YES, Virgina, “IT” Does RUB OFF

After so many years of listening to HOW he would “overcome” the trouncing his Father had, Mitt Romney is now a “common” citizen. A MUCH MONIED citizen, but a “common” one, he IS.

So imagine the fluffery surrounding the MGM Grand Garden Arena, in Las Vegas the evening of December EIGHTH, TWO-THOUSAND TWELVE. One of THE biggest grudge matches of recent BOXING history is to be represented by Manny Pacquiao and,Juan Manuel Marquez.This IS going to be HUUUGGGEE!

SO, these TWO have fought to a win each, and a draw. This is THE deciding BOUT. And each have completed OVER FIFTY such battles of a WINNING RECORD.ENTER former Republican Presidential Candidate, Mitt Romney, to extend the privilege of a pre-congratulatory “well done” to a fellow POLITICIAN,
who is absolutely MORE FEARED than his AMIGO of a Mexico BORN PADRE. Cordialities exchanged, Mitt takes a RING-SIDE SEAT next to his Wife.The back and forth of the TWO is as advertised, (Kind’a like the past months leading to the Presidential election.), then the SIXTH ROUND FINDS…

” NOT to MANNY TOO!”… “I guess IT does RUB OFF”!

Manny Pacquiao in the, (past the…), same “surprising” position as himself this past November SEVENTH.

It’s a terrible feeling when someone’s “HELL” seems to have been paved by the same contracting firm as one’s ‘good’ intentions.

But, I CAN attest to the feeling.

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The Corporate Attitude…

… A Craigslist venture as an example.

I have just moved to a small town in Ohio and have been busying myself with little self improving projects. I’ve been working on a bicycle that had so few parts left that I decided to try to make it into a “Single Speed” model from its original 10-speed configuration.( A “Single Speed” is the removal of all the multiple gears on the front and rear / pedals and back axle and making the bike a two sprocket vehicle, just like one’s first bicycle. ) An exercise that would give me EXERCISE. To do this I had to find the proper “DONOR” parts so I began my search via CRAIGSLIST. I figured that since the starter frame was of the era of the 1980’s that the “best” fit would be from something of that time of style and engineering.

After about three days of “soft scrubbing” the central Ohio area of the list I came across an advertisement for a Huffy 10 speed men’s bicycle for the sum of TEN dollars. The photo was Warhol-esque, in the fact that the advertiser had not taken the proffered item from the storage hooks in the ceiling, so the bike was up-side down in the ad.

At this I’ll regress a bit into a short, observative history of my area of childhood “growth”. Worthington, Ohio is named for Governor Thomas Worthington, (1803), and my family was part of many of the “little” histories that make for a “tan” version of a “John-boy” storyline. Worthington was a small town, but the kids that I grew up with “had” or came into MONEY. The Nicklaus clan was in contact with two generations of us, Jack/ “Puge”, the young BASKETBALL star turned GOLF ICON, was on the county all-star team with an Uncle. Jack’s niece was in a class, or two with me. ( Linda) These folks, of the “old sector” were DOWN TO EARTH, AND “COLOR” Blind. As developers began to expand the boundaries of the city’s population the families that purchased those “satellite” abodes, the “Better” ones sat around a golf course. And that’s where this story re-connects…

Barb Hill, ( This IS her REAL name.), had been living in such a “satellite”, the bicycle was ridden by her, now, grown son. The woman was moving in a very short time and had to lighten her moving load, thus she listed the two-wheeled time capsule on Craig’s “web-store”. I called Mrs.,(?), Hill and asked her some cursory questions about the “floating” bicycle, as we’d come to an agreement that I DID wish to obtain the item, she GAVE ME HER ADDRESS,(!!!), and asked that I arrive around the time of THREE O’CLOCK, ( post meridian ! ), since she had “some errands” to do. Now, as an example, to get from the house I grew up in to Mrs. (?), Hill’s satellite it would take over fifteen minutes, and that’s the SAME VILLAGE ! The town I’m traveling from is over forty minutes away from Columbus, Ohio’s most southern incorporation. My friend and I take the trip to WORTHINGTON HILLS, a “burb” OF a “burb”, FOUR counties of gasoline away.Now, since I’ve moved 45 minutes from the city of Columbus, Ohio I wanted to make sure that there’d be no futilities for my EFFORT by asking the “seller” to contact me via my cell, to re-affirm the “sales’ agreement”. The event never occurred and as we rolled into the cul-de-sac, AT THE PROPER TIME, a “mature” woman was standing talking to a man, with “familiarity’s” ease. When I inquired as to her being the owner of the advertised item she told me that the man she was talking with “HAD JUST PURCHASED IT”… an “I just farted”, excuse me ending her apologetic expression.

I called her and told her that I hope that someone doesn’t treat her in such a manner in any of her future dealings.

This is so much a mirror of how America has treated the world, we’ve made too many PROMISES for goods and services that aren’t being delivered on… homes, stocks, our rights. If we cheat one another for the small stuff, what is the “BIG” stuff worth ?

ENOUGH of Giving My Money…

… to those who have WORSE CREDIT THAN I DO.

I have ONLY cost my SELF for ALL the lame, unexcusable misuses that have run through MY pockets. But, in this time of NATIONAL and WORLD fiscal TURMOIL, those who I felt would see the situation as I HAVE described to them, HAVE NOT !!! Can it be that, like women who live, work and play in close proximity of one another, that our entire elected, legislative “rep-RESENT-atives” have ALL developed the SAME “cycle” of thought ? With ALL the exact “cramping” of their mental, “reproductive” organs ? (My apologies to the women that may read this, but, you KNOW what I’m talking about here.) This situation that this ‘administration’ is leading us through is looking more and more like a fiscal version of the BUSH “war on terror”, as we ALL know, war makes MONEY for those that SUPPLY IT, and look at the SUPPLY CHAIN and all its LINKS… ARE YOU INCLUDED !?! There is no LOOP-HOLE for us, except the one that the “elected” are LURING their constituents’ necks into via their wallets.

These ONE-HUNDRED DAYS are feeling like a couple years of a not-so-secret WATER-BOARDING SESSION, and they won’t stop until they’ve drained the lake. [Now THEY see it, NOW… YOU DON\’T !] Just HOW difficult would it be to INFUSE THE TAX-PAYER WITH THEIR BAILOUT DOLLARS !?! WE are the ones MOST AFFECTED by the mismanagements and GREEDS of the very ones that are receiving EVERY GUARANTEED TONNE packets of Woodrow Wilson’s portrait.

Mr. President, the actions being TAKEN by those who were SWORN to PROTECT this NATION and its CITIZENRY are acting like a PEDERAST who has been CONVICTED, then sentenced to serve community service in a DAY-CARE facility. If this is what you are accepting as YOUR LEGACY I would remind you that those of us that REMAIN BLACK CANNOT AFFORD to live WITH such a LEGACY. YOU should remember just how long it HAS taken to get to THIS POINT in TIME.

For details on money already disbursed and recipients, see


This is Black History Month and in that this next 22 days will see many strange and unique additions to it’s pages. The one that has come to mind is the attempt by south Carolina Senator, Robert Ford, to “couple” the national celebrations of Black History Month with CONFEDERATE Memorial Day, [Strom WOULD love this.], his argument is compelling.

History must tell the TRUTH.

History must tell the TRUTH.

But even in these confusing times famous actions can verify and vilify the facts that the recorded and celebrated events enacted for one race can easily be the road map for the betterment of ALL. WITNESS the the ROSA PARKS- like actions of University of UTAH, ( no, not the one with the BLUE football field.), student Tim DeChristopher that are having as much civil strengthenings as the diminutive destroyer of Jim Crow’s wishes had, teaching all that in order to CHANGE the current fiscal “status quo” all one has to do is FOLLOW THE MONEY !!! [Mr. Obama, you SHOULD have appointed TIM.],[GOT \’er DONE !], [And the Medal of FREEDOM winner should be…].

Abraham, Martin and John would be PROUD.

Abraham, Martin and John would be PROUD.

As this month has now become a sign post for future historians as to where this nation began to mature into the PROMISE that was drafted WITH the BLOOD of so many, with so much of the SAME DNA, I PRAY that we can finally build our selves into what others around the world will find worthy of calling a GOOD NEIGHBOR. Thank you,Tim, for showing us that the coming generation “HAS had ENOUGH, and THEY’RE NOT going to take ..IT ANYMORE” !!! (And thank you Peter Finch.)

As far as this being officially designated BLACK History month, this time the BLACK stands for saving the citizenry MONEY… the green being that of NATURE ‘S bottom line.

On Contacting Your Legislators

A simple post that asks the question of : WHY is it that when a “common” CITIZEN wishes to make their opinion(s) known to ALL those that are responsible for our LAW-FULL concerns that there is NO central outlet to the ENTIRETY of those “representatives” ?

It DOES seem that the idiom of DIVIDE-and-CONQUER plays quite well for these “FELLOW” AMERICANS. If I have a small but SIGNIFICANT thought to pass along to my CONGRESS AND SENATE the far too many HOOPS aligned for passage effectively STIFLE progress. The question is why hasn’t someone dismantled this blockage before?

So many hoops ... so LITTLE time.

So many hoops ... so LITTLE time.

A Dark Day Called “Black Friday”

Definition 1
September 24, 1869, the day the markets crashed following a failed attempt by some financiers to corner the gold market. Led to a depression.

Definition 2
In a more general sense, any Friday in which a public calamity occurred.

Definition 3
More recently, the term Black Friday has been applied to the day after Thanksgiving in which retailers make enough sales to put themselves “into the black ink.”

With the world economy taking the ‘swing’ that it has some things that make us “human” are being eroded to the point that we are reverting back to a sick herd mentality. I give this small example of what the “free” enterprise system of capitalism is bringing the world to. Especially for those that the “American DREAM” had most benefited.

In the small community of Valley Stream, New York on the day after this past ‘Thanksgiving’ the reality of living “POOR” drove the seekers of “deals” at the local Walmart to rush the doors and TRAMPLE those that were hired to assist them. True to its name “Black Friday” claimed another victim, Jdimytai Damour, a 34 year old temporarily hired,seasonal employee.[They who\’ve lived on the paved the golden streets.]

Of the three chronologically ordered definitions I wonder why GREED has adopted an ugly event to place its “BOTTOM LINE” hopes.[After-math of black friday=1[What price \”the bottom line\” ?]

My only query is this, just how far are we going to let the DEMON of GREED “guide” the global community into this “VALLEY of DEATH” ?


… The “big” three go for GLOBAL Financing.

Chevrolet, Chrysler and Ford are “requesting” US to PAY MORE MONEY for items that are NOT VIABLE to the country that they claim to service. On “MEET THE PRESS” (11/16/08) Michigan Senator Carl Levin ‘Advertised’ for General Motors that they had TWICE as many “HYBRID” vehicles “in-line” for production. My goodness, they’ve only had 30 years of knowledge that their latest offerings were TOXIC to their future.

Senator Levin’s short advertisement was vocally similar to Jeep’s latest late-night commercial where they show IDIOTS riding over sand dunes and other NATURAL environments that need preservation. The background audio is that of ROLLER-COASTER sounds, to entice the viewer to times of a ‘CARE-LESS’ YOUTH, when our fun was financed by someone else… OUR Parents = those that put in the WORK. We should be PAST THIS. We are of the age where in order to enjoy ourselves WE have to design, build AND maintain what may give us joy in the responsible ways of adulthood. And TEACH these ATTRIBUTES to our offspring.

I have a strange feeling that these companies have been setting another table, in a very different location. G.M., as mentioned in previous posts, has made its financial stakes in other fast emerging markets, (44% in China ALONE !), with products that are mandated BY those consumers and THEIR unique markets. And are providing what THEY deem as NECESSARY for THEIR USES (!), not accepting whatever is fed them when someone “RINGS” Dr. PAVLOV’S little bell. Those that have been privy to the inundations of post-secondary CORPORATE “education” are reheating THIRTY YEAR OLD ‘HASHES’ in the attempts to serve them on pseudo-“patriotic” platters… IN THEIR NEIGHBOR’S HOME (!), telling them that the “fare” IS “FRESH”… Never mind the gravy’s CHARTREUSE GLEAM.

Would the ‘TREASURIAL’ colour chart include RYE Mold ( as in ERGOT/LSD ?) in the $ 25 BILLION bungle/bundle that the United States of America (“CONgress” and “SINate”), are “THINKING” of giving THEM ?

If “our” legislators allow this financial dis-service in RESPONSIBILITY I WILL NOT be GREEN with ENVY … but of NAUSEATED DISAPPOINTMENT.

Bessie Smith sang this youths truths...

Bessie Smith sang this youth's truths...

It was said best by Alberta when she described how all the young “Iceberg’s” did their “thing”…

“They’d come at’cha with a hand FULL of GIMME and mouth full of MUCH OBLIGED !”

Dear Jesse Jackson

The magic number this year is 44, a number that has the historical significance of being who this ensuing Presidential term will preside. It is the also the number worn on the football jersey of one ERNIE DAVIS, college football’s FIRST African-American HEISMAN Trophy winner in 1961. As good as he was he too never got to perform his magic on the professional ‘stage’.

As we noticed your tears of PRIDE the evening of November 4, 2008 some of us know that you are the Ernie Davis to President elect Barack Obama’s Jim Brown. Greatness untested on the next tier forward, even though you led the way. How appropriate that you’ve both gotten your “justs” this year, Ernie in film, you at the acceptance speech of OUR NEW PRESIDENT… 44 is a very good number.



Ernie Davis/ Jim Brown, Jesse Jackson/ Barack Obama=44

Yes, Mr. Jackson, history does repeat itself, we just have to be aware. HARBINGERS are seldom recognized until the laughter CHOKES the joker.

a torch passed.

a torch passed.