Something “OLD”,But Don’t Forget the “New”

I saw how big, (three), marketing strategies haven’t changed since it WAS cool to “see the U.S.A. in a Chevrolet”… It was sooooo much cheaper then. So, here we are at two years before the world ends and our greed riddled car makers have YET to give this nation the [proper gas mileages] that will see a movement toward “A” [freedom] from something important to our success.

We are at that time of year where the “BIG THREE” invite the rest of their ilk to “dazzle” the Soccer Moms, and such, to ogle the gossamer promises of the newest and latest metal slimming devices. The sad part is that the only slimming happening is to the, ONCE and NEVERMORE, MIDDLE CLASS consumer wallet/ purse/ credit-card-record.

[CNN] online gave tout to the unassembled for the market 2010 [Chevrolet AVEO], thinking that wafting the term “TURBO-CHARGED” will be the uber-pheromone to give the wallets that LOVING FEELING. If the government has such a stake in these companies I find it interesting that the [costs] for items that perform “WELL” for an average of 8 years are so close to those that thrive for [thirty years or more]… read the purchase price of the PLETHORA of FORECLOSED HOMES.

Besides taking, (stealing !), style cues from 37° 34′ N 126° 58′ E,or 35° 41′ N 139° 46′ E. (Seoul or Tokyo), The folks at Chevy don’t wish to repeat the mileage gift of their mpg success-full venture with [SUZUKI] as the

GEO METRO. ( which was under the tag of “hideous cars of the 80’s and 90’s. Ugly to some, but this one’ll whup that pretty’uns tail at the “TROT” to home.) In most cases these plain Jane s will, not only, sing a killer version of “I’m a Woman”*, but will perform each task FLAWLESSLY ! We have YET to witness ANY of the “big three’s” beauties even pick up their underwear as of this moment.

So, AGAIN… we welcome in the new car year’s shaking its rear fenders “SEDUCTIVELY” in our faces, ( the raised, revolving tables are also used at the clubs you used to frequent “in your youth”. ). And they, STILL, want you to slap the bulk of a good college’s tuition on what you detest stepping in.

Last, and certainly NOT THE LEAST. Look SERIOUSLY at the [VOLT], whose price is around $40k. Its DEAD sibling, went for the, “round the mulberry bush…” sum/some of the “GM based the lease payments for the EV1 on an initial vehicle price of US$33995.” … THEY DID plan for the future after all.



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