Rules of Engagement:

…WHO chooses the mission… and WHY?

I’ve just witnessed my first viewing of the Vets For commercial touting the BUSH/ REPUBLICAN mantra of staying in IRAQ and Afganistan to WIN THE WAR. The MOST GLARING fact of watching this minute of, seeming. white middle-class togetherness is that in seeing and listening to these four men, (Will Bennett/ Avon Park, FL; Ben Hayden/ Des Moines,IA; Josh Zissler/Dexter, MI and Lee Crognale/ Powell,OH), are IRAQ Vets as is Kate Norley/ Reisterstown, MD. The lone Afghanistan Vet is Jason Meszaros/ St. Michael, MN. The final representative of the group is the Mother of an active duty soldier, Chere Pedersen/ Henderson, NV whose son is in Iraq at this time. These seven chosen are very sincere in their statements and I can’t refute their expressed ‘beliefs’. BUT of ALL the many recent vets that are the true representation of the “MELTING POT” of America:

The 22nd federal census, in 2000, had a “short form”[8] that asked one ethnic and one race/ancestry question:

1. Is the person Spanish/Hispanic/Latino?

2. What is the person’s race?

  • White
  • Black or African American
  • American Indian or Alaska Native (write in tribe)
  • Asian Indian
  • Chinese
  • Filipino
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Vietnamese
  • Native Hawaiian
  • Guamanian or Chamorro
  • Samoans
  • Other Pacific Islander (write in race)
  • Other race (write in race)

This census acknowledged that “race categories include both racial and national-origin groups.”

From the above charting I must ask about the actual representation of the many different soldiers that Vets For Freedom have to show us. Going to the ‘VFF’ official site only reinforced the gossamer guile of their arrival to support contiuing the wars.

(Before I go any further with this post I HAVE to say that ANYONE CHOSEN to go through what EACH AND EVERY ONE of our citizenry who’ve been chosen, or CHOSE to stand in front of IMMINENT DEATH, or the cousin MAIM, is someone to RESPECT, and this is MUCH MORE in weight and degree than I could ever truly express the word RESPECT.)

Then there are those whose opinion was not political in their giving to this country upon their return, there was so much more than the next four years. These heroes voice their choices by building for the next generations, so they don’t , (maybe won’t!), have to leave the wife and children for the greeds and false glory of a modern HEROD.( 1 OR 2)

97% gone yet he lived long enough to give it back.

97% gone yet he lived long enough to give it back.

Those who've given ALL continue yet.

Those who've given ALL continue yet.

It’s a tragedy to the population when the groups that are systematically dismantling what so many are giving their lives and futures for would also extend their ‘SHELL’ game in this manner. A more glaring part of the commercial is the absence of anyone from LIMA COMPANY, I’m not privy to know if ‘VFF’ asked, but I think that the question may have received an ‘expectoral’ no. Hasn’t ANYONE noticed that during these past 7.75 years that the “of age to serve” nephew of the Only President to begin a war has not been seen since he stumped for his UNCLE George almost eight years!?!

George Prescott Bush is a lawyer far away from the garden of Eden where so many are dying yet, why is it, again, that the ones ‘hawking’ a continuance can’t include those who know the truth?

Lastly, every person in the region we’re devistating knows the history of when the Crusaders attempted the same tactics, do you think they’ve forgiven THEIR descendants…yet?

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