A Stage of Sabatical

I’ve been tripping through this world of the blog for only a short time, and it has worn on me to find the proper topic to make a sensical arrangement for your enticement. In order for me to be a better bloggerist I must take some time to do a bit of study so that I may provide a better “product”. I hope that these pictures will help tell the metamorphosis that I must take on… the stages of my reincarnations.

incarnation 1
incarnation 1

Even though I’m a desert being it seems that I have found too much of the seeds and sweet things that I’ve gotten lazy and now sit and wait for the events to raise my ire enough to make me move my brain and fingers.

as I am here

as I am here

As you’ve seen me for the last few weeks, I “work” from memory, not allowing daily events to stir me into a true action. I’m comfortable to a fault, not seeking enough of the facts that will draw many to gather some truths, or laughs… or COMMENTS about what’s on the page.

And I hope that I can get myself to a point where I’ll gather the things that are pertinent to the words and thoughts that you will find understandable and right, so that I won’t waste your time… or mine.

not only an ear to the ground

not only an ear to the ground

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  1. I could actually see the flame flicker. Nice sling!

  2. Sensical? Three dictionaries, no entry, help, but got the rest; you’re up to something as usual. That’s enticement…LOL. You can catch up when you get that bloggerist degree…MBA.


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