Higher Education

Have any one of us actually thought about the percentage of how many of our sports “heroes” move on to become participants in an ADULT JOB after playing a game for part of their lives ? [THE FEW] that do so are from some time ago, (as far as athletes turned DOCTORS.). The more recent of my memory are Roger Staubach and Willie Davis, Mr. Davis is a beer, tv, and radio [\'MAGNATE\'], besides being a FULL FLEDGED MEMBER of the National Football Hall of Fame. He came from a small school called GRAMBLING, via a coach named [EDDIE ROBINSON].
My, how the theory of SPORT training our youth in LIFE’S LESSONS is getting sullied, (more and more !), with each [ ENSUING] year.
It’s interesting that for all the movies that have been made about how the entertainment of the “masses”, through the [ GREEKS]. AND, [ROMANS] have shown us how these events lured a citizenry away from keeping a nation focused on [REMAINING] so. If we study the parallels of the declines of these two historically epic civilizations and their ABUSE of the SUBSTANCES Blood, Death and Mutilation we can bring that same focus upon Today’s increasingly gluttonous appetites for Sports, and the ravenous obsessions of entitlements exibited by the “elite” of their participants.
If corporations are to make such OUTSTANDING quarterly PROFITS from the




of these young fertilizers of profit is there any wonder that these “plug-n-play” units want to have something for the effort NOW !?! Isn’t this what those that have determined WHAT their Corporate Contributions TO these places of HIGHER EDUCATION have mandated for what they WANT in return ?
Isn’t THIS what they’re getting?


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