The UN- United State(s) of America

At a time when the ‘NATION’ called America has needed to BECOME THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA the Second Coming of “The Birth of a Nation” has advertised AND found a sea-to-shining-sea [\’caste\’] of MORE than willing pseudo-thespians. As we now totter at the edge of a sandy ledge overlooking a “beach” that is actually a [punji ] resort the,once, mighty are falling.

Those who’ve suffered the assaults in southern heat and humidity during their youth of the 1960’s are needlessly [reminded] by those who were bred to the [hate and stupidity] of the new “secession”. Born to a group that gave away their rights and freedoms to fear-mongers that just happened to look like them.

There’s a story of a town that watched a man “steal” a HANDFUL of grain from his, shared, barn. Long story short, the man wasn’t stealing grain… he WAS stealing WHEELBARROWS, everyone was paying attention to the LITTLE “larcenies” when the drayage market of the town was being ransacked.

The “Tea-Party” movement has acquired the same olfactoral make-up as any container of wastes… it’s just offal. But it COULD be made useful when provided to those that use it respectfully.When the “uneducated” couldn’t find jobs, or housing it “was THEIR fault”. Now that POVERTY has thrown its arms around the shoulders of the [“pivoting point] in American society… The “middle” class. ( America has become a “CLASSLESS” society since there is NO distinction left.)

With the numerous “fires” being set throughout this nation those that haven’t clear enough sight or knowledge of the types of SMOKE on their “false” horizons are about to CRY their versions of ‘WOLF’, even when they know that they’re actually DROWNING.

CAN you disagree with the video statement ? This is JUST what has been planned, and most of you LAUGHED at those that told YOU.


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