… Yeh, Right !

Today : JANUARY TWENTY-FIRST, year TWO-THOUSAND TEN. The United States of America’s SUPREME Court, (“They only date the BEST”.), made it *offencially “OFFICIAL”, by a FIVE to FOUR vote, that THIS nation IS a [KLEPTOCRACY]…

It… NOW!?!?!… seems that any future legislation, of any sort, for a corporate mis-doing that would prompt a [bailout], will be summarily unnecessary with this event.

In other “NEWS”… ‘It seems that the man that has gained the “throne”, in the state of Massachusetts, isn’t above showing the Nation just how he’ll treat the welfare of HIS constituency, doing so at his … victory speech. Although in an earlier photo-op with his female offspring there is evidence that upon marriage neither will gain membership in [La Leche]’.

Getting back to our Supreme Court’s “decision”. Look carefully at who voted for/”aginit’, the Republican “Party” won’t be over until they KILL the Neighborhood.

The last thing to [retort],[resort],[implore],[restore] to this post is the FACT that our Bill of RIGHTS guarantees FREE SPEECH, Not FEE speech, as in “paid for by”… Look at what it’s COSTING us NOW ! (To the TENTH POWER !) Free Speech, in this “body” of thought, should not be a [bludgeon] or [garrote], ( see first video.). But, as the “five fingers of fate” have shown us, they can make a FIST more readily than they can a LIFTING device. * Although the word SHOULD be ‘OFFENSIVELY’, just like the action taken by the five the spelling destroys everything… and WAS meant to.

this really isn’t an update but it DOES have that certain something that may pertain to the post above:[A national antithem…]


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