A Severe LESSON of (the) “BUSINESS”

SPREADSHIRT.COM. This company that produces graphic arts on clothing articles is, most likely no longer going to allow me to advertise the 188503 store number for you to go to my shop and purchase the politically motivated articles of truthful mirth that I’ve placed upon their proffered pages.

It started at the beginning of 2008 and what I wanted to do is express to all the possible candidates a simple “warning” throughout their constituency . For ONE design that was only the universal NO symbol, ( the circle with a slash!), and the words NO CAMPAIGNING PAST THIS POINT fitted within the circumference of the thing I thought that it would be such a simple task for these ‘professional’ people… It took two months, 14 cell phone calls and 12 e-mails to get to the point of NO SALES since opening YO’pinion Theragraphiq Arts, on February 21, 2008, besides a few hundred dollars in all the requested revisions . ( I take what’s on my mind, and off my chest, by putting it on “YO’s”, it’s MY therapy and by doing such without swearing IS an ART!) Now most of you who’ll read this will think sour grapes and you may be correct in YOUR thought, but I sincerely believe that with the ways that our ‘politicians’ are working over this nation that EVERY citizen should be made aware of the fact of becoming vigilant in the tactics of protecting what’s left of any DIGNITY that they have left, especially at the proverbial REAR! So why not start with the protecting of where most are vulnerable? And this graphic addresses an often used statement of what most of this generation has described as to what most politicians have been doing to their constituencies since the GREEK and Roman times.

I put these articles on the market to give my fellow Americans a thought. Something that tells those who’d pick our political pockets of our HOMES, RIGHTS and FREEDOMS, of our very lives, the way they’ve treated those of another country or culture. NO CAMPAIGNING PAST THIS POINT, so when you stand back-to-back with your neighbor that you’ve got BOTH sides covered, since the graphic is located over the RIGHT CHEEK. NEVER to be used with an EXIT POLL ! And concealed from the prying eyes of those who’ll take your choices of who’s your best candidate then have some brown shirted pack animal lure you from your place of knowledge. I thought that the simple RED and BLUE would suffice, but now see a need for the adage of one extra colour, that of a PURPLE, the combining of the two that we most recognize, because they’ve changed on us again. This isn’t only to give recognition to the INDEPENDENT voter, but to the shifting of ‘party’ policy that was last seen during the ROOSEVELT elections, when the Republican party really was the party of Lincoln and the RECONSTRUCTION of this country. (They ACTUALLY did give 40 acres and a Mule to the slaves that had been “freed”.). Now they’ve “let” somebody steal more than just the “NIGGRAH’S” lands back. Elenore Roosevelt had her combination Hillary/ Barack in MARY McLEOD BETHUNE and it was good.

Now, all I want to do is make an awareness and some money, if folks are going to give away money for the latest “three card Montey’s”, on just words, I KNOW that the simple, silly TRUTH of my “ultimate concealed carry” undergarments should be worth, at the least, seventy-five cents per person on this soil. I’m NOT trying to be the new T. BOONE PICKENS, just a little ol’ t-shirt guy who had a good thought for his neighbors, with a little business in the neighborhood called Ohio.

The truly sad part about writing this article is that no matter how many times that I’ve asked someone if they’d gone to Spreadshirt.com to view the store they’ve had such a bad time navigating to see the items that they’d been told of. Then, on top of that, the company stuffs other peoples work in YOUR store, ( imagine having a graphic of an ELEPHANT sitting on a toilet with the caption “AMMMMM IIIIII BBLLUUEEE!”), and the ad next to it having two, semi naked women entangled under the ‘header’ reading “TRUTH OR DARE”. I may be a tad “off”, but I DO have INTEGRITY! The sad reality is that these people running the company are the products of the REAGANISTIC trickle- down theory, the part that gets to most store owners is the same water table as California’s. But I guess THAT is the PRICE of BUSINESS TODAY. A question to Lukasz Gadowski: HOW do you think I feel after going through linkedin to here? The copy right office HAS this design and my money order, is there a company out there that will appreciate some good ,clean POLITICAL FUN !?! Contact: grissmiffin@safe-mail.net, I’ve got NOTHING to lose!

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  1. I never heard of tboon pickens till about a week ago.
    I think I like the plan, I just seen it and It seems pretty solid. I dont know though? He is a billionaire after all. Can he be trusted? His complete plan is at http://www.tboonpickens.com
    I wonder if either candidate will embrace his plan., I signed a petition asking Obama to at least give his plan serious consideration. You can sign the petition at http://www.theobamaplan.com


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