… Once had hair that was as thick as the AMAZON rainforest.

… Once had hair darker than the [ Black Forest], or Blonder than [ Hay], freshly mown, in Iowa, as Red as a shiny, newly minted [Penny].

… Once had the strength of an [Anaconda].

… Once had extended the ardour of Ironwood, or had enough of Love’s moistures to fill [Lake Baikal].

… Once had outrun the Sun, but now need its heat for the parts that have worn.

… Are those who had so many questions in need of Answers.

… Have, more than ONCE, had minds that had too many “flight schedules”.

… ALL have grown into these EUSTAH BEES.

The wings of “steel” are now the [Silly Putty] pressed to the cartoons of a ‘life’.

Our mouths that formed the Honeys of far gone achievements now dribble in disdain.

The hands that gathered the pollens of children’s growth now practice waving good-bye. And the varied “Hives” that we’d “belonged to” have been repopulated with the new Drones and Queens…

… Not taking notes of how LIFE’S [metamorphosis] changes “Newbies” into…


( My THANKS to RAVENSCAWL for charting this to me for the past year. And ESPECIALLY to TIKNO/Bapak dan guru Ely, for finding this blog from across a Dunia.)



… Yeh, Right !

Today : JANUARY TWENTY-FIRST, year TWO-THOUSAND TEN. The United States of America’s SUPREME Court, (“They only date the BEST”.), made it *offencially “OFFICIAL”, by a FIVE to FOUR vote, that THIS nation IS a [KLEPTOCRACY]…

It… NOW!?!?!… seems that any future legislation, of any sort, for a corporate mis-doing that would prompt a [bailout], will be summarily unnecessary with this event.

In other “NEWS”… ‘It seems that the man that has gained the “throne”, in the state of Massachusetts, isn’t above showing the Nation just how he’ll treat the welfare of HIS constituency, doing so at his … victory speech. Although in an earlier photo-op with his female offspring there is evidence that upon marriage neither will gain membership in [La Leche]’.

Getting back to our Supreme Court’s “decision”. Look carefully at who voted for/”aginit’, the Republican “Party” won’t be over until they KILL the Neighborhood.

The last thing to [retort],[resort],[implore],[restore] to this post is the FACT that our Bill of RIGHTS guarantees FREE SPEECH, Not FEE speech, as in “paid for by”… Look at what it’s COSTING us NOW ! (To the TENTH POWER !) Free Speech, in this “body” of thought, should not be a [bludgeon] or [garrote], ( see first video.). But, as the “five fingers of fate” have shown us, they can make a FIST more readily than they can a LIFTING device. * Although the word SHOULD be ‘OFFENSIVELY’, just like the action taken by the five the spelling destroys everything… and WAS meant to.

this really isn’t an update but it DOES have that certain something that may pertain to the post above:[A national antithem…]

The Ensuing: “Too Big To FAIL”


Redmond isn’t enjoying the new [WORLD] version of [Hanged Man] these days. After beating on the [\”little\” guys] for so long it reminds me of the outcome of the country song “COWARD OF THE COUNTY”, by Kenny Rogers. It may take a while to find out what the ‘shy’ are “made of”, but it just may be DETRIMENTAL for that instigator’s bravado and pride when the audience witnesses the number of [overall weaknesses] that a bully hides through their entourage’s “INTEL”.

Just how much longer it will be before Microsoft “clues up” to provide a scintillating and SECURE O.S. is anyones guess. But while they “get to it” those that “see the forest for the trees” will gently prod the sullied [sycophants] of the emerged [industry] to stop being comfortable and begin living on the edge of intelligence and freedom.

At this rate of “genius” there won’t be a usable American idea that works anywhere else.

Something “OLD”,But Don’t Forget the “New”

I saw how big, (three), marketing strategies haven’t changed since it WAS cool to “see the U.S.A. in a Chevrolet”… It was sooooo much cheaper then. So, here we are at two years before the world ends and our greed riddled car makers have YET to give this nation the [proper gas mileages] that will see a movement toward “A” [freedom] from something important to our success.

We are at that time of year where the “BIG THREE” invite the rest of their ilk to “dazzle” the Soccer Moms, and such, to ogle the gossamer promises of the newest and latest metal slimming devices. The sad part is that the only slimming happening is to the, ONCE and NEVERMORE, MIDDLE CLASS consumer wallet/ purse/ credit-card-record.

[CNN] online gave tout to the unassembled for the market 2010 [Chevrolet AVEO], thinking that wafting the term “TURBO-CHARGED” will be the uber-pheromone to give the wallets that LOVING FEELING. If the government has such a stake in these companies I find it interesting that the [costs] for items that perform “WELL” for an average of 8 years are so close to those that thrive for [thirty years or more]… read the purchase price of the PLETHORA of FORECLOSED HOMES.

Besides taking, (stealing !), style cues from 37° 34′ N 126° 58′ E,or 35° 41′ N 139° 46′ E. (Seoul or Tokyo), The folks at Chevy don’t wish to repeat the mileage gift of their mpg success-full venture with [SUZUKI] as the

GEO METRO. ( which was under the tag of “hideous cars of the 80’s and 90’s. Ugly to some, but this one’ll whup that pretty’uns tail at the “TROT” to home.) In most cases these plain Jane s will, not only, sing a killer version of “I’m a Woman”*, but will perform each task FLAWLESSLY ! We have YET to witness ANY of the “big three’s” beauties even pick up their underwear as of this moment.

So, AGAIN… we welcome in the new car year’s shaking its rear fenders “SEDUCTIVELY” in our faces, ( the raised, revolving tables are also used at the clubs you used to frequent “in your youth”. ). And they, STILL, want you to slap the bulk of a good college’s tuition on what you detest stepping in.

Last, and certainly NOT THE LEAST. Look SERIOUSLY at the [VOLT], whose price is around $40k. Its DEAD sibling, went for the, “round the mulberry bush…” sum/some of the “GM based the lease payments for the EV1 on an initial vehicle price of US$33995.” … THEY DID plan for the future after all.