Life’s “Patriot” Act

what can I do
what can be said
this life that’s built
is grown towards dead

these folks that “see”
the they that “know”
the understandings
a topor show

is vast a sin
is know a crime
is fear the pinnacle
waltzed in quick time

a not to be
fared as the dross
a whittled Mpingo
the symphony tossed

and as the prize
becomes the bane
the heart just cries
at wishes wane

have I mis-stepped
through order’s lea
patinated secrets
others shouldn’t see

is there such danger
from truths we’ve spied
that lives well built
must surely die

now at an end
with so much left
the disappeared
a line now cleft

the “washing” over
the cutting back
the “no there wasn’t”
the life placed into doggie sack

having slowed a good
to deny the ‘rights’
watch my “rope-a-dope”
through this billionth fight

what you take
gets rebuilt
for the brain’s
thought’s crazy quilt

now I the lowly
once with a gift
quite over-spoken
not blessed by shrifts

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