… gray’s matters

( http://www.wallstreetotc.com/study-suggests-lifetime-learning-might-prevent-dementia/24764/)


It’s scary enough to remember that “OLD” person that your Grand-Parents  used to bring you to visit with them and, ALL you can recollect is the weird facial expressions they made when they’d attempt to tell a shared event. The fact that you had heard part of this story is your blessing in that you can assist the mental “plug-ins” of a word, term, place… , to be the good child of ‘politeness’ and HONOR of this friends position in the family history lessons.

But, what of your SELF? how are YOU going to preserve the stories “of”? The reading of another’s thoughts and events can continually FUEL the mind to be as “IN TUNE” as when before THIRTY… FIFTY YEARS have strolled by. Each and, EVERY post “glanced”, or devoured is the synaptic whetstone of a ‘clearer’ mind.

Ever notice the white-haired folk riding bicycles with a varied age group and how well they INSTIGATE the younger into feeding their brain?


they say that ‘THINKING’
keeps good’s thoughts
thus saving all that writing
some must do
the books ‘we’ scour
bloom mental flowers
the gardens forced
to play in during ‘youth’
to use a word
from centuries gone
remembered from
a life or “two” ago
and in sentence same
verb current with a grand-child
past their friends own grasp
as the clock tocked
without synap-tics
this is an exersize
for the gray’s matters

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Your Country ‘TIS OF “ME”



The “times”, they AREN’T ” a changin'”.

There ISN’T anything for ME to say about the above article. Except that it HAS brought TEARS. Rage is the emotion of one that doesn’t believe in the BETTER that “the CREATOR” had first had IN MIND.

Even though the slights, abuses and mistreatments continue The KNOWLEDGE of the ‘REASONINGS’ are my “cloak of invisibility” that WILL allow for a BETTER.

The incidents of TODAY are just the LIES of a “PAST” that WILL destroy the very place that I LOVE… EARTH, my parcel of it.

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… couldn’t bring

This month is to behold MOTHER’S DAY and to EVERY ONE of YOU IS my deepest “How’d-JA-do-that”(?), for the length of wait, feed/ clean/ teach/ etcetera, etcetera,etcetra to the Nth .

But, to ‘be’  the ESAU of the ‘family’ is to be the label of “Biblical” rejection. There will be NO(!!!) visible tearing, or tearing of the “life provider”. THIS is a QUEST-EON I’m sure many have made in their own manner.



at ten times six there’s still a “fix”

my truths disrespectfully denied

though witnessed as a simple creche

astonishment of what life wouldn’t hide


the beauties and the repulsions

acid-bitters stevia sweet

light brushings of another

friendships to not complete


and yet the days did mount up

containing lessons worthy to a king

for all this labeled just a screw-up

the innocence of childhood couldn’t bring



… with bluer skies


The those of ‘us’ that have been ran-SACKED by the CORPORATE ANTEBELLUM-ED mindset of “AT-WILL” are in the process of remaking the topographies of such. This ‘NATION’ is the remaining “hold-on”, of the “at-will” doctrine, of ALL the prominent “INDUSTRIALIZED”, ( that WOULD read “G-SEVEN-POINT-ONE!), and the President IS seeing to its END, (http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB10001424052702304071004579407992832670628?mg=reno64-wsj&url=http%3A%2F%2Fonline.wsj.com%2Farticle%2FSB10001424052702

304071004579407992832670628.html), through making pathways less “closed”.

But, what of those that HAVE / ARE suffering by the desperations of the past? I believe that a DILIGENCE of bringing recognition to the OVERLOOKED antics of EMPLOYERS that HAVE used the the vagueness of WHAT “AT-WILL” allows. The SUMMIT of such a thought’s success is what I’ve been constructing for FORTY-THREE YEARS… From non-graduation information to TAX data. I WILL have the “SAY”, and NOT ONLY HERE.

This site IS where I began the FREEDOM, ( AND, RESPONSIBILITIES.), of HAVING MY SAY began. I hope that this practice HAS achieved “A” maturation.


this battle that you took today

just one more chink I’ve found

these many scars I can display

but proof your cheats so sound

and yes the audience can applaud

the deftness of your moves

their eyes say dapper though you grew as clod

each saved offense for proved

these many years crass labels worn

be humble ruled the thumb

your arch-type tracking to their scorn

you “pillars” way from plumb

you’ve dismissed our small improvements

to increase your wrongs demise

our rise-up through disprovements

fresher air with bluer skies*


A blue sky law is a state law in the United States that regulates the offering and sale of securities to protect the public from fraud.

The fact that EVERY PARENT attempts to bring SECURITY to their offspring, health,hearth, honorariums IS the why that “WE, THE PEOPLE” have done what we have to get HERE. To continue to allow the “crooks” to prosper IS against any “FAITH” of the “righteousness” of living a GOOD LIFE.

Rampant “FREE-DUMB”

[GEORGE MICHAEL ZIMMERMAN] is, again, in the “NEWS”. The story grows to stranger lengths and, WORSE public relations for those that see playing Wyatt Earp as a duty of self preservation.

The insidious part of this tragedy is that the clarity of WHO G.M. Zimmerman is IS NOT as important as the collective that he represents from AROUND the GLOBE. It’s shameful that the media portrays him a “WHITE” man, even though the visage says something very different. Whatever the reason, the fact is that this man has the belief that HE has been given James Bond’s LICENSE. Too Bad, this puts ANYONE at risk for any decision George makes.


what visions by Pandora the lid adrift to sky

those gone had sewn a reason ‘gainst seizures so decried

the [“HEPTA-DENTS”} all went their “Ways” communal  even still

their offspring making [“HEADLINES”] Life’s milk continued spills

the long and very short of it is LICENSE without good tests

amendments have a special way of excluding so much rest

Paul Harvey starred the story farther than bits from water troughs

the shame of just few pages is how often illiterates scoff

the history of “Wrong” set free by those that seek the same

is when it knocks upon their door they sever their own skein

so as this tale again dips through the swales remember it’s all legit

costumes will allow insane(d) to go just where they so well fit

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The Un-Titled Fight

To change from wrong
to seek, gain strong
to ask so long
to leave losts throng

Strong are the rules of everafter
Long are the pools of traverse, ya’ haf-ter
Wrong are the stools that we step to disaster
Throng is the those perdition chases after

I am too long to lesson’s recognize
I’ve been too wrong, instead of forgive,dispise
I, a single throng of redemption’s gold reprise
I’ll work to strong, eschewing all the many lies

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Baseball And PURITY

If the sancted “history” of the WHO IS to become the “next” honoree to be inducted into the American BASEBALL HALL of ‘FAME’ is to hold to “the PURITY” of Abner Doubleday’s fraternal twin of CRICKET then there MUST be a provision of HOW the rules allowed those that played a significant part in keeping the game as “pristine” as an Easter Lily until J. Roosevelt Robinson ,


had an OHIO born Wesley B. Rickey,


OVERRIDE the prevailing mentalities of MANY that WERE,


like Tyrus Raymond “Ty” Cobb* influential as to “WHO” was “Gentleman ENOUGH” to compete in AMERICA’S PAST-TIME. Imagine how MANY MORE / MOOR inductees would BE ENSHRINED if NOT for the WEIGHT of MEASURES inflicted on the BETTERS*


that HAD been DENIED for the PREVAILING reasons of the time. Then, AS NOW, the “COMPETITIVE EDGE” was overlooked until it COULD NO LONGER be the “BULL-OF-the-CHINA SHOP”.

On Wednesday, JANUARY NINTH, the year TWO-THOUSAND THIRTEEN the TWO of BASEBALL’S RECORD HOLDING / LEADING eligibles WERE DENIED ENTRY due to “their participation” of “a PRACTICE” that BECAME banned. Isn’t it IRONIC that ROGER CLEMENS and BARRY BONDS are to SUFFER,


for what WAS occurring DAILY, THEN being ruled against while TY COBB WAS flying in the face of the EMANCIPATION PROCLAMATION itself… KNOWINGLY!

The INTELLIGENCE of decision making, according to the CLEARER VISIONS of the COMPLETEST of INFORMATIONS will serve ALL concerned. The “WAYS” that were WILL NOT be “the WAYS” of the future. AS HUMANS AN achievement IS an ACHIEVEMENT. MUSCLES are trained better. NUTRITIONS are different. Bats hit baseballs that are made by machines that create a more consistent IMPACT area and ENERGY transfer.

Things change. LOOK at WHO IS the PRESIDENT of THIS NATION!
The mirror of the previous statement IS to look at the nefarious Presidency of Richard M. Nixon… YET(!), We ARE still trading with CHINA. BECAUSE of WHAT HE DID!


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“WE” are here just a few hours until OUR newest PRESIDING ELECTED is formally declared the VICTOR. The FACTIONS “OF” have made their pleas, have attempted to influence the REPUBLIC. If this IS the time of BECOMING a GREAT NATION the CITIZENRY MUST raise THEIR COLLECTIVE VOICES to DROWN AWAY each and EVERY PUPPET master within this NATION’S boundaries.


Instead of reflecting upon
the accomplishment
of one like you
there is too much
of pickiness
of hate

Instead of dialog
stating fear
as truths
blaming ineptness
for genetic enhancement

Is it so difficult
for selves as your
that need
that huddle
as baby chicks
who are brave
married a first cousin

I have to be
as far from
turning from
and self-flagellators

accusations of
intolerant children
given tools
they can’t / won’t
handle with finesse

To step BEYOND
the pitfalls of entrapments
of “soft” webs
and nooses

WE fail
and thrive
through lateral literals
but, first and
for my successes
I had to go

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