The Ensuing: “Too Big To FAIL”


Redmond isn’t enjoying the new [WORLD] version of [Hanged Man] these days. After beating on the [\”little\” guys] for so long it reminds me of the outcome of the country song “COWARD OF THE COUNTY”, by Kenny Rogers. It may take a while to find out what the ‘shy’ are “made of”, but it just may be DETRIMENTAL for that instigator’s bravado and pride when the audience witnesses the number of [overall weaknesses] that a bully hides through their entourage’s “INTEL”.

Just how much longer it will be before Microsoft “clues up” to provide a scintillating and SECURE O.S. is anyones guess. But while they “get to it” those that “see the forest for the trees” will gently prod the sullied [sycophants] of the emerged [industry] to stop being comfortable and begin living on the edge of intelligence and freedom.

At this rate of “genius” there won’t be a usable American idea that works anywhere else.


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