What GATES Shall Open us to HELL ?

If you’ve been on this continent for more than 47 years you MAY be able to remember the 1960’s television show [\”The Outer Limits\”], or almost anything having the name of [Rod Serling]. These all dealt with ‘A’ future, the unknown… the “LOOKING GLASS “BIZARRE” and consummate-able.

In the fact that there have been many events that are, “seemingly”, more mentally taxing than the previous “SLAP to the forehead”, we are now looking backwards through the proverbial “crystal ball”. Can we feel the moment coming when we’d been lulled to feel that comforting false ambrosia of a thumb… as it is directed from the mouth into our EYE !?!

Is it so much a stretch to see this redoubling of an effort ? A serious recombination, (See recombinant, it is ” in their GENES.), of past conflicts inflicted, all constructed [For the LOVE of MONEY], and the control of human life by a “ROYALTY of INBREDS”.

If you’ve not been privy to the historical uncoverings of the act to begin the [SECOND WORLD War] those with the INTEREST, (Both meanings.), of what could further the domination of a peoples used the ploys of RACE, ECONOMY, and NATURAL RESOURCES to draw the ATTENTION away from the INTENDED. [Twelve days and 62 years of knowledge.] Its not like we haven’t seen something like this before.

IS there any semblance between Adolf and Jong-Il ? I won’t say yes but this is what Mr. Obama’s, then, opponent expoused in 2008…

… As YOU gaze, either INTENTLY, or LAZILY, (they’re HOPING SLEEPILY!), into that Seer’s globe of ‘GUESS’ it has provided a fuzzy light to [the GATES ] that may portend a SERLING-ESQUE [“Requiem for a Heavyweight“]…

LIFE, as we “know” it … AMERICAN, or OTHER-WISE !!!!!!



… The “big” three go for GLOBAL Financing.

Chevrolet, Chrysler and Ford are “requesting” US to PAY MORE MONEY for items that are NOT VIABLE to the country that they claim to service. On “MEET THE PRESS” (11/16/08) Michigan Senator Carl Levin ‘Advertised’ for General Motors that they had TWICE as many “HYBRID” vehicles “in-line” for production. My goodness, they’ve only had 30 years of knowledge that their latest offerings were TOXIC to their future.

Senator Levin’s short advertisement was vocally similar to Jeep’s latest late-night commercial where they show IDIOTS riding over sand dunes and other NATURAL environments that need preservation. The background audio is that of ROLLER-COASTER sounds, to entice the viewer to times of a ‘CARE-LESS’ YOUTH, when our fun was financed by someone else… OUR Parents = those that put in the WORK. We should be PAST THIS. We are of the age where in order to enjoy ourselves WE have to design, build AND maintain what may give us joy in the responsible ways of adulthood. And TEACH these ATTRIBUTES to our offspring.

I have a strange feeling that these companies have been setting another table, in a very different location. G.M., as mentioned in previous posts, has made its financial stakes in other fast emerging markets, (44% in China ALONE !), with products that are mandated BY those consumers and THEIR unique markets. And are providing what THEY deem as NECESSARY for THEIR USES (!), not accepting whatever is fed them when someone “RINGS” Dr. PAVLOV’S little bell. Those that have been privy to the inundations of post-secondary CORPORATE “education” are reheating THIRTY YEAR OLD ‘HASHES’ in the attempts to serve them on pseudo-“patriotic” platters… IN THEIR NEIGHBOR’S HOME (!), telling them that the “fare” IS “FRESH”… Never mind the gravy’s CHARTREUSE GLEAM.

Would the ‘TREASURIAL’ colour chart include RYE Mold ( as in ERGOT/LSD ?) in the $ 25 BILLION bungle/bundle that the United States of America (“CONgress” and “SINate”), are “THINKING” of giving THEM ?

If “our” legislators allow this financial dis-service in RESPONSIBILITY I WILL NOT be GREEN with ENVY … but of NAUSEATED DISAPPOINTMENT.

Bessie Smith sang this youths truths...

Bessie Smith sang this youth's truths...

It was said best by Alberta when she described how all the young “Iceberg’s” did their “thing”…

“They’d come at’cha with a hand FULL of GIMME and mouth full of MUCH OBLIGED !”

A Severe LESSON of (the) “BUSINESS”

SPREADSHIRT.COM. This company that produces graphic arts on clothing articles is, most likely no longer going to allow me to advertise the 188503 store number for you to go to my shop and purchase the politically motivated articles of truthful mirth that I’ve placed upon their proffered pages.

It started at the beginning of 2008 and what I wanted to do is express to all the possible candidates a simple “warning” throughout their constituency . For ONE design that was only the universal NO symbol, ( the circle with a slash!), and the words NO CAMPAIGNING PAST THIS POINT fitted within the circumference of the thing I thought that it would be such a simple task for these ‘professional’ people… It took two months, 14 cell phone calls and 12 e-mails to get to the point of NO SALES since opening YO’pinion Theragraphiq Arts, on February 21, 2008, besides a few hundred dollars in all the requested revisions . ( I take what’s on my mind, and off my chest, by putting it on “YO’s”, it’s MY therapy and by doing such without swearing IS an ART!) Now most of you who’ll read this will think sour grapes and you may be correct in YOUR thought, but I sincerely believe that with the ways that our ‘politicians’ are working over this nation that EVERY citizen should be made aware of the fact of becoming vigilant in the tactics of protecting what’s left of any DIGNITY that they have left, especially at the proverbial REAR! So why not start with the protecting of where most are vulnerable? And this graphic addresses an often used statement of what most of this generation has described as to what most politicians have been doing to their constituencies since the GREEK and Roman times.

I put these articles on the market to give my fellow Americans a thought. Something that tells those who’d pick our political pockets of our HOMES, RIGHTS and FREEDOMS, of our very lives, the way they’ve treated those of another country or culture. NO CAMPAIGNING PAST THIS POINT, so when you stand back-to-back with your neighbor that you’ve got BOTH sides covered, since the graphic is located over the RIGHT CHEEK. NEVER to be used with an EXIT POLL ! And concealed from the prying eyes of those who’ll take your choices of who’s your best candidate then have some brown shirted pack animal lure you from your place of knowledge. I thought that the simple RED and BLUE would suffice, but now see a need for the adage of one extra colour, that of a PURPLE, the combining of the two that we most recognize, because they’ve changed on us again. This isn’t only to give recognition to the INDEPENDENT voter, but to the shifting of ‘party’ policy that was last seen during the ROOSEVELT elections, when the Republican party really was the party of Lincoln and the RECONSTRUCTION of this country. (They ACTUALLY did give 40 acres and a Mule to the slaves that had been “freed”.). Now they’ve “let” somebody steal more than just the “NIGGRAH’S” lands back. Elenore Roosevelt had her combination Hillary/ Barack in MARY McLEOD BETHUNE and it was good.

Now, all I want to do is make an awareness and some money, if folks are going to give away money for the latest “three card Montey’s”, on just words, I KNOW that the simple, silly TRUTH of my “ultimate concealed carry” undergarments should be worth, at the least, seventy-five cents per person on this soil. I’m NOT trying to be the new T. BOONE PICKENS, just a little ol’ t-shirt guy who had a good thought for his neighbors, with a little business in the neighborhood called Ohio.

The truly sad part about writing this article is that no matter how many times that I’ve asked someone if they’d gone to Spreadshirt.com to view the store they’ve had such a bad time navigating to see the items that they’d been told of. Then, on top of that, the company stuffs other peoples work in YOUR store, ( imagine having a graphic of an ELEPHANT sitting on a toilet with the caption “AMMMMM IIIIII BBLLUUEEE!”), and the ad next to it having two, semi naked women entangled under the ‘header’ reading “TRUTH OR DARE”. I may be a tad “off”, but I DO have INTEGRITY! The sad reality is that these people running the company are the products of the REAGANISTIC trickle- down theory, the part that gets to most store owners is the same water table as California’s. But I guess THAT is the PRICE of BUSINESS TODAY. A question to Lukasz Gadowski: HOW do you think I feel after going through linkedin to here? The copy right office HAS this design and my money order, is there a company out there that will appreciate some good ,clean POLITICAL FUN !?! Contact: grissmiffin@safe-mail.net, I’ve got NOTHING to lose!

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A Stage of Sabatical

I’ve been tripping through this world of the blog for only a short time, and it has worn on me to find the proper topic to make a sensical arrangement for your enticement. In order for me to be a better bloggerist I must take some time to do a bit of study so that I may provide a better “product”. I hope that these pictures will help tell the metamorphosis that I must take on… the stages of my reincarnations.

incarnation 1
incarnation 1

Even though I’m a desert being it seems that I have found too much of the seeds and sweet things that I’ve gotten lazy and now sit and wait for the events to raise my ire enough to make me move my brain and fingers.

as I am here

as I am here

As you’ve seen me for the last few weeks, I “work” from memory, not allowing daily events to stir me into a true action. I’m comfortable to a fault, not seeking enough of the facts that will draw many to gather some truths, or laughs… or COMMENTS about what’s on the page.

And I hope that I can get myself to a point where I’ll gather the things that are pertinent to the words and thoughts that you will find understandable and right, so that I won’t waste your time… or mine.

not only an ear to the ground

not only an ear to the ground

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How Can A 232 Year Old Country Know It ALL?

Living in a city like Columbus,Ohio is driving me a little entropic.There are an Elephant Shark’s butt -load of extremely high end educative institutions, Ohio State University, (oops I forgot the ‘THEEE’ pre-fixitive!!), Denison, Ohio Wesleyan, Franklin University, the Columbus College of Art& Design,( Remember the ‘Kennedy’ half-dollar with Neil Armstrong walking the Moon’s surface? It was, reportedly, designed by a freshman student via a national contest.).From the James Cancer Hospital to Battelle Memorial Institute my “home town” is but ONE community in the United States with brainwaves that seem to peak at Pluto. M.I.T. emblazons thought and inquisitiveness that most of the world doesn’t know of.

With all the MILLIONS of the men and women that run businesses, teach our children and so on, why is it that we are in THIS SITUATION. Of a newspapers’ editorial dialog being adjusted to the 4th grade level, and then, for those who” DON’T HAVE TIME TO READ COMPLETE ARTICLES”, the entire content is condensed to one or two sentences, the only names missing are Dick, Jane and Spot.

We have legislators that seek to pass laws requiring the use of “ENGLISH ONLY”, even when studies prove that ANY mind is enhanced with the masterful gymnastics of speaking more than one language. THANK the ‘Great Spirit’ in preserving our Navajo champions in their patience to preserve so that the state of Ohio be came a ‘SWING’ state in this union, instead of a greeting when one wakes up. A school-mate I knew was not permitted to speak “american” once she, and siblings, crossed the family threshold; ITALIAN ONLY, REGIONAL SYNTAX! She traveled back to Italy after college to teach ‘American’ English, meeting a FANTASTIC man who just happened to be an ARTIST. I haven’t seen her in some time, but, I know that their ‘kids’ have, at least, a 3.6 G.P.A. here. It appears that any sort of nascent intelligence shown finds aversion in most folks whose family have been here for our short time. WE are protectionists, making law to lay claim to a thing that brings power,( money or otherwise.), restricting those who may do that thing BETTER ,but, also, in a way that prevents our mediocrities to flourish. Witness, one, Mr. Tucker. His automobile had disk brakes and seat belts, to mention two of his many engineering leaps. These are standard after 80 years of inception. His marvelous safety feature of the headlamps moving in unison with steering movement cannot be used by an American automobile manufacturer to this date.( SEE LEXUS and how much the feature saves on insurance in safety, as well as costs to manufacture AND replace. Income squandered through ignorance.) These things that I’ve mentioned are only the tip of the DISAPPEARING ICEBERG. Columbus, Ohio is the city where Prescott Bush began the familial dismantling of this nation’s rights and freedoms, ( the costs of BOTH should only be paid in ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!),’H.W.’ went to DOUGLAS ELEMENTARY, AN “INNER-CITY” school that gives children of color the same education that his son has carried into the White House from Yale. What permeates in this misbegotten notion of honor and respect in our ‘inner-city’ schools and nation now clearly mirrors the actions of a 14 year old fifth grader pushing their 62 year old MENSA grandparent for telling them pay ATTENTION after tripping over the threshold of their bedroom door… AGAIN!

It’s time that we should take in, REALLY, becoming the great country that we are to BECOME. UNTIL we Americans can create a strong community of tolerance and understanding, a ‘stone-soup’ in this ‘MELTING POT’ of a nation. JUST, from “SEA to shining SEA”. Let US set the example with a ‘CALM-UNITY’ so that anyone who looks at WHAT, and WHO, we are Musical score being more widely known because of the \'Patriot\' Act.WILL want to follow in how we treat each other since we, ALL, are EQUAL. And WILL know better, just not all.

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