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In sitting down to the keyboard, then trotting through the various e-mailed contacts that constantly assail most of us, I found this wonderful site that has made it a point of screaming smartly to the world about those animals that aren’t destroying the environment. It’s name is CARE2.COM and it contains a wealth of overt informations that should concern anyone. I’ll give you the lowdown in three segments…

1.) The original contact…

Hi D’Ellis R.,

One of the remaining Bush appointees in our government
is our representative to the International Whaling
Commission (IWC). And like the man who appointed him,
William Hogarth is wreaking destruction on our planet
and its inhabitants.

On February 2, Hogarth submitted a proposal that would
lift the international moratorium on whale hunting.
Tell President Obama you don’t support U.S.-sanctioned
killing of wales! >>

Hogarth brokered a proposed deal that would allow
Japan to do new “coastal whaling” in exchange for
ramping down so-called “scientific” whaling over the
next five years.

But a slow decline in one type of whales being killed
in exchange for opening a new group for slaughter is
not a compromise that’s acceptable! Hogarth’s proposal
puts the threatened coastal Japanese whales at even
greater risk. The IWC needs to instead focus its
attention on stopping whaling altogether.

Conservationists have worked so hard to ensure that
whale populations do not decline from human hunting,
since they face so many threats from ship strikes and
global warming. It would be a shame to destroy years of
conservation work to broker a compromise when what is
truly needed is an international enforcement on the ban
on whaling.

Urge President Obama to instruct Hogarth that the U.S.
does not condone whaling >>

Thank you,
Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team

P.S. For more information on Hogarth’s evil plan,
please check out my blog post on this issue on the
Care2 Cause Channels >>

2.)[Self explanitory.]

Investigation: The oil money behind the anti-stimulus fight

nostimulus.pngThe compromise version of the $787 billion economic stimulus plan passed the House and Senate Friday and is expected to be signed by President Obama tomorrow in Denver. Despite Democratic leaders’ efforts to reach out for Republican support by dropping various controversial provisions and beefing up tax cuts, the measure passed with no Republican votes in the House and only three Republican votes in the Senate.

Public opposition to the plan was led by a group called Americans for Prosperity, which delivered 400,000 signatures on a petition to the Senate opposing the measure. As the group says in a statement at its website:

We lost. But we put up a heckuva fight!

We turned what was supposed to sail through with 80 votes and no controversy into a bloody knock-down, drag-out fight.

We showed that Americans won’t passively sit by while our future is plundered. Just the fact that the bill shrank in conference committee — they almost always grow — showed that we had an impact.

Who is Americans for Prosperity? According to, the group was founded in 2003 with money from the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation, which is run by the billionaires behind Kansas-based Koch Industries — the national’s largest privately held oil and gas company. Media Transparency reports that the group gets substantial financial support from the Claude R. Lambe Charitable Foundation, another one of the Koch family foundations.

Why would an organization funded by oil and gas interests be hostile to the economic stimulus plan?

Could it be the $50 billion the bill offers for more sustainable energy alternatives?

Among other things, the stimulus bill allocates $5 billion to weatherize more than a million modest-income homes and another $6.3 billion to install energy-saving insulation, windows and furnaces in federally funded housing projects, USA Today reports. It also offers a tax credit of up to $7,500 for families that buy plug-in hybrid cars, and includes $500 million for green jobs training.

Americans for Prosperity has long worked against any government efforts to tackle climate disruption by promoting more sustainable energy. Last year we reported on the group’s “Hot Air Tour,” which featured a hot-air balloon that traveled around the country with a message challenging what AFP dismisses as “global warming alarmism.”

The organization is currently running TV ads in Virginia criticizing state efforts to address climate change. Last week, Gov. Tim Kaine signed a pact with the U.K., agreeing to work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, research renewable energy and raise public awareness about climate change. Kaine has also championed legislation creating renewable energy tax credits and promoting the use of alternative fuels.

Here’s the text for one of the Virginia ads titled “Tell Congress Not to Waste Our Money,” which makes clear Americans for Prosperity’s hostility to government support for more sustainable forms of energy:

MAN: OK, we’re in a recession.

Times are tough and jobs are scarce.

Congress talks about economic recovery, but what are they doing?

Spending billions of taxpayer dollars in the name of global warming and green energy.

Who is going to bail us out and pay our bills? Instead, they will:

… Make energy more expensive

… cost us more to heat our homes

… and regulate our local businesses and our jobs out of existence

No thanks. Congress should stop wasting their time and focus on real problems.

ANNONC (VO): Isn’t it time Congress listened to the rest of us and got its science and priorities straight.

Paid for by Americans for Prosperity

One of the directors of Americans for Prosperity is North Carolina millionaire businessman and former state legislator Art Pope. He funds a network of pro-business think tanks that was behind an effort to scuttle efforts to address global warming in North Carolina, as we reported in our 2007 Facing South investigation titled “Hostile Climate.”

Americans for Prosperity has also been active on labor issues in North Carolina, where it’s fighting the Employee Free Choice Act, which would make it easier for workers unionize. Today the N.C. NAACP is holding a press conference to highlight the fact that the group is a front for big business.

Interestingly, Obama Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said the president chose Colorado as the place to sign the stimulus legislation into law “to highlight some of the investments to put people back to work — particularly clean-energy jobs.”

UPDATE: A version of this story is now one of the top recommended diaries at DailyKos; to read the interesting discussion it’s generated there, click here.


The one thing that I hope happens more is that there are more people like this giving out real information, so that some of us bloggers can relay the GOOD STUFF to those who may have missed it otherwise. In seeing that names ARE named and coupled to what ever “dastardly greed” that these “Many BLOODSUCKERS”, (=’POLI- TICKS’), are relieving the WORLD’S wallets of, via distractions and such, LiAnna and Sue have my, and I hope now YOUR, thanks for the ‘HEADS-UP’. Which is what where we SHOULD be wearing them despite what “FEAR’S” smoke and mirrors show us.

As I’ve said many times before… all we NEED to do is PAY ATTENTION, all we need to do is SHARE the KNOWLEDGE !!!

And, just to give you a more solid base of the in/ pervasive, untapped/ unstudied problem of corporate influencings are to true education here is a plethora of articles that show just one persons “prostitutioning” of their “degree” of influences can injure a WORLD. [Mis-educated by the CORPORATE influences.]and, of course, the link [It ALL makes sense when you notice.]


ONE HONEST Politician

Bugs Bunny let us know about the importance of CHEBOYGAN , Michigan in a lot of his cartoons, now life has given us its representation of what a cartoon government and its proponents are… and someone who saw it for what it is, and HIS answer to its “FIXES”… Meet Dennis Lennox: EX COMMISSIONER of “DRAINS” for the County of Cheboygan, Michgan.

Now THIS is the NEW FACE of the Republican Party.

Now THIS is the NEW FACE of the Republican Party.

As Dennis ran against an eight year incumbent, and WON, proving that his lesson plans to graduate with a degree in, YES, POLITICAL SCIENCE has quickly accomplished the ONE THING that has NOT occurred in recent memory… HE KEPT HIS CAMPAIGN PROMICE, (!!!!), HE got rid of an unnecessary political office. [ONE: To Vote FOR.],[What would YOU have Dennis RUN FOR ?], [How its DONE.]

In an age of great darkness, when so much has been touted for TRANSPARENCY , it is GOOD to have BORN WITNESS to the, (hopeful), birth of Democracy’s, (the) REPUBLIC-CAN!!!

I’m PROUD that this young man also chose to give the world an HONEST MAN’S VIEW.

CONGRATULATIONS, DENNIS, on being one of this nation’s first ELECTED to KEEP HIS PROMISES. I hope some type of cum laude is attached to your ensuing DEGREE !!!

[One HONEST effort.]

ENOUGH of Giving My Money…

… to those who have WORSE CREDIT THAN I DO.

I have ONLY cost my SELF for ALL the lame, unexcusable misuses that have run through MY pockets. But, in this time of NATIONAL and WORLD fiscal TURMOIL, those who I felt would see the situation as I HAVE described to them, HAVE NOT !!! Can it be that, like women who live, work and play in close proximity of one another, that our entire elected, legislative “rep-RESENT-atives” have ALL developed the SAME “cycle” of thought ? With ALL the exact “cramping” of their mental, “reproductive” organs ? (My apologies to the women that may read this, but, you KNOW what I’m talking about here.) This situation that this ‘administration’ is leading us through is looking more and more like a fiscal version of the BUSH “war on terror”, as we ALL know, war makes MONEY for those that SUPPLY IT, and look at the SUPPLY CHAIN and all its LINKS… ARE YOU INCLUDED !?! There is no LOOP-HOLE for us, except the one that the “elected” are LURING their constituents’ necks into via their wallets.

These ONE-HUNDRED DAYS are feeling like a couple years of a not-so-secret WATER-BOARDING SESSION, and they won’t stop until they’ve drained the lake. [Now THEY see it, NOW… YOU DON\’T !] Just HOW difficult would it be to INFUSE THE TAX-PAYER WITH THEIR BAILOUT DOLLARS !?! WE are the ones MOST AFFECTED by the mismanagements and GREEDS of the very ones that are receiving EVERY GUARANTEED TONNE packets of Woodrow Wilson’s portrait.

Mr. President, the actions being TAKEN by those who were SWORN to PROTECT this NATION and its CITIZENRY are acting like a PEDERAST who has been CONVICTED, then sentenced to serve community service in a DAY-CARE facility. If this is what you are accepting as YOUR LEGACY I would remind you that those of us that REMAIN BLACK CANNOT AFFORD to live WITH such a LEGACY. YOU should remember just how long it HAS taken to get to THIS POINT in TIME.

For details on money already disbursed and recipients, see


This is Black History Month and in that this next 22 days will see many strange and unique additions to it’s pages. The one that has come to mind is the attempt by south Carolina Senator, Robert Ford, to “couple” the national celebrations of Black History Month with CONFEDERATE Memorial Day, [Strom WOULD love this.], his argument is compelling.

History must tell the TRUTH.

History must tell the TRUTH.

But even in these confusing times famous actions can verify and vilify the facts that the recorded and celebrated events enacted for one race can easily be the road map for the betterment of ALL. WITNESS the the ROSA PARKS- like actions of University of UTAH, ( no, not the one with the BLUE football field.), student Tim DeChristopher that are having as much civil strengthenings as the diminutive destroyer of Jim Crow’s wishes had, teaching all that in order to CHANGE the current fiscal “status quo” all one has to do is FOLLOW THE MONEY !!! [Mr. Obama, you SHOULD have appointed TIM.],[GOT \’er DONE !], [And the Medal of FREEDOM winner should be…].

Abraham, Martin and John would be PROUD.

Abraham, Martin and John would be PROUD.

As this month has now become a sign post for future historians as to where this nation began to mature into the PROMISE that was drafted WITH the BLOOD of so many, with so much of the SAME DNA, I PRAY that we can finally build our selves into what others around the world will find worthy of calling a GOOD NEIGHBOR. Thank you,Tim, for showing us that the coming generation “HAS had ENOUGH, and THEY’RE NOT going to take ..IT ANYMORE” !!! (And thank you Peter Finch.)

As far as this being officially designated BLACK History month, this time the BLACK stands for saving the citizenry MONEY… the green being that of NATURE ‘S bottom line.