concerned about the eradication of, CANCER let them know about your reading about it in this post. COMMENT for contact. Thank YOU!