… Once had hair that was as thick as the AMAZON rainforest.

… Once had hair darker than the [ Black Forest], or Blonder than [ Hay], freshly mown, in Iowa, as Red as a shiny, newly minted [Penny].

… Once had the strength of an [Anaconda].

… Once had extended the ardour of Ironwood, or had enough of Love’s moistures to fill [Lake Baikal].

… Once had outrun the Sun, but now need its heat for the parts that have worn.

… Are those who had so many questions in need of Answers.

… Have, more than ONCE, had minds that had too many “flight schedules”.

… ALL have grown into these EUSTAH BEES.

The wings of “steel” are now the [Silly Putty] pressed to the cartoons of a ‘life’.

Our mouths that formed the Honeys of far gone achievements now dribble in disdain.

The hands that gathered the pollens of children’s growth now practice waving good-bye. And the varied “Hives” that we’d “belonged to” have been repopulated with the new Drones and Queens…

… Not taking notes of how LIFE’S [metamorphosis] changes “Newbies” into…


( My THANKS to RAVENSCAWL for charting this to me for the past year. And ESPECIALLY to TIKNO/Bapak dan guru Ely, for finding this blog from across a Dunia.)

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